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  1. Seraph

    Readings on your animals

    Hi Skyscrapers, are you still interested in reading animals?
  2. Seraph

    Adopt cats please

    Can someone please give the following 2 stray cats a home please. They just need a safe place to sleep and good food to eat. They are now living in New York City, USA. The city is not a safe place for cats to be roaming around. These 2 stray cats LOVE their freedom and would get depressed if get locked up inside a house/apartment. They are indoor and outdoor cats. They are very sweet and friendly. Thank you very much! Here are their pictures: Cat 1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/79125731@N04/7806995962/in/photostream/ Cat 2
  3. Seraph

    Sssshhh kitty sleeps

    This stray cat live in my backyard for almost 2 months now. See his picture below. http://www.flickr.com/photos/79125731@N04/7748277474/in/photostream/
  4. Seraph

    Newbie Here

    Welcome Village Witch! I love dogs too!
  5. Seraph


    Welcome! This is what I say to myself when I gave too much of my energy to my cat - "I'm in perfect alignment with the Galactic Center and I'm anchored into the crystalline core of mother earth; I'm also connected to July 24 and July 26 2012. This replenish my energy.
  6. Seraph


    Welcome back Mari!
  7. Seraph

    Connection with animals?

    Cassie, have you heard of Eldad Hagar? He carries healing energies for animals too. He has rescued a lot of animals. Are you able to heal animals from a distant if you have a picture? There is this woman, she adopted a very traumatized dog (abused & neglected) recently. The dog is giving her family a lot of problems - aggression, fear, etc. She doesn't want to give up the dog so she tried everything that she could think of. All the dog trainers kind of tell her to "give up" on the dog. If she sent the dog back to the shelter, most likely the dog will be euthanized (many shelters will not hesitate to euthanize any dogs that they deem "unfriendly").
  8. Seraph

    Spirit Guides: a Definition

    Dit_blanc, I'm a little confused. I was told that the one who is controlling my life now is actually my own extraterrestrial self (off-planet) - my highest divine self.
  9. To God and Mother Earth, I am very grateful for water to drink and food to eat. I am very grateful to the animal, fruits, and vegetable kingdoms for allowing us to consume them. May all that meat, fruits, and vegetables that go into my mouth be blessed. I am very grateful for a house to live in, for giving us water to shower, to wash our things. I am very grateful for giving us electricity, computer and internet. I am very grateful for fresh air, for sunlight, and for trees/plants/flowers. I am very grateful for being able to walk around and take care of myself. . etc. . . .
  10. Seraph

    The Rant Thread!

    Ok, here is my ranting, I'm very tired of people who think that just because they never heard of something or experience it themselves then it doesn't exist. I'm very tired of eccentric egotistic people who think that what they know is the truth and is the only truth there is. I'm very tired of people who lecture other people on what is "right" or "wrong." I'm very tired of people who give advice when other people didn't even ask for it. Thank goodness we have a rant thread, I don't know who to complain my frustrations to.
  11. Seraph

    Acceptance thread

    I accept and love myself for the way I am.