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  1. Claire012

    TV Psychics

    Hmmm personally I do love John Edwards way of doing mediumship. I can't say he is a fraud or not. Personally I'm a developing medium too and when my ego strikes I ask myself over and over about whether my mind is creating these 'spirits' or not...but when they are claimed I feel relieved knowing I couldnt have created them as such... I think it all has to do with the medium's ultimate intention. If one has the ultimate intention of really helping someone know their loved ones are really around and thus help the sitter move on with life, then it is a pure genuine intention. Regarding prices, I believe the more a person is known the more requests he/she has, thus the increase in price to reduce amount of requests. I don't think it justifies large amounts of payment requests, but still I think that is one of the reasons why prices are increased as drastically. Just my take...I havent read much of John Edward's books, only have Infinite Quest which I do love xxx
  2. Claire012

    Newbie here :)

    Welcome :)Looking forward to your posts!! (have a soft spot for Indians :)) xxx
  3. Claire012

    Your Thoughts on My Dream Please.

    Im no dream expert lol but this is what came to mind... Firstly I thought about astral projection...but I believe it may be significant to possibly a fear you may have of being exposed...as in you have something within you which you'd like to keep private, but at the same time you are anxious about this thing or trait being discovered by others, and possibly be misunderstood. Just what came to mind :) xxx
  4. Claire012

    What happen to my brother?

    Hi dolphini, If your brother was okay before he started using the pendulum, I would personally rule out Schizophrenia as a pendulum and a book wouldnt make him like that. What I believe is your brother has psychic gifts, but he got overwhelmed with the pendulum usage and got attached to it that way...he just needs to take control and learn how to manage and control his abilities, otherwise it would get hard for him (like it already is). With what you've said about him... 1. I do understand his "guides" talking to him. I get that too. Guides are like "guardian angels", they are there to protect us and help us. They guide us through different ways. Some whisper suggestions, some help us through imagery (clairvoyance). We have at least one guide from birth assigned to us...others come along this life journey to help us through with learning a life lesson. Him hearing them is great, but he needs to take control over all this. 2. Pendulum is controlled by our higher self which is partly our subconscious. A pendulum however cannot tell us the future. For example, you cannot ask it if you will be married with a certain person in ten years time or so...in some cases it works, but only when the future is already laid out...for example if a woman is pregnant, the sex of the baby is determined at conception. That would be future already laid out. So in that case the pendulum can get the sex of the baby right cos its not the future, its already been determined. The weather also can be predicted in the same way, as weather works within a certain pattern so you can be able to know through the pendulum if tomorrow will be raining. 3. Michael is an Archangel...I think he is referring to him. Archangel Michael is "the protector archangel" and can help us by protecting us. With regards to Buddha, Jesus etc...these are sometimes considered as Ascended Masters, thats why he has listed them together. It is also possible to connect with them through meditation. I have personally connected with both Buddha and Jesus and both experiences were amazing. 4. It is advised that if he is the one using it, it is not used by someone else...so if you have used it yourself or touched it, you could have mixed your own energy with his own. This may have caused his answers to get mixed up. He needs to get it cleansed so that his energy can infuse with it again. Finally I do believe he has psychic abilities. The fact he hears his guides can mean he could be clairaudient for starters. He really does need to learn grounding and protecting techniques. When we start doing psychic related phenomena we become automatically open to different energies, which could be both positive or negative. This is why we need to be protected, which is something he has to do. He also should "vet" what he believes are his spirit guides. If they are of the light he can continue using their help...if not he has the right to make them go away by telling them to do just that, and they will. Without pointing my fingers at you, you should be careful and not get him stressed out. Tell him that you believe he has psychic abilities, but that he needs to learn how exactly to control them all the while staying protected. But you HAVE to believe in him :)
  5. Claire012

    Related baby

    Yippee! I kept seeing this kid like in a KimAnderson pictures...in sepia colour lol so I had to "guess" the age and hair colour since it was in sepia, and the age (the boy I kept seeing was sitting down lol). I would correct it to say it was more of a golden brown colour but I went with what came in mind as words the first time round :) Thanks so much for the chance to take part in this...enjoyed it!! Xxx
  6. Claire012

    Related baby

    I'll give it a go :) Im seeing a boy, about 2 years, blonde hair and Im thinking nephew. Am probably wrong but I love these type of games :)
  7. Claire012

    This time it's name the chicken

    Never tried this so I will give it a go :) I go for... Chucky Pluckie & Sam P.s. dont know if these names exist lol just what I got in my head :)
  8. Claire012

    Touched by an Angel

    Unbelievable! Pretty amazing I never thought about this!! I was going for the number 12, but since most of the websites I tried to join throughout my life had the username Claire12 taken, I started using Claire012...so I was also after 12 :) According to the site I follow the number messages from, this is the meaning of the number 12... If only I took notice of this before!! Old habits...I find myself dragged into the past at times, apart from the fact that I'm always reluctant to try new stuff, going what if and what that bla bla bla haha!! How about you Angelina? Does its meaning resonate somehow with you?
  9. Claire012

    Connection with animals?

    Awww that should have been terrifying but soothing in a way too. Feeling protected is so nice :) xxxx
  10. Claire012

    Grounding techniques

    Haha my guide I think is in a funny mood today...he just asked me to cheer you up saying "Glow Neleh Glow!!!" and am seeing cheerleaders saying this with pink and white pom poms in hand :D
  11. Claire012

    Touched by an Angel

    Thank you Tommy :) I do feel constantly protected now, and the feeling of peace and love that I feel during healings, when I ask the help of my guides and my guardian angel, it's really overwhelming. It has increased so much in the last couple days, especially since the Indian lady spririt guide has started to appear as part of my spirit guides crowd, most of which I haven't managed to see and meet personally yet.
  12. Claire012

    Touched by an Angel

    or Saved by an Angel? You decide :) Today I was on my way to take little one to school. I was walking with my daughter in a narrow part of the road where cars go by, my daughter was on the inner side and I was on the outer side of course. At one moment a bigger car like a Qashqai or similar in size did a U-Turn and almost hit me with the side mirror. Not that that could have killed me, but I'm sure I would have ended up with a big bruise on my left arm. It happened so quickly, and I wasn't even aware of what was happening, but I just felt something literally pull my arm to my chest to avoid it. The car kept driving, probably not even aware, and I kept walking, only to feel in my mind that something really helped me avoid it. I know angels look over me, I can feel them. I ask for their protection on a daily basis, including protection from Archangel Michael and protection from my guardian Angel and spirit guides. I looked up into the clear blue morning sky. There were cirro-stratus clouds across the sky, and only one cumulus cloud...surprisingly enough it was the shape of a heart! At that moment I felt so peaceful and loved, and I thanked the Angels and Guardian Angel & Spirit Guides for keeping me safe everywhere I go. Thought I should share...it was such a nice experience!
  13. Claire012

    Angels and messages through music...

    Thats why I called you my angel on earth...cos as soon as I finished posting that, I received an email notification with the song you suggested xxxxx
  14. Thanks Tommy for correcting me :) Yep 1 main guide but others may join to help us through this ride called life :) Wow @ TheHelplessMedium that was such a nice experience!
  15. The book I referred to is called Psychic Development for Beginners by William W Hewitt. Here is an excerpt from it: Everyone has his/her own free will though, I choose not to dwell in that stuff under any influence at all as I believe it's better safe than sorry, but again there's free will of every individual :)