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    happy to be here!

    I like saying them they feel nice and not too preachy. :) and I learned a lot... one of my guardians explained to me they could be thought of as spirit guides... then I met a loooot of my guides and I have a feeling there might be more but those were the ones associated closest with me...? One particularly that interests me because I'm almost positive that I've had a past life (something I've always just kinda tossed around in my head... I didn't know if I believed or not) with him and right now I just got "lives" when I was writing life but he refuses to give me anything concrete. He only answers when I speak hypothetically and a lot of the time he just goes "Possibly..." and gives me a cheeky grin... -__- but I'm pretty sure everything I prompted was correct... I feel he's partly not suppose to talk about it and partly doesn't want to because it makes him a little sad because my eyes keep tearing up and I have a feeling I was murdered... he's decided he wants to stay around me kinda forever basically to help my other guardians protect me which I don't mind because he's Pawnee and I think he's cool-looking haha I'm just curious as to how I can find out more about my past myself...? if you know or anyone knows? also... the thing I was talking about before is starting to worry me... I think it's trying to drain me and I don't know why. I just don't know what to do anymore.
  2. youthinrevolt

    happy to be here!

    Ugh I know I feel so insane sometimes the outside confirmation is relieving and awesome you'll be one of the first I'll message for any burning questions I'm sure to have xD and Israel's the name of my mentor of sorts he's a person... did you mean my guardians are interesting? Thank you! and thanks for replying your post came at the right time... Your completely right about me not realizing my light and a series of situations keep bringing this issue to the forefront of my mind. I've been trying to incorporate positivity and strength into situations involving things of lower vibrations... and thank you it would be great to get some affirmations or prayers. I can't wait to start communicating with my guides I'm really curious as to what they want to tell me. When I tune into them it's vague because I'm not consciously familiar with their energy but I get that there's more than one of them... three I'm sure and they would like to talk to me... very much lol I'm going to start with your tactics. and I liked your perceptions regarding your past fears of rape and I wish it was something more so in regards to that but a few days back I'd just attempted to order it away and strengthen myself and give my guardians the strength to reinforce that and I was feeling pretty good about it... I thought it was really gone this time... later that night I'd been reading on my couch and I felt the back of my shirt lift and a hand slide underneath and I bolted upright... one of my guardians fought it and the others surrounded me but I was still shaken... when I spoke to my friend who's wayy more clairvoyant than I am the next day he confirmed its still following me. I'm more than a little sick of it... I want it to go away for good. >_<
  3. youthinrevolt

    happy to be here!

    thank you so much your post really resonated with me and I had a longer post planned but my iPod refreshed itself... I am however thinking about my souls purpose and it's vague and drifting a bit but I'm getting something... and I haven't met my guides yet I wish to soon though :/
  4. youthinrevolt

    happy to be here!

    hi everyone my name is Cionna and I really am truly happy to be here! I've been searching for a forum like this one for a while now. I was on another one for a bit and it felt very heavy and uncomfortable which I'm sorta surprised I picked up only from a website... this one feels nice though... well for the past few months my life has changed a lot and a lot of it hasn't even set in yet... I feel compelled to not hold back to much so I'll start with the fact that I'm clairsentient and I'm finding that probably even more so powerful at remote viewing. When I tune in its easier to see things like spirits and guardians inside my head rather than physically. Same thing with hearing, their responses come to me as thoughts a lot of the time and speaking of thoughts I've found that a lot of the things I pick up are their thoughts rather than them actually talking to me which I think is strange... to a lesser extent I'm empathic and clairvoyant which is how all this started... with me seeing things... I was scared for a long time of the dark, of black figures, the hooded demons and the paralysis. It wasn't until I met Israel who I like to consider a mentor of sorts that I began to feel stronger and a strengthening in my faith. But this world that I've been thrown into is insane... the things I know now... things I can't even talk about and the things he says I'm not ready to know... it feels like an awakening and I feel so old and so young all at the same time. Since I've found out about my abilities things want to attack me and the people around me... I helped my best friend through a possession and then experiencing first hand a minor one of sorts... its all still weird and a bit foreign to me... a demon tried to rape me... actually is still trying... thankfully my guardians are on it. Israel says they're gonna keep coming at me more and more and in larger numbers (even now I feel them crowding)... he says I'm so powerful and I don't even realize it yet... Considering how fast I'm progressing it makes me wonder sometimes if I'm really AS powerful as he makes it seem... But I'm young and I just want to meet more people like myself and maybe further my gifts with other psychics (Israel's a prophet and busy a lot of the time). I can't wait to jump in and get my feet even wetter lol and if anyone has any tips on how to protect myself against that demon it would be much appreciated. He's one of those slinky, slimy looking ones. Idk why he wants to rape me... I thought it was for my energy at first akin to 'orang minyak' but it seems to enjoy touching me whenever it can slip past my guardians and I don't appreciate that at all... I can feel he considers this personal now since he fought one of my guardians... he likes pissing him off...