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  1. saschapsychic

    opening and closing chakras

    The crown chakra is where energy enters your body. In all of the chakras, the energy vortex (spirals) that forms is actually a meeting of heaven's (as in "the heavens") force and earth's force (energy coming up and out from the earth). This energy is processed by your structure and becomes your body, organs, thoughts and expressions. Why would you want to close that off? Would it even be possible? -Sascha
  2. saschapsychic

    Help find my spirit name <3

    "Names" are very important, and effect many things. Especially spoken names or sounds uttered at objects and beings. As people think about you and call you as certain sound vibrations, there is an immediate and also a cumulative effect on your structure and consciousness. Most modern western names are total abstractions, and I find it hard to associate them in any constructive way with a/the given person or thing in front of me. Making associations based on ideas, "cultural" or otherwise, seems to be still just an abstraction that doesn't usually take into account the real power and nature of sound itself, per se. Here is just one link regarding the interaction of sound and the organization of matter (energy): http://www.world-mysteries.com/sci_cymatics.htm -Sascha
  3. saschapsychic

    job intrigues

    Here is my interpretation: Hawks are predatory birds that can appear nearby or present, and then fly beyond us. They can represent inaccessible authority, management, cunning plans, and things like that. You saw one on a wall, and walls are, well, walls. A wall is something we can't really see past or through, an obstacle. A vet is a kind of doctor who (ostensibly) deals with "animal problems". We all hope that doctors can "fix" things. In this case, it is a "brown dog". The vet could represent a person involved, or could be a general symbol. I think the dog may represent you in your situation. All modern domesticated dogs are essentially descended from wolves. - Sascha
  4. saschapsychic

    Help please!

    10am and 4pm are at opposite sides of the daytime energetic. At 10am you should be mentally alert, and at 4pm you would be winding down from the most energetic part of the cycle (2pm). Different organs/meridians are active at different times throughout the day. Here is a link I found which details some of this: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2012/06/26/the-body-clock-an/ So you could take a look at the organs/energetics involved and then try to determine if you had done anything (in your lifestyle, etc) that would explain the effects you've experienced. - Sascha
  5. saschapsychic


    Astrology used to be part of what is now called astronomy, but at the end of that time (after the "dark ages" and the Maunder Minimum climate disasters), even astronomy was riddled with misunderstanding: the Earth is flat, the Earth is the center of the universe, people were being burned at the stake for being "witches", and such. After the conversion (of people's minds) to science and astronomy (made possible by such rampant superstitions), what was left of astrology didn't fully recover to its previous level of understanding. Today it is considered a "psuedo-science" or a "superstition". If astrology is based in part on the effects of celestial constellations, the abstract division of the year into 12 equal parts divorced from the locations of the actual constellations over time makes it technically inaccurate. Some ancient and some more modern systems do correct or compensate for these and other differences, but the kind of astrology done for public consumption in newspapers and magazines often don't. In fact, they seem to deliberately ignore such issues and in some way revel in their inaccuracy and un-scientific nature. Don't forget, the press, where these horoscopes (and most instructional books about astrology) appear, is owned by the same people now pushing "science" and "progress" as the new universal religion. - Sascha
  6. saschapsychic

    It's just... a little crush..

    If you re-read my post, I never actually used the word "monogamous" in it. The term I used was "long term pair bonds", and these are evidenced even in "polygamous" cultures - especially as involves child-rearing situations. There actually is a biological downside to having "multiple mates" when, for example, a woman gives birth to a child and her mate disappears to pursue another female. Pairs where the male remains and participates in the care of a family would have a survival advantage. Such relationships, or "families", are actually quite common among human beings, even in the absence of the kind of strict "monogamy" you refer to. Again, I never wrote such a thing. But I do contend that, no matter if they be seen as "monogamous" or "polygamous", long term pair bonds, especially in child rearing, are and have been evidenced in the majority of human cultures. - Sascha
  7. saschapsychic

    question about tarot

    Tarot cards can't read. But you can. And tarot cards themselves aren't about anything. You decide what you think about them. Originally, tarot cards were (and are) a coded picture book depicting certain religious/philosophical/social concepts, that were essentially illegal at the time, to a select audience who were set up to recognize and propagate these ideas. The appropriation and use of tarot cards for "fortune telling" is a later phenomenon, and really, anything else could serve just as well for that purpose, from tea leaves to cloud formations - including using nothing at all but human intuition. The "thing" that can actually "read into the future" is you. - Sascha
  8. saschapsychic

    It's just... a little crush..

