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  1. SereneDuelist

    I may be psychic?

    Certainly possible. Half of what you describe in your commentary are things I face on a daily basis being both an empath and a telepath. Can't explain the black shadows personally. Maybe someone else has an answer for that.
  2. SereneDuelist

    Newbie Here

    Welcome Village Witch! I've been curious about Reiki since I heard about it in one of my college courses. Haven't really been able to look into finding someone to teach me though... Looking forward to talking with you a bit.
  3. SereneDuelist

    Help please!

    Wow! Some interesting answers. I'll keep them in mind should it happen again. Although, in all fairness, I was all wound up the day before it started. Stress has the strangest effects sometimes. Thanks for the help guys!! :)
  4. SereneDuelist

    Help please!

    Hey guys! I know I haven't been around here much, but I could use some advice on what to do about this. For the past couple of days, I've woken up at the same time as always (10:30-11am), but my mind doesn't wake up until 4pm or later. Hence, it is really hard to get my afternoon stuff done because I'm only half awake. Idk what could be causing this as it has not happened to me before. Anyone at the very least know what is going on? P.S. - I know this isn't the health section, but this is the section where you ask for advice so it sounded right to me.