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  1. white_dove

    How to say goodbye?

    Believe that if something is meant to be, it will happen :)
  2. white_dove

    potential medium

    Its something ive always been very interested in, i would want to know more 'about' being a medium and what it entails before i get to deep with it, i was expecting her to say something along the lines of me being psychic, but being able to communicate with the dead sort of blew me away xx
  3. white_dove

    hey :)

    Thankyou :)
  4. white_dove

    potential medium

    I went to visit a psychic a few months ago, and she told me some very interesting things, including that she can tell i have a 'knowing', and i explained that i frequently have visions and thoughts/dreams which 8 times out of 10 turn out to be true or happen within the coming days/weeks, but i wasnt prepared for her to say she can see and feel that given the right training and guidance i have the potential to be a powerful medium, any advice or tips on how i can further myself within this field? Thankyou xx
  5. white_dove

    awake but not, moving but stuck!

    For the life of me i cant remember it now, all i know is i was hearing it word for word, like i had some headphones on, accompanied by a high pitched ringing xx
  6. white_dove

    awake but not, moving but stuck!

    Yeah ive heard of sleep paralysis, it was the music that confused me, i had never heard of it, it was a song by oasis, the only reason i knew who it was, was because of there distinctive voice/sound, i knew every word, was very odd.
  7. white_dove

    awake but not, moving but stuck!

    Ive only just discovered this forum so never really had anyone to talk about my experience with.. A few years ago i was laying in bed, somewhere between awake and asleep and i was just about to nod off (or so i think).. And my ears started to ring and buzz, then i began to hear music, it was a song i had NEVER heard before, ever, but i knew all the words, even the beat, and i repeatedly tried to lift my head from the pillow but could not move, i continued to try and move and i could not move a muscle, it was very scary and i was laying there honestly contemplating my sanity, can anyone shed any light on this? But Ive now learnt to appreciate these moments i experience rather than be scared :) xx
  8. white_dove

    hey :)

    Good morning or evening, where ever in the world you may be, my name is Robyn im 23 years old from kent in the united kingdom and im here hoping to make some spiritual friends :) may everyones day be pleasant and i look forward to talking with you all xx