    Actually, looking at various ethnographic and anthropological studies, it appears that most human cultures evidence long term pair bonds. These are not always completely exclusive, for sure, but they seem to be the observed majority in a majority of the cultures that have been studied. - Sascha
  9. saschapsychic

    Observations of a former psycho - er psychic

    This is like saying that osmosis is a "living breathing entity". Show me some scholarly sources from "hundreds of years" ago defining karma as a "living breathing entity" and maybe I'd believe you. Speaking of bullish assumptions - what makes you even think I'm a "westerner"? Post that CV. If it shows 10+ yrs of study with any master, I'll merely wonder what went wrong. You mention Wang Liping - if I contact him and ask him if you are his advanced student for many years he will say "yes"? Or, did you merely attend a seminar or something? "Pretty big figures within Tao"? Hilarious! We are ALL "pretty big figures within the tao", and pretty small ones too! What was that you were saying about bullish assumptions? I mean, you are making them in every paragraph! The only things I have to write about my experiences are what I have already written in this and other threads on this forum. I believe they show what I have studied and what I know. Other than that, although I can easily enjoy this kind of "online adolescent ego" dialog, I have nothing whatsoever to prove to someone like you in such a dialog. Please consider me a complete idiot if you like - if you choose for some reason of your own to believe in such a thing. If you somehow need to make me low and you high, then go right ahead. My words about natural order are still sitting there waiting to be read as opposed to stiffly attacked in attempts at ego fluffing, and they will still be there after all egos are fluffed and flubbed and faked to whatever degree of imaginary satisfaction you or anyone requires. If that ever ends, just take a look at what I wrote. So you are now saying that you saw a man kill, not a human being, but a bull, by "pointing his finger" at it? I do not believe it. I do not believe you saw a bull die this way. Nor a tree. I do not at all believe that you personally saw these things. Let's ask him. I have a feeling that if we send him your quote he will laugh. You yourself just wrote that it was a turtle and a bull (or a tree!?) and not a person! I still write that you never saw any human being die because a man waved his finger at them. And not a bull either. Tell us who did the killing and we'll just contact them to verify it, and that you were there as a witness. How arrogant is it to make assumptions about another person's stillness? You must be really hurting in some way even to make the attempt. Is this what you mean by a "better way of mental cultivation" that you have found? Is it to insult and minimize others to artificially inflate your own ego? Not that this matters in this type of exchange, but I would be willing to bet that I have actually spent more time studying the I Ching than you have been alive. There would apparently be no gain from winning that bet anyway. - Sascha
  10. saschapsychic

