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  1. sjess

    I had a very gruesome dream! Should I be worried?

    Dear Eye Crystals, How are you feeling today? That was quite a dream you had and I can understand why it disturbed you so. It sounds to me like you are venting some emotions here, perhaps anger at something or someone or some part of yourself. I am no expert on dreams, this is just my humble opinion. I would guess that this is just a process and perhaps it is something you do not want to acknowledge and that is why it came out in such a violent way: to get your attention. Your dream reminded me of Hunter Games. I hope you are feeling better now and not so upset about this. As far as this being significant, perhaps there is some area of your life you are angry about that you need to look at. I wouldn't worry about it. From what I understand about dreams, we will eventually figure things out. The message eventually gets through the subconscious to the conscious mind. Blessings Sharon
  2. sjess

    I Met My Guides

    Hi Chilli, The DVD by Echo that I really like is Psychic Development for Beginners. She also has a DVD that covers similar information, but not as in-depth. This one is from a seminar she gave. The book I'm reading is The Gift. it covers the different psychic gifts. I just ordered her other DVDs. Am looking forward to watching that.
  3. Offer Expired Thanks!
  4. sjess

    Have You Met Your Spirit Guides?

    Hi Chilli, Thanks for the heads-up. I am glad to hear that. Great idea on offering a reading. I will consider that. I am really new at reading others so not sure I am up for that, but I will consider it.
  5. sjess


    Thanks for the welcome Seraph. Thanks also for the suggestion. I will endeavor to keep myself grounded and ask the universe to replenish me when I overdo it. :) Blessings!
  6. sjess

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    I think that is great that you are comfortable with your outlook. That is a huge asset, IMO. I tried atheism, but it didn't set well with me. I still believe in a Source, although I'm not exactly sure what this Source is all about. But I'm okay with not knowing. To my way of thinking, Source may be beyond understanding. That's just my take on things and I totally respect your take on things. Yes, cults and fundamentalism do a lot of damage. It sounds like you have had a really tough time with that. :( I have had bad experiences as well. Marlene has coined the term RTS, religious trauma syndrome. She has a website if you are interested in her at all. They have some stories online and some information about RTS. They have a forum where you can talk with others who have been in similar circumstances, although it costs per month to belong. As far has having a faith to fall back on, I think the Christian belief is a false belief. They think God will work everything for good. Well, everything isn't good. They have to twist and turn and say, "well, his ways are higher ways" and other cop out answers. I think if they really thought about it, they would have to admit that they wonder what in the heck God is up to. But, hey, they get comfort out of it. What bothers me is when they try to push their faith on others. But I digress. This is a better subject for ex Christian dot net or the religion thread. It just gets me mad when I hear about people who have been abused by these cults. It is abuse of our very soul! I tried talking to Melvin (my hubby's dad) and getting him to say what he has to say, but I got nothing. Then I realized I am quite angry with him, so that might be stopping the communication ! :P I'll try to cool off and give it another go. I'm kinda mad at him. Does my anger keep him around? I don't know how all that works with spirits. Well, we'll be gone today. I won't be back until evening and then I'll probably be wiped out from the long day, so I won't be online. Would you like to exchange emails in a PM? We could be psychic pen pals if you want to be?
  7. sjess

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Hmm, I'm out of forums. Marlene Winell has a group of ex-Christians who have left destructive religious groups and cults. I'm a former fundamentalist Christian and there were others there from different cults. She has written the book "Leaving the Fold" to help people understand the process of leaving a destructive religious groups and coping with the aftereffects.
  8. sjess

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    What about Marlene Winell's Leaving the Fold group?
  9. sjess

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    I like your idea of asking those I dream about to come and make their message clear. I will try that! OMG, you are describing my father-in-law very accurately. white hair that was wavy, stoop shoulder especially in the last year of his life. He developed cancer and died within a few months. I have wondered if he is around me. Just a recurrent thought I had. I will try to meditate and sense him and ask what he wants. He is the one I said I thought inserted himself in my dream the other night. I wondered if he would stick around because he was very clingy to my husband, had a hard time letting him go. In fact, he never did let him go completely. I was close to divorcing my hubby 'cause he was always doing something with his father. His father controlled him and he couldn't see it. I had had enough of it when both my husband's father and uncle died within 3 days of each other. I took that as a sign to stay. Things are better now, but it has not been easy! I do wear my hair up almost all the time in a pony tail, no bun. I don't wear dresses. I'm a tomboy too. That's so cool you feel like you know me. Maybe we are soul friends. What is TMB? I don't think I'm on there. I'm on ex-Christian dot net. You wouldn't perhaps be Deva from there? LOL I think she is from Pennsylvania.
  10. sjess

    Have You Met Your Spirit Guides?

