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    Discussion on: Spiritual Guides

    There are so many posts here on USGF that I just figured I'd make my own on the matter so that I can keep better track of it. I would like to know what people on here think about their spirit guides along with why they got the one they did and other stuff relating to their spirit guide, if 3 people post on here about their spirit guides, I'll talk about mine :)
  2. tommy61157

    My religious views

    Personally, I believe every religion is not entirely correct, but each one has truths in it like how there is some sort of creator we call god, meditation helping to lead to enlightenment, reincarnation, cross being a holy symbol, etc. This is based off of many experiences I have had spiritually along with things I've been told by various spirits.
  3. Quick story, didn't know where to post it, but I guess to me it seems to be most appropriately placed here. But anyways, lately, I've been trying to find other psychic forum websites in order to find more people to talk to and maybe give and receive more help myself. And so far, here's my experiences: 1. The first site which was titled "Soul Development" oddly has nothing to do with spiritualism at all, it's just about making yourself a better person, only reason why I'm not going to get involved with this website is because they seem to constantly sweep it under the rug a lot despite the forum's name. 2. The second website seemed good up until I tried to register, they require you be over 18 years of age, and quite frankly, if a psychic website requires that, it should be an immediate red flag since a lot of psychics that need help are in their teenage years, so, even when I turn 18, I won't be supporting that website. 3. I found a third website which seems to be good, however the registration is taking a long time, especially considering that it's an even smaller site than this one to begin with, which is a little annoying, however, I probably will be using that site too eventually. So yeah, so far, this site is by far the best for psychics and I would recommend it to any psychic. :)
  4. tommy61157

    potential medium

    Well, I have a question for you, do you want to become a very able medium or not? Would you want to pursue psychic/spiritual endeavors?
  5. tommy61157

    Touched by an Angel

    It sounds like there's a lot protecting you claire, very nice to hear :)
  6. All great points being made here overall, be sure you all strive to raise your vibrations (vibes) as not only will it be helpful, but I can see world events requiring people of higher vibration soon.
  7. Actually, to correct some of Claire's points, there is usually only one designated spirit guide, however, other spirits may choose to watch over you too. Also, meditate, meditate, meditate, that's the best way to get into contact with your spirit guide, hope this helps! :)
  8. tommy61157

    Angel Messages in connection to dad?

    Claire, something tells me that you will be, if you are not already, a great spiritual and mental healer. Keep this in mind as events occur within the coming months.
  9. tommy61157

    Angels and messages through music...

    For most people, no, but you should still listen for messages in all forms.
  10. tommy61157

    Angels and messages through music...

    Angel number 404: Error: Not found You were asking for that joke, lol (For those you you who don't know, a 404 error on a computer states that the browser was not able to locate a webpage)
  11. tommy61157

    Angels and messages through music...

    Yes, the world is experiencing many an uplifting to those open to the messages. Plus, one thing to think about too, these "angels" may also be higher dimensional beings. I've noticed that they've been helping out humanity a lot more lately. Just always do your best to look for love, and you will find it in many places.
  12. tommy61157

    Today Was My Official Angels Day...

    Yeah, and truth is, you'll never forget about your bad experiences, but instead, simply learn how to live with them. My best friend is still in quite a traumatized state unfortunately, I seem to be the only one who knows her pain (since we went through pretty much the same thing, she's just continuing not to handle it well...) So I've been trying to help her out as much as possible. (Brought that all up since you brought up my past) I've been trying to get her on here in order to help her and give her a place to let out her true emotions to people who really care. I would get her a counselor, but, well, let's just say that they loving putting people in padded rooms who claim to see something that they could never comprehend. I hate psychologists, but I'm digressing here. Just know you can always message me personally if you want :)
  13. tommy61157

    Discussion on: Spiritual Guides

    I do agree with sascha's line of thinking, however, I would restate it from anyone encountered to anyone we interact with. Just my thoughts.
  14. tommy61157

    Today Was My Official Angels Day...

    Trust me, I nearly went mad at one point, but someone here really helped me get back on my feet. (Won't mention the person, don't want them to get embarrassed)This forum does wonders for spiritually open people.
  15. tommy61157

    Today Was My Official Angels Day...

    Well Claire, it does sound (and feel like to a small extent based on what I've felt from you) that there are quite loving spirits (maybe even an angel) who love and are trying their best to love, guide, and protect you. Unfortunately, in my life, my spirit guide doesn't really appear all that much anymore, so do embrace those moments even when you're simply getting a sign, that way you can always treasure it.
  16. Wow, that's a touching story, it sounds like your grandma is still watching over you in some way or another. I'm glad you're okay Claire :)
  17. tommy61157

    Today Was My Official Angels Day...

    It could be your spirit guide trying to comfort you through hard times, mine has done little things for me too when I've drastically needed healing and whatnot weather it be spiritually, mentally, physically, etc.
  18. tommy61157

    Increasing Psychic Abilities With Meditation

    Some people can achieve very high states of meditation, the man's soul (the guy flower was talking about who died in the apartment fire) probably didn't even know his body was dead for a few hours. Everyone uses different methods for meditation, the key is finding the way that best works for you. But please, when you do meditate for long periods of time, be sure to check your physical body every now and again, lol.
  19. tommy61157

    Superior Beings

    Looks very interesting...
  20. tommy61157

    Discussion on: Spiritual Guides

    Claire, that's a beautiful story, thanks for sharing :)
  21. tommy61157

    A little message From Someone near & Far

    Let's all not forget that this world's goal is to achieve balance, everyone thinks everything is determined purely by the trends and by the direction of progression, digression, and/or general flow, but all it takes is the will of a single person.
  22. tommy61157

    A little message From Someone near & Far

    Normally, I would agree with neleh, but due to the state of the world, that's the very least of the worries we should have when looking into the future. Our governments are finding more ways to silence people (Japan recently developed a device that can make a person stop speaking from as far away as 100 feet) Normally, I would not agree with the conspiracy bandwagon, but one would be ignorant to not see how every piece is aligning to start a new evil to replace war. That, my friends, is oppression. From all I have heard and seen, that seems to be humanity's next step, or, it could delay for another 100 years, take your pick. Before you reply to this, read the copper report, you'll know what I'm talking about when you find it. Again, this is all my theory from the way the world's going now, if it shifts, then none of what I said above is relevant, we shall wait and see, I suppose... Sorry if it sounds like some sort of conspiracy theory, that's not what I'm getting at here.
  23. tommy61157

    Spiritual Guides: a Definition

    I agree with dit, and I'll admit, I do get a little frustrated myself at how society fails to recognize psychic ability in its true form, how it affects people, earth, etc. But, I honestly think that will start changing, at least by the end of my lifetime due to all the "indigo" children and "rainbow" children and whatnot, I would elaberate more, but I'm posting from my phone right now, but it will be interesting to see what will happen at least for the remainder of our current lifetimes.
  24. tommy61157

    Do I have an angel?

    To me, it sounds a lot more like a spirit guide than an angel...
  25. tommy61157

    A little message From Someone near & Far

    sascha, that's completely different, the code is supposedly an extraordinarily advanced mathematical equation that can predict the past, present, and future.