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  1. aprilamise

    Tarot reading on Your Week Ahead

    i was looking forward to your style of readings. oh well, i 'll wait for the next one
  2. aprilamise

    Readings from a non-psychic

    omg your right on. i'm holding to too much anger and hate for some people. you are good :angel:
  3. aprilamise

    Tarot reading on Your Week Ahead

    thank you for picking me. portland, OR. 1:45pm
  4. aprilamise

    Practice Finding Lost Items

    i'm surprised that so many people lost their passports. i guess it happens to everyone. i lost my passport and wallet. you can do whichever feels good to you. thank you
  5. aprilamise

    Readings from a non-psychic

    can i have a reading. thank you
  6. aprilamise

    Tarot reading on Your Week Ahead

    hi can i have a reading too?
  7. aprilamise

    Why can't we talk to God directly?

    thank you for agreeing with me. i kind of put that explanation together through my experiences of spirituality . hahhaha i used that word experience. i believe that love of god is hard to describe. we can only imagine. i think what your saying only exists here because we have duality...male/female, good/bad, positive/negative nowhere/everywhere etc. everything is just one. with that being said accepting of all&being indifferent to all are the same, we just see one as two in this world. i guess the best way to explain it would be.... like buddha or the any of the ascended masters loving all beings and helping all but he has no emtional attachments to them. he wouldn't fall deeply in love with a girl and want sex with her, he wouldn't get angry and want to punish him/er if s/he committed a crime, he wouldn't have guilt if he couldn't save a person. basically he's not controlled by emotions. from a human perspective it's like he's cold and has no love, but yet he loves all beings.
  8. aprilamise

    Why can't we talk to God directly?

    yes, i believe we can talk to god directly. it's totally possible. remember that ascended masters and guides were once human. they studied in this world and passed the tests/lessons. they can help you because they had experienced all in this world. like your high school teacher can teach you about math because they went thru it when they were in high school. they can teach you what it was like in high school for them and you can learn from them. sure, their high school life was probably different but it's still related. then there's the archangels that work closely with humans, so they are familiar with how we work. but god has never lived in this world nor has he/she been a human so he cant speak thru his/her human experience. i believe if you were to ask god for advice s/he would just tell you love is the way/love is the answer to all. detach and let go. embrace love. i bet all s/he will talk about it's love because s/he has never had an ego, has never experienced negativity, has never experienced kill/steal, has never experienced what romantic love is and why one would take it so seriously. i think to speak to god without our guides/angels to translate, it would be like trying to explain to someone from one culture to another why they do the things they do. I know in the old days in most asian culture speaking freely is forbidden . i heard that you can't speak unless you are spoken to. if you were to tell an american don't speak up even if someone it's telling you to do something you dont' agree, i believe most americans would say something. For anyone asian they may rather commit suicide then speak their truth. for an american this would be extremely absurd, how can anyone not speak up, even little things like what you want for lunch? without experience one can't fully comprehend the circumstances.
  9. aprilamise

    1-day game

    it's time for the grand prize winner?
  10. aprilamise

    fish in dream

    i've been having fishies in my dreams. i saw them in the tank and then it would break and i would panic trying to save them. In one I saw two seahorses dancing in the water twisting the water spinning gracefully. any ideas?
  11. aprilamise

    Discussion on: Spiritual Guides

    i think we have guides that help us with things that we are working on at the current moment. like if we are practice singing, we may have guides that help us with music. i believe we need at least one guide at birth that guide us through our life journey. then we can hire other guides to help us on whatever we are working on. guides come and go. guides may be helping you and other people at the same time. this reminds me of Leo in Charmed he may be working with the Charmed one but he has other charges as well.
  12. aprilamise

    Lovers card

    yes i agree that the card could be about choice. in addition, i sometimes see the lovers as unconditional love. like between a father and a daughter. on a soul level, he may be in your life to help you/test you so you can advance to the next level.
  13. aprilamise

    Best Tarot?

    you should look at the pictures and see if they resonance with. then you 'll know they are right for you. usually beginners use the Rider Waites deck. i found that it's better if you use a deck that you like so the messages may come thru faster and more authentic to you. working with a deck is like having a relationship. it's a commitment. you'll be using it for awhile, spending time with it, talking with it, and even sleep with it. you can go here and look at the cards http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/
  14. aprilamise

    Do you trust your first reading?

    what i see my friend, who is really good at tarot, does is she would tune in to the cards first once she has the spread facing up. if she's not getting any information it may just be a minor setback so she re shuttle the cards.
  15. aprilamise

    Which animal totem is yours?

    i got the white owl which is kind of pretty. just like the one in harry potter