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  1. And remember that no matter how insignificant it may seem to any person, for that life, you are the one who came through. I don't know about this heaven and hell business but I can say if it's real I''ll gladly travel through he'll itself if it's a chance to redeem or save just one. If shells all that bad this is just a warm up so hey you can take what's thrown at you right ;) Show em whos boss. And nope... not overly religious. There are things I'm inclined to believe from my own feelings but other things I don't feel are important. I don't answer to any religion.
  2. This is trivial to many I guess but it's still a nice ending. One of our cats caught a mouse and brought it in. She eats plenty so certainly wasn't hungry. Anyway I caught her fast and took the mouse off her. It was a little grey boy I guess. Hair damp from being in the cats mouth and so small and defenseless. Like a tiny curled up child. At first I thought it was dead. So still and lifeless but hope told me to wait. I stroked it gently. A moment later there was a tiny little quiver. I guess the poor thing was bracing itself for death and had been holding its breath. Moments later he started to pant and shake. So scared :( I thought it's now or never. Shut the cat inside and took him out. I guess at that moment he somehow knew he was going to be ok. His little head picked up. His whiskers twitched. He looked around. As I leant down he bounded up and down my arm before bounding away. Such a feeling of overwhelming joy from him :) One thing to remember in life. It's easy to see suffering and pain. Sometimes you can become so overwhelmed and attuned to it that everything else fades away. The truth though isn't that all there is is suffering. There too is energy and experience and joy in life. If you feel down just wait for moments like these. Even the smallest creature, to a drowning insect I believe feels joy in life. It's the force behind preservation of self for most living things or love of others and duty. Make just one difference. No matter how bad you perceive ypur life, know that there was a life no matter how short that you preserved just for a moment in compassion and made a mark in that moment forever.
  3. I've had that lots. May just be a cold draft. Who knows ;) Lots of times it seems like a draft. You sometimes get a tingly sensation and a feeling like someone nearby? Had it once and imagined a small frightened girl communicating with me but like I say it is most likely imagination. But I'm no expert. Perhaps I will yet learn otherwise. Imagined a sort of solid cold wall or something on the one occasion I tried to see if I could "feel" my wife. She wasn't expecting it and I can't deny SOMETHING happened. She jumped in alarm and moved away saying she felt like something really hot was moving against her. I wasn't touching her either. It may be a physiological thing. Maybe my brain decided the room was cold and kicked in the overheating which my wife felt a couple of feet away. Maybe there really is something to this spirit thing. I don't yet know.
  4. Simon

    New with wet feet already

    The desert is indeed part of your growth process. I'm a newbie here and no "psychic" as far as I'm aware. We all need different events to define strengthen and shape us. In your case people are an important part of your life and you recognise your need for them. It's why you feel lonely and isolated now. You need to be surrounded by people and wish to be cherished and appreciated for who you are and because to you it is natural to cherish and appreciate other people. Why should you different eh. Problem is we are all different. What you need most at the moment is a counterbalance. You need to develop a stronger self sufficiency. There will be times in your future you will need to be the tower for others to lean on and they will look to you for guidance if you are ready. There are two ways to face this path. To turn away from it and hide in dreams or to stand tall like a lone tree with strong roots. When you do that and release your needs just a little and watch for the needs of others your view will transform. Don't worry so much. Life seems like that for all of us at some point. Things will change as you change ;) You're never as alone as you believe
  5. Simon

    healing energy

    Hi. I'm new :) Can't say I'm convinced by all this psychic healing malarkey but will approach it with an open mind. I've only given a little thought to it an seen nothing "official" about it. Can anyone recommend a step by step practical approach I can try to prove to myself one way or the other? ;) Not sure at the moment if it's a product of the imagination manifesting itself so need to take up a more official line then put it to the test. I've got as far as holding my hands apart from each other and seeing if I can "feel" anything. The only sensation is a bit of a prickly tingle and something I could compare to having two fistfuls of magnets, attracting and repelling in different spots. If you move against the repelling spots it's just like with magnets. Apart from that I tried to see if I could "feel" my wife's presence, while she was sat on the floor front of me watching TV oblivious to my experiment initially. Now that ones a little more curious. I imagined I could feel something cold. The more I focussed on it the closer it felt. Like a block of ice. Didn't bother me at all though the oddity was that my wife then unexpectedly flinched and span around looking alarmed. I didn't touch her but she said she felt something very hot. That was a few years ago. Not quite long forgotten but it was odd enough for curiosity and an open mind to remain. There may be a logical explanation but let's see.
  6. Simon

    Strange eye sensations when seeing auras

    Well can't say I read anything into it. Most likely a trick of the light. When I stare at myself half of my skin (not in a straight line) looks fairly normal pink. The other half looks completely black. In terms of colours around the edges, it's not a thick line but I see a very bright line parts blueish and part bright warm yellow. As far as the blurs are concerned I'm familiar with it but don't suffer it too often. Some people get it a lot. As far as I recall its a medical condition to do with enzymes on the surface of the eye or something. It may depend on the light and distance of focus too. I notice it a fair bit at arms length. Try holding your hands out in front of you facing each other maybe six inches apart and focus on the space between them. Creates an almost mirage like effect for me in the right light. Blurry ;) Ps. Looking at the first few comments I'll add regarding the yellowy gold color I don't drink.. ever ;op