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    I'm not even sure of my question

    ummm, this seems a lil confusing. just remember thta when you put your heart towards one, that is when you can find out if this person is right for you. being confused about several persons can just further run you into a mess.
  2. sweetmari10@

    another baby dream

    i have heard that often a dream of pregnancy means a huge change in your life is about to occur or is occuring.
  3. sweetmari10@


    why do so many daily astrological sign readings from different sources have different horrorscopes? this makes me think its less credible to view horrorscopes from zodiac readings. Is there a way to see more accurate information about the signs and daily readings about them?
  4. sweetmari10@

    How to say goodbye?

    im not psychic or anything, but coming from experience, sometimes when we see in movies how people make love to say goodbye, is not always the easy thing. Usually sex makes persons even more attached. I would say as long as you can carry the memory and connection with you and verbally tell the person of your connection, its a good thing. Just as long as it doesnt get misguided over time.
  5. How can we know if we have some psychic abilities? or tendencies?
  6. sweetmari10@

    question about tarot

    Do tarot cards actually read into the future? or are more about our feelings during the time about the future?
  7. sweetmari10@

    can i get advice

    is there a way to get advice on a long distance friendship? my ex bf and i broke up due to him getting moved to korea for a year with the military and due to other personal things occuring on my side in my hometown. He and i had a good relationship and there was nothing negative that we parted for. he is now requesting from his unit to move back to the city I live at, or nearby at least. this put me on the spot, but i expect he is looking into the future. he wants to keep in touch and calls and texts often. This makes me want to obviously be with him and he says he is not going to get in any relationship while he is out there. I guess i lack severe trust due a past long distance relationship that didn't work out. he knows im thinking it won't work out and im trying to at least salvage the connection. what do you think will be the outcome? it be nice to get some psychic insight also on his way, his flight was delayed 3 times for diffreent reasons which took him 4 days to depart, this was very strange to us and i told him jokingly on our last call the 4th day, "i think someone upstairs is teasing you" and he responded "yea probably you". i think he believes it was for something us or in regards to us. i felt much more happy with my final well wishing for him right before he actually boarded the flight and left, but wondering if this was something spiritual.
  8. sweetmari10@


    Hello, my name is Mari and im actually not new to the forum. i use to be a member years ago when this site was small and i guess my account was closed over time as ive been offline for long periods. i hope to back to see more of the new upcoming psychic information and study on here. Very interesting topics! I do enjoy reading about the more spiritual aspects discussed on here.