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  1. Village Witch

    Healing for me and my little one

    Reiki flowing...
  2. Village Witch

    Thank You

    Yay! Glad to hear it!
  3. Village Witch

    Power Healing Circle 11111

    Reiki flowing, Nigil.
  4. Village Witch

    Calling all healers

    Reiki flowing... Wonderful! So glad to hear it!
  5. Village Witch


    Your higher self needs to be attuned to reiki to create a reiki pyramid. This is addressed in Brett Bevell's wonderful book, Reiki for Spiritual Healing. Once your higher self is attuned, you simply tell your higher self to create the pyramid over a person or a situation. The pyramid will stay in place for as long as is needed. I find reiki pyramids to be very effective. I could give instructions to do the higher self attunement, but I don't want to violate any copywrite laws. Brett's books are under $20 each.
  6. Village Witch

    Healing for my daughter

    Reiki flowing...
  7. Village Witch


    I didn't feel anything from my first reiki attunement which was done in person. My second attunement from Brett Bevell's book knocked me off my feet for 20 minutes. I felt like my physical body and my energy body had separated slightly and slowly integrated back together. I feel there is no difference between an in-person attunement, a distance attunement, and a self-attunement. The attunements all come from the same source. I personally don't feel reiki when I flow for others or when receiving reiki. A huge disappointment in my life. However, I see and feel the results. A second degree reiki attunement opens your body's energy channels a little more than with first degree reiki. Of course the symbols now become available to you. What strengthens your reiki, in my opinion, is using it often. Flow reiki for a plant, a tree, your neighborhood, your garden... anything you can think of, just flow! Reiki pyramids should be addressed in Brett's book. If they are not, they are in his Reiki for Spiritual Healing book. Your higher self creates a reiki pyramid over a person or situation at your request. That's a lot of reiki!
  8. Village Witch


    So happy you are getting Brett's book. You will love it! Reiki flowing for your friend and sister-in-law.
  9. Village Witch


    Hi Gang! I've been absent for a bit. Been very busy. I decided to go back to work part time. I haven't worked in twenty years, so it was a bit scary. I wanted a job that would utilize my wide variety of clerical skills but didn't give me too many hours as my personal time is very valuable to me. Most part time jobs are 20-30 hours a week, which is too many hours for me. I wasn't finding what I was looking for, so I sent reiki to the situation. Worked like a charm! I am now the treasurer of a small borough. I pay the bills, prepare payroll, make bank deposits, and issue financial and tax reports. And only ten hours a week! It's the perfect job for me! I feel so important as the job carries a lot of responsibility with no one looking over my shoulder other than the auditor. I work two five-hour days. One day is a scheduled day, but the other day's hours are up to me when I choose to work. I love that. Couldn't be more perfect for me!
  10. Village Witch


    Oh yes! I am very passionate about reiki. I use reiki everyday. My higher self is attuned to reiki and makes sending reiki quick and easy as my higher self does the sending and leaves me free to go about my day. The only problem with sending reiki through my higher self is that the reiki is not flowing through me, so I am not receiving the benefits as I would if I myself were actively sending reiki. I simply tell my higher self where to send the reiki and for how long. I send reiki back in time to heal old wounds and into the future to smooth out any bumps and wrinkles in my day or any upcoming event. I create reiki pyramids (very powerful) over people with the intent that reiki flows for as long as they need, for whatever they need, at any time that they need. Intent is everything in reiki. I know you purchased Brett Bevell's wonderful self attunement book. I only hope you love it as much as I do. There are several of Brett's books that I did not enjoy as much, so I cannot recommend them. His Wizard's Guide to Energy Healing is a great book; but in my opinion, reiki needs to be mastered well before proceeding with his wizard healing book. I don't understand the issue with self attunements. I am very much a new ager when it comes to reiki. I have had both self attunements and traditional attunements. There is no difference to me. I am not dissing traditional methods, I simply feel from experience that reiki is meant to be explored in all its depths and facets. Reiki operates within a specific wave length that brings the body into alignment. There are other healing modalities that resonate at a wider range range than reiki. This is explored in Brett's Wizard's Guide to Energy Healing book. I would love to discuss reiki with you. There are so many different ways to use reiki. Sorry that I haven't been on the forum for several weeks. Got busy.
  11. Village Witch

    A request

    Reiki flowing...
  12. Village Witch

    help with letting go...

    I have often asked the archangel Michael to use his flaming sword to sever any ties I have to a person or situation. I have also sent reiki to the past situation to heal it. Emotional pain cannot be dismissed. It needs acknowledged and worked through. When dealing with issues involving my parents, I had to learn to see them as people with their own problems and issues to work through in life. I had to take them out of the role I expected them to play and see them as strangers. That helped me heal most of all.
  13. Village Witch

    Power Healing Circle 11111

    Reiki fllowing...
  14. Village Witch

    Power Healing Circle 11111

    I suggest checking out Brett Bevell's wonderful reiki and other healing modality books.
  15. Village Witch

    same cards multiple times

    I don't read Tarot, but when using Lenormand, I have had the same cards appear repeatedly until I either figured out what the cards were saying or I took their advice. Spirit can be stubborn when it is in your best interest.