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  1. xng

    Aura Layers

    'Angel' Soul I am thinking of not posting in this forum anymore. I hope you're satisfied by the outcome of your aggresive and rude attitude towards me. I have been here since 2007 (10 years) and was thinking of quitting due to lack of quality posts in this forum. The only thing that kept me here was PG and his kindness. He's really the guy with an angel soul and not you. This is my last post in this forum, all thanks to you... Goodbye!
  2. xng

    Aura Layers

    You are the one who jump to conclusions without asking or verifying with people. Furthermore, you are the one who is aggresive towards me and don't preach what you said! Don't try to preach something when you aren't a good example! I find you extremely rude with your behavior. I am not a Buddhist like you claim and I am just a truth seeker. I don't believe and follow any religions blindly but from my research, Buddhism and Hinduism do tell the truth about certain concepts such as reincarnation and karma which obviously isn't present in the modern bible. There are many charlatans and fake psychics in this world and there are many conflicting statements by them. That's why I search for more truths from these religions and other websites rather than Christianity but I know that since it's a very old religion with nobody to verify,not everything said is true. Enlightenment wasn't invented by Buddhism, it's a term invented by westerners who didn't study any Buddhist text. That goes to show how little you know. Don't assume things without verifying with others.
  3. xng

    The War on Syria

    Hope you get better. It's amazing that you can feel the war half a world away.
  4. Neither at home nor in the office. My psychic powers tell me that you left it in your friend's place. Do you have a friend called Veronica?
  5. xng

    Aura Layers

    There are tons of disinfo on the internet telling people the wrong things just to mislead them. There are so many charlatans and fake psychics who want to give false information to others. It's difficult to discern who is telling the truth and who is not. They are contrary to each other. It's similar to all bible articles who tells people that there is no reincarnation, no karma etc just to mislead people and that we will go to hell if we don't believe in Jesus. I have searched through and read a lot of articles over past decades and it's difficult to find any genuine articles that's written in a logical and understandable manner regarding how to access the akashic records. The word 'enlightenment' has been misused by so many people that you don't really understand the true meaning. Reading the akashic records isn't called enlightenment, Edgar Cayce could read these records but he isn't really called 'enlightened' in the Buddhist sense of the word.
  6. xng

    Aura Layers

    Yes, Grummy is a fantastic person but unluckily he's no longer here to answer our questions. I've also read another book that states there are 7 layers of aura and 22 chakras but it is too abstract for me. PG might know more about these layers but he seem to have disappeared too. How can I access my akashic layer?
  7. Anyone can flip card and say whatever he wants but a respectable person wouldn't want to say things to fool others and deliberately give the wrong answer to confuse someone. My 'psychic powers' also tell me that you have ZERO psychic powers with a glib tongue. You should be asking for readings and not give misleading readings to others. But wait, you really wanted to increase your post count over 15 so that you can actually do that. Is my psychic reading accurate? If one is a new psychic with real psychic powers, I don't mind if he made honest mistakes but to tell lies like 'not in my higher self to know' is just an insult to my intelligence! He also looked at previous posts and tried to get more information on me instead of relying on his so-called 'psychic pendulum'. So does that mean that any Tom, Dick and Harry can also open up another thread and start giving nonsensical answers to forummers here, do you want more people to do that?
  8. I thought you said you're not psychic so how can there be a life lesson in this? What type of life lesson may I ask? Don't simply give answers unless you have something solid to back up your claim.
  9. So what you are saying is that pendulum can only predict immediate current events?
  10. Aero, I would really need to know when and where I can meet my future spouse. What does your pendulum say?
  11. xng


    Scorpiogirl Your intention in joining this forum was to get a reading. Then you disappeared without any contributions. PG said many times that he avoids doing love readings.
  12. xng

    Allow me to introduce myself

    Welcome to forum. Just read the many topics that we've posted to expand your horizon.
  13. xng

    Small procedure

    I must apologize because I've forgotten about this rule. He's not really a medical personnel. He can read a person's energy or aura.
  14. xng


    I hope not. PG psychic powers is just simply incredible and I help he continues to help people.
  15. xng

    Small procedure

    Since you're living in Australia, there is an ethnic Chinese Australian who can do energy reading and diagnose diseases. You might wish to contact him. He's the real deal.