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    Beings of Light

    Hi Joey Thanks for your answer. I will concentrate on asking out loud and see what happens. This sounds silly but do you ever hear them out loud, with your physical ears? Or do they answer you in words within your mind? Keeping a diary is a really good idea - I will do that. When I have the house move out of the way and am in my new place, I intend to dedicate a chunk of time each day meditating, hopefully learning how to communicate with them and understanding their answers. Getting to know them. I used to meditate twice everyday but have been a bit lax about it for the last six months or so. It's funny about the 'kitchen filing cabinet' I think most people have one of those. :) I get the feeling that angels have a great sense of humour. I wonder if they are able to heal the sick. Tomorrow as I proceed with my packing I will ask them to help me, if they do it may be easier knowing what to keep and what to donate. I know they are very tall, the ones I see are tall and slim. Thanks again Isla
  2. Isla

    Beings of Light

    Hi Coleb, Have you tried to communicate with them? It's so interesting that you are seeing the same sort of being, when you say souls existing on another plane - what do you mean exactly? Isla
  3. Isla

    Beings of Light

    Hi Yinna, Thanks for your response. You made some very interesting points. I had a lot of activity from these beings about a month ago. I don't see them in my physical room. This is hard to explain they are sort of through a portal on the wall. My walls are white and it's like a window opens in the middle of the wall and I watch them through there, looking through there it's like looking into space. Since reading your post I have paid attention to the corners of my room and sometimes sense someone there. It's strange when I focus on them like now typing this I feel them stronger. I have thanked them for coming and asked them to stay and told them I am trying to learn how to communicate with them. The other day I had a funny experience. I was trying to put on a tiny chain around me neck, the little ring and slide bit that locks the chain, were giving me real trouble, I could not get it right, I sat for about ten minutes fiddling with it, going cross eyed. Then I asked the angels out loud, 'If you are there please help me with this chain.' I then attempted to close the chain again , no problem did it first at first try. I was filled with delight, jumped in the air and burst out laughing, a great big belly laugh and I felt they were laughing with me a feeling of great joy shared by all. It was our first two way communication, and I feel they were as happy as me that we 'spoke' :D Another interesting thing is that about a month ago,when their activity was very high. People were asking me questions of a spiritual nature, very deep and profound questions. These people are not openly spiritual, nor do they know each other. I have been interested in spiritual things that are based on love and light for my entire life. But there is no way I would regard myself as any sort of teacher, my mind is far too scatty for that and I am an introvert. :unsure: It did freak me out a bit people asking me questions, I did my best to answer them, but know I could have said more and said it better. In fact I was very surprised to be asked those questions and went away on each occasion, wondering why people are suddenly doing this. Now after your post, I am wondering if these people somehow sensed the presence of the angels and perhaps I ought to have asked the angels for help in answering. If anyone else asks me questions of a spiritual nature, I will try asking the angels for the correct way to answer. I don't know really, but perhaps that's the way it works. I am in the middle of moving house at the moment, so am really busy packing and sorting everything out in that direction, which does not leave me much time or energy to sit in a calm state of relaxation - I'm packing or sleeping. I move house on Monday. I only hope that these Beings of Light move with me, I am becoming very fond of them, I will invite them to come with me to my new home. I am so happy this is happening i have a real feeling of some very special new friends in my life. :D and want to grow a deeper understanding of them. Isla xx
  4. Isla

    Beings of Light

    Joey and Jodie, Thank you for your responses, A massive Wow I sort of hoped they may be angels. I really did not think it was possible, that they would come to visit me, i do try to be a good and caring person - but could do better! as they used to say in school. I was hesitant in asking about them because they sort of look similar to the angels in paintings, but without feathered wings. I don't reallly remember what I thought but feel that I probaly thought 'Who are you?' The answer if that was what it was, was like a warm wave of Love, like i had never felt before or since. Is that the way they answer all your questions, a total feeling flowing throught your whole being? When you communicate with them, do you speak outloud? I have never tried that. Do they answer you in words, in your mind or another way? I wonder if they are always nearby only visible and felt by us when we are really relaxed or if they come at certain times, then go elsewhere at other times. My feeling is that they want to teach me something. Whatever it is I am ready to learn. Their being near is a great joy to me. Thanks again, Isla
  5. Hi I don't post often but read with interest. I wonder if anyone has encountered "Light Beings" I will call them. These 'people' are not looking like you and me, they have a human form however the essence is very different. All are very tall, slim, blond, they are dressed in white and gold long robes that shimmer with light. I cannot see their faces clearly however it seems human like. I have seen them on and off my entire life. Now I am seeing them more frequently, and groups of them. I am usually in a deep state of relaxation when I see them. Sometimes they appear in my dreams. Mostly they are standing looking at me, sometimes they are flying but not with wings. Imagine a person floating face down on water - turn the water into air, and that's how they fly - they can fly slow or fast and do 'mid-air' contortions, sometimes they seem to become crystals in mid flight, then become human like again, it's as if they morph into crystal, then morph into human. They sometimes leave a trail of light when flying. They give me a feeling of total love and calmness. They are giving me love. I feel connected to them in some way but not sure how. One 'spoke' to me telepathically - but it was not words it was overwhelming love it sent said to me. They seem very light meaning that they don't have the density of a human or animal life form. or the density of an earth crystal. I would like to be able to communicate with them and understand fully what they are saying to me, the lack of understanding is I feel is on my part, I lack the ability to communicate. I so want to understand and communicate fully with them. Just had the 'thought' "they are divine", as I type this out to you. Please if anyone else has experience of these beings and knows anything about them or how I can learn to communicate with them, let me know. Sorry this is so long. Thanks Isla.
  6. Isla

