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  1. Hello dear members, So, how is it for you: do you always trust your first reading? Sometimes it makes sense what I see in the cards, and sometimes it really doesn't. How do you handle such situation?
  2. This question of mine has remained unanswered for years. Perhaps somebody on this forum would be able to give me some feedback? So far I haven't met anybody who even knows what I'm talking about. So, here it is: Sometimes, when in trans, I start to visualize things. And whatever I see/feel in my mind, has a weird feeling of abnormal size/proportion. For example, if I visualize my hand holding a pen, it feels as if my hand was gigantic and the pen was tiny, or the other way around. This bizarre proportion-sensation tends to grow and whatever I visualize, it becomes either giant or small. Unless I open my eyes, the sensation remains and at some point gets too weird to continue. I know the description probably doesn't make any sense...But I trust that if anybody around here has ever experienced anything similar, it probably would make sense. So...any comments?
  3. eso

    Best Tarot?

    Give a shot to Necronomicon Tarot, if you're into dark aesthetics :)