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  1. oldwisegoth

    Spirit Guides?

    A friend of my late mother told me she was seeing things that weren't there as a result of her taking medication, so perhaps that's an area to explore. Thanks for your reply :-) ... she doesn't take medication ....
  2. oldwisegoth

    Spirit Guides?

    It's still happening. This afternoon my mum was sitting reading, when she saw a man in a black coat walking towards her. He got close, but as she looked at him, he disappeared. When I asked her if this has happened before, she said quite often! I told her it's just some spirits passing by, but she dismisses it as 'getting old' and her mind doing funny things :-))) My money's on the spirits!.. particularly since the recent events when I called in the spirits and they all turned up in her bedroom, lol (as per my previous posts).
  3. Good point, Charless. But I think it was His father's idea :-)) The idea of "gentle Jesus meek and mild" came from Charles Wesley. Jesus, in my opinion, was a revolutionary. I've always imagined Him to be rugged. He didn't suffer fools, but it seems He had a calm interweaving of gentleness in His character. Nice balance.
  4. oldwisegoth

    Spirit Guides?

    Angel, thanks for your reply :-) No, 'fear' hasn't been a factor. I recall my friends (fellow students) calling my experiences "Spooky", but I personally loved having the psychic dreams. Couldn't get to bed quick enough! lol I just think that I was in a place where the focus was upon things spiritual day in and day out, and I was receptive. My mum's a sweet, if not a bit innocent, Christian lady. It was so cute recently when I was telling her my 'analysis' of the visitors in her room. She just accepted what I said, no questions.
  5. Apologies, Dot! I have just seen your response to my post - from October. I thought I had my system set up so that I'd be notified of replies, but it's not happening. Anyway, thanks for responding. I get great joy out of my Christian experience, complete with the psychic bonus! I do think "the church" has made Christianity more complicated than it needs to be, though. I love the simplicity of the way Jesus operated. I've participating in studying doctrinal and theological subjects in the past (I have a Masters in theology), and I found it interesting, challenging and mind-stretching, but as far as applicability to the day to day journey of the average traveller (me .... us), I go back to basics. Keep it simple. Keep it joyful. Christianity is FULL of positives, not negatives.
  6. oldwisegoth

    Spirit Guides?

  7. oldwisegoth

    Spirit Guides?

    That's right, Charless. She felt no fear. Just annoyance that she was busting to go to the loo, but felt embarrassed to get up; and she said she assumed they must have been my friends. This experience has never happened to her before. It intrigued me because it happened to her two nights running, and they were the two nights that I was upstairs 'calling the guides in'. I haven't done it since. But the ongoing "voices only" I don't know. We sat together on her bed, and she could hear a man talking loudly and clearly, but I heard nothing. I know! It is cool, Cassie!! The downside is that the "visitors" were not particularly friendly. They were gruff, loud and quite invasive. It was interesting that mum was most touched by the little baby boy. She described his fat face, clothing and demeanour, and she was quite upset that he looked so sad. She was really worried about him.
  8. oldwisegoth

    Angels and Spiritual guides..

    Hey Tooyah...I've just seen your post and subsequent responses. A few minutes ago I posted "Spirit Guides?". I should have put it here instead. If you are interested in a current story about guides, please read my post (type "Spirit Guides?" in the search bar)... I'd love to hear what you think :-)
  9. oldwisegoth

    Spirit Guides?

    Hello all ... just want to share an interesting story with you, and I'd welcome your feedback. Having not been active in psychic/spiritual stuff for many years, last month I decided it was time to get with the program again :-) I got out the candles; meditated; said a prayer to ward off any nasties lurking around; and I urged my Spirit Guides to please make contact. Nothing happened that night. And no-one came. And no dreams either. I was disappointed. But the next morning, my mother couldn't wait to ask me about "all the people" who were in her bedroom in the early hours of the morning!! She assumed that they were friends of mine, but she wasn't very happy that they were all in her bedroom. She said she was sitting up in bed, anxious to go to the toilet, but too embarrassed to get up in her nightgown while all these people were in her room! She insisted that she was very much awake, and she said she'd never experienced anything like it before. She described a well dressed man standing in the corner; a scruffy lady who was talking incessantly; another man, like a tradesman; and a sad baby boy in a pram. After they 'disappeared' she quickly got up, went to the loo, then came to find me to ask me about all those people. The same thing happened the next night. I called in the Guides, but they went to my mum instead!!! I'm so jealous! I did not call them again, and they have not been back to my mum. But since then, whilst she hasn't seen anyone, she hears loud male voices talking, every morning. She can't determine what they're saying, but she finds it disruptive, as they wake her up. She's been telling me how noisy the neighbours are, but I keep telling her that there are no voices coming from the neighbour's house. Yesterday, she came and got me and said "Quick, come now.... that man is talking so loudly". I went to her room and we sat on the bed. She said "See, I'm not imagining it! Listen to him go on!". It was deadly quiet.... Obviously I've got to get out the candles again and ask them to please stop disturbing my mum!
  10. oldwisegoth

    Questions for the RELIGION and we have choice.

    I enjoy reading your posts, Angel. You're probably right about the issue of 'control'. May I just, respectfully, say that it isn't Christianity that controls. It's the institution of 'the church'. Poor old Christianity gets a battering. I bet Jesus would cringe if he read about the things that 'the church' has done, and also the criticisms of Christianity :-) I belief in the Christian tenets, but I don't attend a church. Spirituality is much bigger than that. As for the Bible, I don't see its contradictions. I see it as a literary work of 66 books written by different authors, and like any great literature, it is open to interpretation, and I think that's a good thing. I think I'm pretty lucky in that I was raised in a Christian denomination that was loving, non judgemental, and preached joy and other positive things. I cannot in any way fault the church I belonged to. But as I've moved well into middle age :-) I just prefer to stay away from any institutions! I've become a hermit, and I like it that way :-)) I think all religions have something to teach us, and I believe it's a good thing to keep an open mind, and above all - to look for the good. Angel, I'm not talking specifically to you! I'm just sharing a few of my thoughts generally.
  11. I'm just browsing through various posts, and I came across this one from 2009. Interesting comments, but hey, they're a bit generalised! I'm a Christian and I had my most meaningful psychic experiences whilst in Theology college! The Bible is full of seers, psychics, prophets, miracles and the like. I'm sure my experiences came from a higher power who, at the time, I considered as God. I do feel sad when some people who give themselves the title "Christian" say things which cause offence to other people. Christianity is replete with spiritual experience of the supernatural kind! How could any Christian be opposed to the psychic world?? It would be a contradiction. Catechisms and so forth are man-made documents. Jesus was the real example.