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    Even though ive only known for a year of my abilities and who i am. I do not feel weak. Im as strong as i can be. Believe in yourself at all times. Never feel alone, because you are never alone. You are always learning, so never think you aren't.
  1. Back in 2013, I had to make one of the toughest decisions a woman could ever make. It was something I didn't want to do, but I knew the time wasn't right and I wasn't ready. I had "the procedure" that took my 7 week year old fetus's life. To this day I still get upset, even though I made peace and accepted what I've done. In March/April of this year, my child would of been 1. In March, I was hanging out with my best friend, and when it was silent, we both heard the sound of a little girl around the age of 1, very clear and loud, was said, "Hey mommyyyy!". My god daughter was asleep in my bed on the third floor. The past few months it has been occurring more and my significant other and his brother heard a little girl say "mommyyyyy!" On several occasions. It didn't hit me until hours later when it began occurring more often what it was saying those words, it was/is my unborn fetus, that I knew would be a girl, that I already named, Alena. Pronounced ah-len-uh. Before and after the procedure, I asked for signs for my unborn child to let me know she is still around and with me. Even though it devastates me almost every time, it makes me happy that my little Alena is still showing me signs. What my thoughts are, is why 2 years later? Why after she would of been a year old? Thoughts??
  2. MT2010

    My Tarot Reading

    A very good friend of mine read my Tarot Reading a few days ago. My question that I asked, "Am I on the right path to my Spiritual Evolution?" This is a picture of my results. I would love some feedback so I can understand how this works!! Thank you! I hope its readable for you! I want to know what it means.
  3. MT2010

    The New Generations

    As I am sure many are aware, a lot of adolescence in the new generations are becoming very enlightened than our/other generations. Beings in my generation are becoming spiritually enlightened around the ages of 15 to 18 to even late 20s. I became spiritually enlightened at the age of 18, and friends and/or people I have known for years, are enlightened around the age I was. One of the things I am doing to start my life mission that will leave my mark in this life, I am enlightening young teenagers those that are struggling with who they are and what is happening to them as they evolve. There is one teenager I have been communicating with to help him be enlightened and expand his knowledge. He isn't even 14 yet and is VERY spiritually enlightened than I have ever seen. COMPLETELY MIND BLOWN! As I am giving him knowledge, he is giving me knowledge in subjects I am not aware of or knew existed. He is giving me the knowledge of Therians, shape shifting, wolves, and foxes. Still confused with that subject. I am giving him knowledge of the cosmos, the knowledge of the Spirit Realm, helping him find ways of Meditation that suit him for his needs. I also had an apprentice that I was showing the ways of changing his life for the better. I planted a seed that I only plant in people I believe have that potential... His seed failed.. BUT... it changed his life around for the better. He would tell others of me who didn't even know of me, calling me an Oracle, a Violet Child, and VERY spiritual for my age. The feeling of how others knew of my enlightenment made me feel like I became the most popular girl in school. I had people asking me questions When they didn't even know me. Its such an amazing feeling to be able to be known for who I am and what I do in this world. For my career that is guiding me to the finish line to my life mission, is to become a Psychiatrist, a Therapist, a Doctor of Therapy. I want to help people overcome their fears, depression, anxiety, or anything that holds them back from living their life the way they want to, they need to, the way they should. My method I am choosing to use for the therapy sessions, is not your ordinary therapy session. My method of my choice is to use certain psychedelics. The Psychedelics of my choosing will be something maybe like LSD (natural version), ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Marijuana... The natural Psychedelics or hallucinogens that will help peoples fears or whatever is causing their mental illnesses, emerge so it can be faced and the individual will find the light to the darkness that has been covering their eyes and brain. I want to show people the light and love that was given to me by my Immortal Beloved, my Soul Mate. My love who I found in my darkest of times. It was when I finally learned to love myself is when I found the missing piece to my heart, my soul, my puzzle. I want to share my knowledge, my wisdom, and love to others as it has been given to me. Everyone deserves to have the light in their dreams. My dreams have become my reality. My dream come true.
  4. "Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity. -Carl Jung When you are stressed out, have anxiety, depression, or anything that brings you down, remember... You are not alone. Everyone has their battles they are fighting whether others know or not. In order to help others with their struggles or darkness, one must first understand their own darkness and struggles. To to help others with their darkness and struggles, it takes time and patience.Do not rush something that is beautiful. Before light, comes darkness. One must go thru the darkness in order to find their light, their niche to be able to feel divine love.
  5. As many are aware, when we were in the Age of Pisces, that is where we found what we believe in, who our soul is, and so on. As we are (or are transitioning into the New Age of Aquarius, we are developing into what we believe in, and what our souls are. The new generation of being are developing so quickly, even before they are teenagers they know of spiritual ways. I have been speaking to a young man who is about to become 14, and is very enlightened of spiritual ways it BLOWS my mind. My niece, who is not even 2 yet, was playing with the ghosts of my sister's and friend's dogs, that died within that week. So many teenagers are being spiritually enlightened and get so overwhelmed they do not how to control it or what to do! If you are not aware of a video on YouTube titled '1977 Vrillon- Ashtar Galactic Command' Here is the link if you are interested in watching, .. it has subtitles so you can see what is said. Vrillon speaks of what is happening among this world; how we need to learn to live in peace, not care about money, to be higher beings than we are. For many years, I have felt something major is going to happen to us in the world. I believe that sometime in the Age of Aquarius, all of us who are enlightened and have full connection to our soul, our higher self, and the universe. Once the time comes, those who are spiritually aware will ascend into the higher dimensions/realms of existence...We WILL evolve to where our souls/Higher Selves will emerge and take over our reality part of us (ego, etc.). The ones who do not ascend... Will have to suffer what happens. The kids of the new generation are so enlightened because the time is upon us to chose our fate... Live in peace, harmony, and goodwill.
  6. I have recently began to become more spiritual than I am (I'm VERY spiritual and have accepted who I am), and I have recently began reading about Pleiadians and how they are helping our human foms reach a higher frequency like they are. Has anyone had an experience with Pleiadians? What is your take on this subject? Share you knowledge and experiences below! I'd love to hear what you all have to say! Share the love, peace, and wisdom within.
  7. MT2010