    Observations of a former psycho - er psychic

    This is just the age-old "peasant" or "common" ("layman") interpretation of the concept, something like the way American revivalist preachers and "televangelists" have interpreted the ideas expressed in the Bible. The underlying concept has nothing to do with "good" and "bad". Don't forget, even the Bible describes the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as the fall of mankind. This knowledge, or "way", is essentially the opposite of the way attributed to Lao Tzu. No, yin/yang is merely descriptive of the way all phenomena manifest and un-manifest. This is a central concept in all ancient religions and spiritual traditions, no matter what it is called by them. The concept of "karma" derives from this directly, although Hindus do not call it yin/yang. Additionally in Taoism is the 5 transformations of energy or "5 elements", which describes the further movement of manifested phenomena, and which can most easily be seen in the seasons and the functioning of bodily organs. All of these have nothing whatsoever to do with "good" and "bad" behavior and God giving anyone a "second try". This is, please pardon me, almost beyond laughable. I mean, have you ever actually seen one of these guys kill someone? Of course, you haven't (yes, I'm psychic, so I know). Have you yourself killed anyone? (again, nope) We could hear this kind of talk in a playground somewhere. Be careful on that "path of power" of yours! Is this a tongue-in-cheek thing? What could such a thing possibly mean? What "master" have you met at a "high level"? I believe that you think that - but it does, has, and will long after people have done whatever they are going to do. For example, everything making the Earth is coming from outside the Earth, not on or in it. That isn't going to stop even if humans destroy the whole environment with chemicals and radiation and idiocy. All will return to the natural state, as are all roads and structures - which must be constantly re-paved and maintained and painted just to delay them from being returned to their natural state while they are being used. - Sascha
  11. saschapsychic

    Observations of a former psycho - er psychic

    It seems to me that the concept of "karma" has become confused, sentimentalized, and overly elaborated on. If we examine karma simply as an interplay of complimentary opposites, and do that with a practical and simple mind, not a "mystical" one, I believe that we may approach something more like the original concept. One example: Let's say we have a rock on the ground. We pick it up. In this, we are "creating karma". This "karma" can lead the rock in only one direction when we let it go. Down. Another example: It is said that if we eat the flesh of an animal, we will be reincarnated as that animal 10,000 times. Looking at this practically and simply and without any "mystical" elaboration, we can see by experience that eating the flesh of an animal will and does deeply influence our physicality and mentality. You can prove this to yourself by fasting and then eating some animal meat. If we look at the idea of "reincarnate" as also meaning being "born", we can infer that we are "being reborn" daily. 10,000 days is about 27 years - about 3 times the duration that it takes to replace most body cells. This is how long they estimated that it will take for the animal influence on your cells to dissipate or be eliminated. That is just two examples of the ways in which this concept can be applied. This is a different way of looking at "karma" than is popular today, but I feel it is more accurate to the original concept, and leads to a very practical way of applying this concept of "karma". - Sascha
  12. saschapsychic

    Observations of a former psycho - er psychic

    Natural order, as used in this thread by me, has nothing to do with that use of the idea of human consent or "human nature". What people do or do not want to do is not where the order of nature (natural order) arises. Then they are less functional and wise than a chipmunk or a snail in the forest. The natural state of being is health. Have you ever spent any extended time in the wilderness around wild animals? Human beings, as conceived in nature, are capable of having the true "human experience". I'm not so sure that what is going on now in civilization is actually "human" experience. It's something else. Something like the way a lab rat's existence is not really the natural and real "rat experience". "Karma" is just yin and yang. When something becomes one way, it will then go the other. "Gravity" is "karma". This simple observation of phenomena has been elaborated and abstracted so much by modern people that it is barely recognizable. In response to that - I'm not really trying to or going to "become" anything, much less an "eco activist". I'm only writing from experience, which does include rather prolonged and detailed study of what is to you "the other side" (the medical and technical side). I just look at stuff on and as all sides without categorization. My posts in this thread show what I thought and wrote. I completely believe you. - Sascha
  13. saschapsychic

    Observations of a former psycho - er psychic

    Well, it seems that Noir originally started this thread by claiming that psychic phenomena was a "system", then railed against that "system" as if it were a defective consumer product that he had a hard time getting any satisfaction from in his apparent search for well-being. The more recent part of the thread seems to consist of Noir's various interpretations of Taoism as a "system" of meditation that has certain "goals" that can be "pursued", in which un-named people (probably not people on this forum) were called "d-bags", rather than being simply descriptive (as the Tao Te Ching and I Ching certainly are) about the Way (the Tao) itself. I have responded to these things with observations from experience, which effort seems to have been rebuffed as mere trifling. The whole of it has surely been all in fun, and I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as the more active participants seem to be. - Sascha
  14. saschapsychic