    Terrible Tarot Reading

    Hi Firstly I would like to apologise for my delay in replying. I have not been feeling too well due to tooth and mouth problems. I am also waiting for results of a biopsy in the mouth to see if I have a new tumour growing there. So this is a time of high anxiety for me. I feel very tired. I thank you all for writing, and the kind advice you have given me. At this time I am unable to write full responses, sorry. Blessings of Love and Peace Isla
  7. Isla

    past lives

    I am no expert but yes it's very possible to have been a different gender in a past life, the souls way of gaining a wider experience of life in body. Isla
  8. Isla

    Terrible Tarot Reading

    Hello Lenky, Thanks for looking and offering a different light on the reading - I have been contemplating what you have said and feel that you are right. ... I want to reawaken before the passing, but the idea of doing so also concerns me greatly as I don't want to lose control on a 3D mundane level, I am very much alone in life and have to stay together to be my own advocate when dealing with non-spritual people and situations. Perhaps thats the conflict. I do in fact feel rather lost. Not about the illness, but at a much deeper level. Your insight on the last card is very interesting, I saw it as my not being able to let go of earthly attachments, and so getting stuck in the hungry ghost realm. How you saw it has already been suggested to me by a person, who has offered to be there at the end, I am now slightly apprehensive of that person, I will maybe need practical help during that phase, but at this time have no intention of doing 'the quick and easy way' am concerned that pressure will be put on me to do that. wow this is heavy. I am trying to go through all of this with as much grace as possible, some days are more graceful than others :blink: From past experience I know it's possible to awaken to the next level of consciousness which all humans have dormant within them. Perhaps I am seeking too much to do this at this point in life, as really I feel that it's something I should have allowed to happen years ago. Perhaps it's too late, and thats something I must accept, but if thats so - then why do I have this strong feeling that I must allow myself to fully BE, that this is the last chance incarnate. Yes you are right there is deep conflict within. I admit it I am afraid to reawaken, I don't know why. Writing this is difficult - but there is a reason I have been brought to this forum - face my fears perhaps - people who understand - tears flow down - must move through this fear. In universal love there is no harm. Healing? Is it possible to be afraid of healing? Thanks again, Isla Sorry if this is a bit messy the quote thingy did not work well for me.
  9. Isla

    Terrible Tarot Reading

    Hello Victoria, Thank you for your kind words and invitaion. Yes I did use the automatic reading. I am sending you a PM in a moment, thanks so much :D Isla
  10. Isla

    Terrible Tarot Reading

    I just used the tarot reading here on psychic guild and had the most horrible reading. Has anyone else used this facility? I just wondered how accurate it is. No part of the reading seems to have anything to do with the me I know. It's most disturbing, I asked if I and my cats would enjoy a peaceful future in the new home I am buying. This home will be my last as I have terminal cancer, and was given 3 months to 1 year to live last July, hopefully I will live a little longer than that. I am a very spiritual person and trying to reconnect in totality with that part of me in getting ready for passing. Before passing I would like to reawaken myself in total to sprit, to become 'love'. The only part of myself awake at the moment is my empathy which is too strong and overwhelming, it dissipates my energy, when ever I am with people, I feel that they are draining my energy. I do open myself to them and people say I am a very calming influence. I am now confused after this tarot reading, in the circumstances it has scared me. Do any of you have any insight about my future for the rest of this year. Thank you Isla The reading today The Significator The Significator represents you and your current state of being. Knight of Cups Grace mixed with laziness. Preoccupation with sensual fantasies. Look for a message, opportunity or invitation. The Crossing Card The Crossing Card denotes that which opposes or influences you. Four of Swords A period of rest and restoration of energies. Tensions subside. Good changes are soon to come. The Foundation card The Foundation card addresses the origin of your question. Four of Cups A period of rest in your life and dissatisfaction with material gains. Re-evaluation of your goals. The Recent Past The Recent Past represents past events and concerns. King of Swords The ability to govern and give good advice. A powerful enemy and staunch friend. Strong, authorative and able to lead. The Crown The Crown addresses issues that are significant in the present or may come to pass in the future. This card foretells future events which you may or may not occur, depending upon how you respond to the present situation. Ten of Swords Goals may be unmet. Plans are in jeopardy. Sorrow may be felt deeply. Be kind to those in need. The Future The Future depicts that which lies ahead. Knight of Pentacles Reversed Stagnation mixed with a dull, timid and indolent nature. Emotions Emotions card signifies the current state of your emotional self. The Six of Wands Reversed Success may be delayed. Be wary of accomplished enemies. External Forces represents the influence of others in your life as well as trends in your relationships with others. The Lovers Reversed Fights, betrayals and the possibility of shattered bonds. Be careful of bad choices. Hopes and Desires Hopes and Desires stands for the hopes and desires you have for the outcome of your question. The Moon This card represents serendipity, creativity and the coming to life of psychic powers. It may also signify dangers yet seen, deception and bad luck for someone dear to you. The Outcome The Outcome the ultimate outcome your question. Remember the future is not predetermined. Interpret this card in the context of the entire reading and as an indicator of the path you are currently on, but not bound to. reading. The Devil This card represents the dark forces in the world, misuse of power, depression and addiction to the material world.