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  1. Skyscraper

    Feelings for a friend

    Hi Moopurple, I am back - even if only briefly. Men find it hard to understand us girls. so they will gloss over things and not address issues. He might feel if he can get you to talk about something neutral, it will either mean he can show he still wants to be friends while changing the subject and not addressing the issues at hand. Not all men are like this, but I feel many are indirect and can't deal with more full on stuff. (Just my view as a female, but a male might have a different view.) Best wishes Anne-Marie
  2. Skyscraper

    Sssshhh kitty sleeps

    My cat on my old account :)
  3. Skyscraper

    Hey ladies!

    Thanks, good advice to go with the flow and see what happens! Thank you ladies :)
  4. Skyscraper

    Hey ladies!

    (and gents)...I'm back! After months, or whatever... But any rate, when single, do you date guys who could be more shorter term prospects than longer term ones? Or do you hold out for the white picket fence guy with which to have 2.5 kids, an SUV, dog, cat and parrot?:P No reading needed, just curious what you think!! I hope all is well. All is well for me! PS: In New Zealand, SUVs are called something else too, as SUV was not the term we used before, but to be honest I can't remember what we call them...I know, it is a four-wheel drive. I just couldn't remember - I was thinking ute - but that's a small truck.
  5. Skyscraper

    Christmas....A Necessity.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKoRp05L95c This is Cat Stevens' Morning Has Broken. I was listening to this as I found your thread :) Merry Christmas and see you all. :)
  6. Skyscraper

    Reading please

    I think it just means you have anchored yourself to a good home life and family life, no matter where you live (this seemed relevant considering your original thread was about moving.) I hope all is well. :)
  7. Skyscraper

    Reading please

    Hopefully it is ok to add the card I just got for you: The anchor: Hope, wealth and security. I got this a minute ago before I read you don't need the reading now. Best wishes, I hope all is going well for you and your family.
  8. Skyscraper

    One Question Readings

    Hi Captain, I am not sure how you managed to pick such a relevant card? Did it come up at random, or did you feel this was the best one to use? I'll give you some detailed feedback as to why this is quite relevant right now! Last weekend when I asked you to read, a friend's husband had been diagnosed with leukaemia and had just gone into hospital. He will be there for some months as he undergoes chemotherapy. He is in his 40s with a 5 year old daughter. I decided to let another friend of mine know about this diagnosis that day as he has met the gentleman who is now unfortunately sick with leukaemia on a number of occasions. Unfortunately he informed that he had been keeping something from me for a couple of months but now news was out about the other friend's diagnosis, he thought he may as well let me know. A second mutual friend a young gentleman in his mid 30s (so my age), with a 1 year old baby and married in the past couple of years has motor neuron disease. The prognosis, I am told is around 39 months from diagnosis in many cases. Stephen Hawking is a remarkable and exceptional case. So once I learned of these illnesses amongst people for whom passing would be well before their time, I realised it was time to look at the good things in my life and live for the good things day to day and I really need to try and spread around any good I can do - I really am very lucky indeed with what I do have. Your card has been especially pertinent as I look around me at the situations around my friends at this point in time. Thanks
  9. Skyscraper


    Yes, you could possibly marry Henri. However, that comes with the proviso that is you and Henri who will make the choice and it is not bound by what I say on a psychic site. If you want to marry Henri, broach the subject of a long-term commitment when you feel ready and see how it goes in time to come. Only you two can live the relationship you're in, if I read for you, the cards could show an outcome that could be meaningless, or it could be accurate. Your own intuition and sense of how the relationship is going and could proceed will serve as a 100 times better barometer than 1000 amateur or even professional psychics trying to guess the future. All the best, you can and will have the commitment you need when the time is right for you and a significant other in your lives. :)
  10. Skyscraper

    Is sex good or bad?

    The answer is easy, what is bad is: paedophilia incest rape sexual abuse bestiality All illegal. End of story. Consenting adults = legal. Spiritual/physical/emotional/relationship issues are up to each individual to sort out for themselves.
  11. Skyscraper

    One Question Readings

    Hi there Thanks, this is cool and makes a lot of sense to me now, thanks! :)
  12. Skyscraper

    One Question Readings

    Me, me, me! The question is "What card comes up for me?" (Any general message will be accepted for its wisdom and guidance). I'll take its advice on board, it will apply, I am sure. :) Thanks!!!!!!!! :)
  13. Skyscraper

    Reading Request Help

    Good luck and stay strong, no matter the outcome. Keep me posted.
  14. Skyscraper

    Reading Request Help

    Hi there I am going to answer your question. BUT with a huge disclaimer, I don't know if I am accurate. I am a beginner, I am not a professional, or seasoned with experience. I won't be able to give you much insight other than what is on the card I drew. So bearing that in mind, this is what I drew: "The bird tweets and gossip and worry, soon passing." It also says: "Birds are transitional" "The restless influence of the bird card does not last" "Change in an instant" "Bird chariots fly over the sky and like unfounded worries are soon gone". I thought there was only one card I pulled, but there was a second card behind it. "The book contains a secret other cards reveal its nature" "Writing and secret knowledge. Judgement, self-expression, wisdom. Hidden things may surround a situation; all is not clear yet." Thanks, please let me know if this has any accuracy etc. I think your worries may end, I hope so anyway. Please take this with a grain of salt. I hope it all goes well for you.
  15. Skyscraper

    Join in! Journey to a NEW Healthy YOU!

    Good idea! The "diet" I went onto was Jenny Craig. I don't like it, I felt hungry, weak and tired for the first few days, as if I was being starved! I have got more vegetables and fruit and am still eating the Jenny meals, and doing exercise, so that is a good start, but I don't feel like I will stay exclusively on the Jenny meals - I may cancel soon. But, I will try and eat healthy and exercise. I got lectured by the consultant because I ate a couple of sausages on top of the Jenny plan and admitted to it! I ate them because I felt I had not had enough food that day and someone in my home offered them to me! LOL.