    Observations of a former psycho - er psychic

    I clearly stated that I have no "disdain" for anything. I have merely been writing observations. I welcome anyone to disagree or add interpretation, but I truly have no "stance". The natural order is not "an inclination to allow everything to happen". That is only one way of approaching the natural order. In any event nobody can practice "The Way" any more than any of us can "practice" the "way" the Sun shines. None of us humans can be "separated" from human affairs - we are one of such affairs. Do we? Humans did not always do such things. They didn't originally alter the ground with agriculture and artificial populations, didn't originally have warare, and had only the simplest "technology". There is an inverse relationship between functionality and technology, and technology is always a sign of a lack or loss of functionality. Originally with humans, this was very little. This is the opposite of modern technology and "progress". And this is surrender to the order of nature, the order of God. What is the "absolute truth" if not the order of God, from and within which the order of nature arises? The root of this is true understanding of the scope of physicalization/dephysicalization, not the ignoring of one part of it. You can't transcend or "go beyond" something you ignore, deny, or aren't truly aware of in the first place. My only agenda is to participate in this interesting dialog. The observations I write about are simply my observations, and my responses thus to various ideas in the discussion. - Sascha
  15. saschapsychic

    Observations of a former psycho - er psychic

    Actually, I never said anything about any standard of deciding what is cruel or not. Natural order is just that - the order of nature. Lots of death and violence? Are you aware that there are no cave paintings of war or murder? Such things only appear once civilization is organized against the natural order. Iatrogenic (doctor/medicine caused) harm is the #1 cause of death today. Iatrogenesis is under-reported, for obvious reasons, and is actually listed in sources like Wikipedia as the #3 cause of death behind cancer and heart disease - both of which are side-effects of "modern comforts". Perversion of natural order as in dumping massive amounts of synthetic chemical compounds into the environment that have hormone-interrupting effects - which cause, for example, alligators that have sex organs of both sexes, or frogs that have no sex organs, and which change the behavior of migratory birds in ways that cause them to not mate, and/or mis-navigate and die. Humans introduced this without regard for the natural order, and for reasons that have nothing to do with, and are possibly in outright contempt of, natural order. God is beyond good and bad. I myself do not care what is good and what is bad. I only observe what things actually are and act accordingly. The natural order of things is God's order. Man's going against that is producing a lot of destruction and confusion. These things are just observable reality. The ability to discern the true natural order of things from something that goes against God's logic (the logos) is called "judgement". Development of free and comprehensive judgement is a birthright of humanity. But all such "impact, experience, diet, and genetics" all arise from "nature, from the overall greater environment, via the natural order" that I wrote about. Beavers do not do the same things as a tree-pruning person. Neither do birds. In fact, their actions are highly intelligent and not abstract. I know, I grew up in a wild forest and watched such things for years and years. Since I've been "out of the woods" I have watched landscapers and gardeners very closely too. There is no comparison. Whereas animals are clearly and definitely (except where damaged, altered, or introduced out of order by human activity) arising from and existing within the order of what people now call "eco-systems" and the overall "bioshpere", and their populations and actions happen in a complex interrelationship and balance with these (but not necessarily with human purposes) - a human rarely (if ever) cuts a branch or plants a row of corn with the same sense. The "biosphere" (not to mention the "cosmos") is complex beyond the supposed science and comprehension of mankind, who not long ago were killing and imprisoning people for realizing that the Sun did not rotate around the Earth. Most intact animals are existing within these "eco-systems" intuitively and with the natural order. Man has set about to deny and conquer nature, and is shaping it for abstract purposes that barely acknowledge (and/or actively deny) reality at the root of their motivations. The natural order is health, not any form of medicine. Ants, coyotes, squirrels, hawks, chipmunks and so many other beings never use any form of medicine whatsoever, but simply and humbly (and intuitively) follow according to the natural order from which their existence arises. This is what Lao Tzu came to understand. Civilization, however, seeks to go against, defy, and "conquer" nature - and thereby develops illness on top of illness and medicine on top of medicine. - Sascha