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    Thank you guys for all the help, its much appreciated. Is there any way I can learn to notice the difference in my thoughts and perhaps others I'm picking up on?
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    Thank you^^ And no, no one had really said anything that would trigger my mind to go to the though of a school shooting. Nor was I thinking about anything similar. I hadn't considered clairsentience, but I cant see why not (:
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    (Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I didn't know where else to put it.) Yesterday (December 14th) I was sitting in class, I believe it was around early noon, and I got a random thought about school shootings. Nothing had triggered this thought, everyone in class was quiet and we were all busy writing an essay. I spend around 10 minutes deep in thought about it. Later in the day I hear about the school shootings in Connecticut, and I was surprised that I had been thinking about it earlier. I'm wondering if this might be Clairaudience? Similar experiences have happened where I've gotten random thoughts or ideas about something that happens or I hear about later. Also, this thought happened after the shootings, before I had heard about it. And if it matters, I'm pretty close to NewTown. Thanks!
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    Thank you both for welcoming me and answering my question, its much appreciated (:
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    Hi, I'm glad I found this forum; I've been reading a lot about developing psychic abilities in books and online, and i find the topic very interesting. I would love to meet others that share my interests, and this seems like a very friendly and inviting community. And I have been wondering, I'm not completely sure if you can predict in your dreams? I've found that lately my dreams have been accurate about future events in the day after. Thanks^^