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    Spirit sensing practice, anyone?

    There is a mother, but as far as I know, no lung issues. Close!
  2. PinkMellow

    Spirit sensing practice, anyone?

    Hey! I have approximately 7 spirits in my room at the moment. I know about them fairly extensively already, but if anyone would like to try to get a reading on them, I can tell you how accurate you were :) I don't know 2 of the spirits, but I do know the other 5, so if your descriptions are on the mark I should recognize them right away. Happy reading!
  3. PinkMellow

    Chilli's 30-card spread

    This was really interesting! I've never really enjoyed the Celtic cross spread for myself, as I just can't get it to work, but this was really straightforward and informative! In summary of my abilities from my interpretation of the cards; Clairsentience: One of my stronger abilities. In the past it was only activated when I really tried or when it "obliged" me to. Now I am fairly good at controlling it, and I will improve. This will give me a feeling of self satisfaction, and a stronger desire and will to explore my other abilities. However, though the feelings and things I receive are true, I have to be careful because I often misinterpret them. (like one time where I got the feeling someone had a sister whom they had a strong relationship with; going on my past experiences I assumed it was a negative relationship as I have met very few people who get along well with their close in age sister. However, this girl was very close with her feeling, so I took the strong sentiment in the wrong way because I was going on past experience rather than my gut feeling) Apparently in general I restrict my abilities, due to an unconscious fear that something bad would happen should I develop them fully. (would God support me in all these endeavors? Does He approve of tarot reading? It's distressing to think about.) Clairvoyance: (I grouped this with my third eye basically) An ability that brings unnecessary chaos to my life. In the past it wasn't always "on" so to speak, and triggered by times of great emotion. Currently this ability is bringing me stress and confusion, and a sense of isolation. (I constantly feel separated from reality, lost in the vivid visions I experience). The cards told me that what I didn't know was that I can't turn this ability "off" as I mentioned wanting to do in a previous thread. I am exhausted with my crazy overactive third eye and my ability to "see." The cards said that basically I just have to learn to control it; I can't make it go away as I want to do. I'm a little curious on what I have to overcome. For several of my responses to what I had to overcome, it responded with authority, or in this case a strong male figure, I think it was like the king of swords or something. (already put the cards away, oops). This was a common theme in all. What authority do I have to overcome exactly? Weird. Also the where will this lead card was pretty vague too, I got it led to a pleasant and scholarly/ kindly "dark" man. What? I don't even Clairaudience: This ability is causing me a great amount of mental confusion. I often get the messages or voices from my spirit guide/angel/spirits mixed up with my own thoughts, which can make me twist their words, and not know what is my own thinking and what is them speaking. It's very disorienting at times. For this ability I got a lot of cards meaning disorder, which is logical. However, the card representing what I dot know was a very positive one unlike most of the rest of the abilities. It signified love an happiness and luck and fertility and all that. So perhaps that means that this ability in particular can bring me great happiness and goodness, and generally make me more content should I learn how to master it. Once more what I had to overcome was that mysterious authority. Huh. Also my end result that it would lead to was a card that's exact definition was "anxiety with money" wha? The majority of my cards for this ability were very positive, and it was my most positive ability, (which is true, other than it making my thoughts an getting messages a bit difficult, it hasn't really affected my life negatively at all, unlike my other "gifts"), so why would it put something so random as to say it would lead to anxiety over money? I feel there's some other meaning to that that I'm missing or don't understand. Empathy: According to the cards, the most damaging ability to myself so far. (this surprised me, I expected it to be my clairvoyance and third eye, because I loathe both those due to their negative and frightening effects on me) It says in the past my empathy was not very strong, and I was more self-centered, which regrettably is true. (thank goodness I've evolved past that! Then again I was just a kid) But now it says my empathy is causing great chaos and distress to my life. After I thought it over, I began to ponder how many times soaking up someone's negative energy unconsciously completely ruined my day, or all the times my dad was tense and it made me incredibly stressed and moody. My emotional connections with other people really are deleterious my health, and the cards said I needed to learn how to "nullify" and "make absent" the feelings of others from myself. It's a useful ability overall, but one I must learn to control. Curiously, though the majority of my other cards were normal, every card for this spread was in reverse. Weird. Psychometry: I got a bunch of cards talking about absence and lacking. I've never really been strong in this field, and have never really been interested in it. I've just never really had any experiences with this before. I get my emotions through a lot of things, events, people generally, but I've never been able to touch an object or look at a picture and be like "oh this teddy bear holds great sorrow" or "this picture has feelings of dry humor" or whatever it is haha. The cards said that I was capable of this ability, but I would have to work really hard at it and experiment a lot, because in a sense it hasn't been "activated" yet, if you get what I mean? Mastering it won't lead me to anything significant either, rather it would just be another way to strengthen my abilities. I really have never experienced or dealt with psychometry; I could give loads of stories from events with the other abilities, but I got nada for this one ^_^; I found it very insightful overall, plus good tarot practice! (I've been trying to improve my reading skills, and to find more varied spreads)
  4. PinkMellow

    Chakra test

    Root: underactive (-31%) Sacral: underactive (6%) Navel: underactive (12%) Heart: open (31%) Throat: open (56%) Third Eye: over active (75%) Crown: open (62%) My goodness I'm imbalanced! All the explanations they had for what things were like when your chakras were in certain states was so true though :/ my third eye is active to the point of being obnoxious with all the things I see and don't want to. I got some serious meditating to do, ha! Was there an explanation on there of how to calm down over active chakras? Ho hum.
  5. I believe that our spirit guides are always around us, whether we are aware of them or not, waiting for us to contact them. In my case I had known my spirit guide for a long time and simply not been aware of who she was! I would always have this little voice in my head (not like a physical voice but like a telepathic one) that would generally refer to me as "Darling." the voice was always extremely affectionate and warm, and would pop up whenever I needed help or advice or was doing something I shouldn't. For example, when I was on a diet and almost bought a bunch of candy the voice would say "darling you know that isn't healthy for you" or when I'd have to wake up very early for school and not want to the voice would gently prod me going "wake up, love, it's a beautiful morning and so many wonderful things are going to happen today" She's been the one who got me out of bed on numerous occasions, including today! She also reminds me of things, and makes sure I do my homework and other things. This voice had always even there guiding me but I didn't know what it was. I thought maybe it was the holy spirit or my guardian angel, except my guardian angel always takes a male form with me, and this voice was clearly effeminent, and didn't speak in the same manner at all. One day while meditating, I decided I wanted to find out who the one who called me darling was. I instantly mind traveled to this room with a stained glass floor an everything else was black. It was serene and nice. My guardian angel was there, along with a beautiful woman in an old victorian English ball gown dress whom I had never seen before but almost felt familiar. I asked my guardian angel who it was and he told me "This is Gloria. She is in charge of your spiritual development and growth." At first I was worried she was replacing my guardian angel, and I was fearful, as I love my angel and wouldn't have him replace by anyone. But then she spoke, and she said "Hello, darling." and I immediately recognized her voice and knew who it was. I remember running up and hugging her. I didn't realize she was my spirit guide until a while after I finished my meditation session either! But I was very happy to have such a wonderful and kind guide who genuinely cares for me and my well being. I even have memories of her voice comforting me as a child when I'd be crying in my room over some silly thing. Basically my advice is you might have already contacted or spoken with your guide, you might already know them, but just not know that you do! Secondly, pray. My guardian angel introduced me to her, so I would say ask your angel if you know them or just pray. Meditation helps as well! Best of luck, and you won't regret it at all, I don't know where I'd be today without my Gloria!