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  1. statusone

    Still Seeing Sparks

    Hey Angel C, what exercises did you have in mind? I'd love to learn more.
  2. statusone

    Still Seeing Sparks

    Really Victoria, you think so? Interestingly enough though....just recently I began working on my social anxiety and I started to come to terms with the way things are (because I wasn't always able of these things). So I started accepting it and researched grounding and shielding and I've been doing these things too. Maybe I am growing...
  3. statusone

    Still Seeing Sparks

    I see these all time. It doesn't have to be around people and it happens just about anywhere.. To add a little bit of theory to this topic, I always see black or dark orange color bursts around people that don't like me. Also, when I am with friends, the color bursts are much smaller and lighter.... Maybe it has to do with the energy people are sending you. Usually though, I know this, whenever I see one (or many multiple ones) I have distinct feelings. So for example, in bed yesterday I was thinking happy thoughts while shielding myself and I saw pure white flashes. Some were stars others were moving and I know it made me feel good and protected - very friendly and safe, playful even. But when these sparks/flashes are dark colored I always have this empty feeling. Kind of sad and little apprehensive too. If this has happened to anyone else, please let me know, I am very interested to see what other people have to say.