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  1. Kai

    It's just... a little crush..

    Hahahaha I bet he is psychic! Well, everyone is, but some people are born charging full steam ahead!
  2. Kai

    It's just... a little crush..

    When I was younger, whenever I would get really excited about something my parents would say "what's wrong with you?!" These are the same parents who also criticized me for being quiet in school. A few years ago, somebody paid me a really nice compliment, and I had the most intriguing observation into myself. It was almost like a bubble of joy was coming up through my emotions, but I pushed it back down. And for the first time ever I asked "why?" Why would I be resistant to feeling good? Why would I be resistant to accepting the praise of another? There is no good reason. So that day I made a decision to allow my feelings to be what they are. To do otherwise is just silly. We feel how we feel, there is nothing "weird" about it, and everything right about it. The best thing to do is have the attitude "I'm having fun, I'm enjoying myself. No one is being hurt by what I am doing, so how could there possibly be a problem? Of course there is none." If anything would make someone a "wierdo," it would be resisting who they truly are, and how they truly feel. When I was a kid, I wish someone had pointed that out to me!
  3. Kai

    It's just... a little crush..

    It sounds like you and Moo have this worked out. I enjoyed reading your stories and then the articles on monogamy too. I just wanted to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with finding another human being attractive, and it is in fact guaranteed to happen. Also just because you've found someone else attractive does not mean that your husband or your relationship is lacking in some way. Honestly, there is nothing your husband could do to keep you from finding others attractive, and your husband also will be finding others attractive as well, it is just how we are wired biologically. There is nothing wrong with that and everything right about it. Your reaction to it has been very healthy, and now it is helping you to reaffirm what you like about your husband. You should give yourself a pat on the back! :dance: Also, just because you have a crush on him, you shouldn't allow that to limit a potential friendship. As you yourself said, a crush is a fantasy, you are not attracted to him, you don't even know him! In fact, if you got to know him, the crush might fade as your dreams don't match up with reality. But even so he could be a good person worthy of friendship.
  4. This isn't clear to me, who would kill who? And also how is "detriment" defined?
  5. So, I am going to be honest here. I read your opening post, but then the rest of the discussion....I essentially skimmed through. I may have missed some good things, and maybe I'll ask some questions you've already answered, so please forgive me. However, for whatever reason I had a very strong inclination to thoroughly review your most recent post. And I am utterly fascinated. And hope that you will be kind enough to tell me more. My biggest question: you keep mentioning "karma." Instead of assuming I know what you mean, I thought I would just ask. What do you mean by that word? What is karma? What do you do with it? Are we suppose to "transcend" it? What does transcending karma mean? What does it look like? These immortal people that you met, they live a human experience, get hungry, sick and tired. But can also point a finger at someone to kill them? In considering this, an answer of sorts came to me. "They have to meet us on our level." That, we couldn't even possibly conceive them otherwise. They are just too far beyond our limitations that we could only interact with them if they limit themselves for us. And that is...love if I've ever known what that word meant. There is so much going on inside of me right now, it feels so good and so bad, so pleasurable and so painful. But I know to just go with it. :lol: <--- I think this is my face right now!
  6. I would like to point out that alcohol doesn't necessarily relax everyone. Certainly at first, but some people are violent drunks seeking conflict. Some people are haunted by old thoughts when they drink, and get depressed. Alcohol effects people differently.
  7. I never thought of alchemy as a metaphor for introspection and internal transformation. That really sticks with me. It's interesting because when you transform your inner lead into gold, your outer "world" will also transform in time from rags to riches. I don't mean monetarily, although incidentally that has come my way too.
  8. Kai