    Whenever I get the floral scent, it usually seems like it is off to my right side and a little in front of me. I really love the smell. I kept breathing deeply, although I know it was just all in my mind, and I found it most comforting. The name Delores just popped into my mind, like Echo said it would. I am someone who likes to get info from others to begin with, then I like to go out on my own exploring. I like to have some sort of basic intro before I get started. I like Echo and I trust her. The only thing I disagree with her on is her desire to meld psychic abilities with what the Christian Bible says. I do not hold the Bible up any longer as the word of God, so I really could care less what it says anymore. Other than that, she seems open to the things I am growing comfortable with and she and Michael Newton have similar takes on the spirit world. I have not read much of Sylvia Brown. I picked up one of her books, though, and this incredible feeling of love came over me. I don't know if someone was trying to contact me or what, but it was really awesome although it scared me and I dropped the book as a result. I do have some doubts about Brown, however. That's interesting about the animal spirits as messengers. I have wondered about that. I wonder if the forum is always this slow? Not much going on here. I feel like the playground is empty.
  11. sjess

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Yep, I have a husband but yes, I spend most of my time alone. He is a farm boy workaholic so he works on the farm and with the cattle all day and then he works for UPS driving at night to Des Moines to deliver packages to the airport. He loves me and treats me well, but we are more like two very independent people living together so neither of us has to be alone. I met someone a while ago who I think is my soul mate and that was one wild ride, but it never would have worked 'cause he has a wife and children and I'm not going there! So I know I have strong love/passion in me, my hubby just isn't the guy who brings that out in me. I love and appreciate him very much, but I don't have a lot of passion for him unfortunately. I am very loyal to him and he seems happy and for the most part we get along, and I am too sick to go anywhere on my own, so we take care of each other and keep each other company. We're not really "close" though, as I would use the term. He would say we are close I think. Seems guys are different about these things. Please feel free to share other stuff you may sense. This really fascinates me. Oh, have you ever had deceased people show up in your dreams? I keep dreaming about my dead parents and my dead FIL. In the dream I know they have died but they have come back to life. I wonder if they are trying to contact me. This last dream I had with my FIL I definitely had the impression he had plopped into my dream.
  12. sjess

    I Met My Guides

    Thanks taichi! I asked my guides to make themselves known and to tell me their name. I felt kinda funny talking to "them", but it seems to have worked. Good luck!
  13. sjess

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    Village Witch, I would really appreciate that if you would be willing to ask about a book (or video) that we might start with. Thanks! :) I would love to live by the water! I grew up in California and my favorite activity was going to the beach. Your retirement plans sound really nice. There is a large, man-made lake not far from where I live, but it's pretty pricey to live there. And my hubby would hate living there. He is a farm boy born and raised. I think he will be farming until he can't do anything anymore!
  14. sjess

    Have You Met Your Spirit Guides?

    All I know is from what I have read of Echo Bodine's work and Michael Newton's books, From what I gather, our Spirit Guides are here to help keep us on track with the spiritual journey we mapped out prior to coming to this lifetime and to help us with situations we encounter. A lot of times we don't know they are working, I understand, because they send us thoughts and pictures and we think it is our own thoughts and ideas. I have felt them give me a nudge to take action with a forward feeling and a little "do it" message. I believe they and our deceased relatives and loved ones can give us thoughts/feelings of comfort or try to contact us by focusing their energy. I haven't read anything about the reiki masters and how they work nor the animal guides. That is so cool, Village Witch! Do you see you Black Hawk or do you sense him somehow? So far I have just sensed a male presence around me. It was so close it was like he was in me and I thought it was me/my soul energy. But once I paid attention to the presence, he moved back a little.
  15. sjess

    My Thoughts