    Immortal Beloved

    So its been close to 10 months since I have really been on this form so let me update on myself. I am currently at my peak of existence, meaning I am now doing things I always imagined as a young child. During the beginning of the year, I was at my darkest moments of my life. All of a sudden, I met my soulmate, my immortal beloved. We have been together for 6-7 months (my longest relationship ever). Since I have been with him, I feel every emotion or feeling he has. He lives 2 states away (until March 2015). I am able to tell when something is wrong, as he can tell with me. Our moods match eachother's weather patterns where we are each located. He has brought out the part of me that no one will ever see or understand. He sees the REAL me everytime he looks or thinks about me. I am his perceiver, his immortal beloved, his missing piece of his heart that has been missing for years. We have been together in each of our past lives. He comes to me for guidance and answers. If im happy, hes happy, if hes sad, hes sad. Our emotions sync up. Spirals keep spiraling everyday showing signs that we are meant to be together. It feels as if I am in a dream. "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allan Poe If you have not found your better half yet, be patient. Ive waited years for my love, the wait was well worth it. Learn to love yourself before you love another.
  8. MT2010

    After 6 years... is it time?

    Thank you! I feel as if im ready, but then my gut is telling me know, with any man. So im gonna keep going with the flow and when it happens, it will. I just need to be patient! (: You're right. I dont even have time to sleep much. I told him I don't wanna "hang out" with him (told him several times) when hes with her because I would know how she felt and I wouldnt want that to happen to me. I wouldnt know how he would do it. I just know he is iffy about his relationship with her. To alot of guys I have been the second choice, and with them I chose not to persue.
  9. MT2010

    After 6 years... is it time?