    Readings from a non-psychic

    Hahaha I got a real kick out of this! What I was thinking about when I posted for the reading was my workplace. That description, while well put together, really doesn't relate to how I feel about that issue at all, or help me figure out what I should do in the future. I have a very clear perspective about it, I'm not really confused or taking different perspectives. However, and I think this really gets to your point, if someone else had given me this reading, and I believed it to be genuine, I would say that the reading got mixed up, and was actually talking about my perspectives on relationships. The reading would fit with that perspective very well, as I have many conflicting ideas about that in my head and heart at this time. So I think I see your point, in a way the recipient creates the reading to be true in their own mind, not necessarily that the psychic had clairvoyant insight. Is that what you were trying to point out?
  9. Kai

    Readings from a non-psychic

    Count me in! Concentrate on a topic, but do not tell you about it?
  10. Are you suggesting a conspiracy about alcohol? I do agree that giving a work force escapes helps to pacify them and prevent rebellions, in our society we are loaded with them in our world, cigarettes, alcohol, and also the TV, movies and internet. And historically there is evidence of the intentional use of such things, such as the Opium Wars. Perhaps this was intentionally done thousands of years ago, which if so is a shame. But I'm not sure if that would fit in our present. America at least attempted to ban alcohol entirely at one point. As for my other question, your response was brilliant, those words are too vague. I suppose by "spiritual" I would mean an experience that helps a person to discover themselves, their own being, and beingness itself, and therefore "detract" would mean that the experience is weaker or less productive than it could have been, or perhaps even does the opposite, in that it causes fear or resistance. So my question then is do drugs and/or alcohol always weaken or inhibit a persons ability of self discovery?
  11. That is really fascinating about microscopic organisms. It is very clear that they are instrumental to our health. In terms of this topic, it is also known that drinking alcohol is incredibly destructive to the "good" microbes in out digestive tract. Certainly I think that we would all agree that drugs are not needed in any way for spiritual development. But would you say that drugs and alcohol always detract from spiritual experiences?
  12. This will not be fixed tomorrow, but if you start putting one foot in front of the other you can reach peace. You are the only one who can get there, there is not a savior out there who will solve your problems for you, only you can do it. The best thing you can do is engage in consistent meditation. If you are looking for scientific explanations, there is a vast wealth of scientific studies that talk about the benefits of meditation. For you though, it is that meditation reduces brain wave frequency. In other words, your mind will slow down, giving you time to relax and maybe even find your own answers. I'm sure that there are plenty of people here on this forum who can help you with meditation. What helped me in the beginning was I found these great guided mediation mp3s. It's great because you put on the headphones and it guides you through it, really keeping you on task. I would very much suggest it. I believe that meditation is the key to unlocking your peace. :wub:
  13. Kai

    Who's Your Jesus?

    Victoria's picture reminded me, when I was younger I would ask for help from "angels," I think what I meant was more along the line of "spirit guide" than biblical angels. But these days it's kind of an open call. That's a really great analogy, I hadn't considered that. In a way though I suppose it is not as open as I think, now that I consider it. I am certainly asking out to something that has my best intentions in mind, whether that be a higher self, some level of greater beingness, the universe, who knows? What I normally do is ask for some kind of message in my dream. And flawlessly, I will have some kind of powerful dream that night. Dreams can be hard to interpret, but I always have a very vivid memorable dream when I do that.
  14. Kai

    Who's Your Jesus?

    I usually just openly ask for help without specifying any labels of who or what I am talking to. I mean, if it's going to help, who cares who it is from?
  15. Well, they do call it "spirits" for a reason. :) I agree with Sascha, we are always connected, it's just about giving attention to that connection. However, I think that almost any mind altering substance could be used to create a spiritual experience under the right circumstances. Years ago I was drinking with a friend, and I drank a little bit too much. Well the strangest thing happened. I was half blacking out, so I don't remember what happened very clearly, but I was told and have a fuzzy recollection that suddenly my posture and tone of voice changed, and I claimed that I was someone other than myself. It could have been some kind of weird act that I put on in my drunken state, but according to my friend, I told him some very meaningful things about his life that I shouldn't know. He said that the conversation changed him, and he soon after made a decision to move away to pursue his dreams. I really do not have an explanation for what that was, but no matter how you slice it, something positive happened.