    In my past relationships i have had to try and balance school and a boyfriend (which for females you know it can be distracting). And now that Im juggling college, working at a law firm, and about to be working in forensics and also a paranormal society. I feel like it would be more pressure on me to handle a relationship. Like I played softball for over 10 years, I was the pitcher so I always felt likeI had to burden all positions on the field, if that makes sense? Lol. Not necessairly (spell check) a burden, but more of a pressure of not being balanced when i enter a relationship even if i feel ready
  10. MT2010

    After 6 years... is it time?

    Thank you I appreciate your feedback! I would rather be stable than always worrying if I'm doing the right thing, especially balancing work college and a relationship. He currently is with a woman. Which gives me more time to have mynlife in order before I take on that burden. Thank you! Natalie
  11. MT2010

    After 6 years... is it time?

    No im glad you are being honest. To answer your questions: 1) Yes it means no physical contact with this person or any other person. I have no been with anyone since i discovered my abilities so I can sense when someone just wants that one thing, and I can tell who they are. 2)I have not played the field, or been on any dates with a man. I wanted to get my life together before I was committed to someone again. 3) Yes he has had 1 partner in the 3 years I have been getting my life together. We hang out and talk on a regular basis so it doesn't seem weird. I have not had physical contact with him in over 3 years. We have the same train of thought. He knows of my abilities and I can sense he has similar ones as me as well. I will admit I have fallen for the guy, but i keep my emotions kind of away from that so it wont bother me, which it doesn't (luckily). He has told me he misses me and wants to reconnect, but we have not officially sat down to discuss our feelings. My last boyfriend (3 years ago), has made me scared to committ in a relationship again so I will admitt that I am a little afraid to be with someone. This guy has helped me come out of my shell the past few months, showing me not to be afraid anymore. Your input has helped alot and I would love to hear anything else you have to say. I thank you and I appreciate it!! Natalie
  12. Theres a man whom ive had been "friends w/ benefits" off and on for the past 6 years. Whenever I talk or see him, my heart feels like its about to pound out of my chest. I have blocked my emotions to see if it is "just a crush" that ive had for years, but the feeling stays the same. Throughout our relationship, ive stayed in his life, and he has stayed in mine. The past few months my feelings have gotten stronger. He has been trying to "hang out" with me, but I wanted to wait until i had my job and college life balanced. He understood that, and now I have them balanced. One of my significant symbols is seeing heart shapped clouds. A few weeks ago I asked if he would be my next boyfriend (been single for 3 years), and I saw atleast 3 heart shapped clouds after I asked the question. Me being 21 and have my career path in order and doing well in college, I think its about time I had a relationship again, and I'm ready. Anyone that has any input or adivce is welcome to say their opinion. Natalie(:
  13. I am actually about to be in law enforcement working in forensics. Also going to the police academy to pursue my carrer as an investigator. I have been working with my college professor/practioner on cold cases, but for right now its between me and him until he wants to present me to his cheif. I started off reading cold cases that were posted on the Polices website, presented them to my professor/practioner, and still think about the case daily. I also read his aura and tell him what i see and feel and he notifies me that im very accurate. I am taking my time with his so I wont end up like the psychic on the news, and so i will know my information i recieve is accurate. this is an opportunity ive been waiting for since i was 15, and plan to take my time with this opportunity. Its very fun and fasinating to be dealing with this kind of career. It depends if you are willing to be open to telling investigators information you recieve, and if the investigator is willing to hear what you have to say. Most investigators have some sort of abilities to be able to do the work they do. You just have to come across the right one. Hope this information was useful! Natalie!
  14. MT2010

    New thing

    I see white lines all the time. I just thought it was energy going by thru the realm. Not sure tho. IF ONLY IF ONLYYYYY!
  15. MT2010

    Healing Schizophrenia

    Thank you moonpurple. Vit- Ive typed it in numersou search engines, but cannot find anything, for it is in a language I dont understand. Ill figure something out. Thanks