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    Life! Specifically art (I do oil paintings and other media), music, sailing, writing, food, and generally just soaking up life! Existence is a miracle in and of itself :)
  1. finally free

    Please help! My little Yorkie went missing!

    That's so awesome! I'm so glad to hear that! If you can, please find out if the folks who had him had a black and white cat, I'm dying to know. Again, congrats!
  2. finally free

    communicating with animals

    Hi! I am humbled and happy to offer what I can regarding communicating with animals :) First off, for me it doesn't "work" with all animals - just the ones I seem to be of interest to for some reason. For me, it's really powerful with spiders and insects, then after that small mammals. Large animals often don't pay a bit of attention to me. Ok then: I believe it's how you open your mind up to them. I do not and have never viewed animals as beneath me as lifeforms. To me all life is truly equal. I have a theory based on nothing but personal intuition that size does not matter at all regarding intelligence in lifeforms. I truly know (how, I have no idea) that even the smallest lifeforms have thoughts, personalities and all of the same emotions (well, it's a bit more complicated, but I am simplifying a bit for ease of conveying understanding of what I know) that all life feels and experiences everyday. What has always come natural to me, and what seems to keep me sharp with the animals that I communicate with is to interact with them at least once a day. For me it typically involves "catch and release" of the little critters. They come to me at all hours of the day and night to talk, so I have this opportunity very often. What I do each time is either let them be (no glass and paper plate), or catch them (glass and paper plate) - and either bring them up to eye level (the less bitey ones if no glass/plate), or bend down to their level, and I simply talk to them. I might ask them "how you doing today?" - and then I wait in my mind for their reply, same as I would if I were having a conversation with a human. I will often offer them words of advice "be careful, you must watch out for larger animals who might step on you", other times I'll relay something about my day and how it's going, stuff like that. I always send them a visual representation of what I am saying as well (mental pictures). Much of the time I am not in the mood or specifically "listening", and they might send me an image or "thank you" and we part ways, both a bit happier for the peaceful interaction and cross species communication. Sometimes though, they have something to actually say, and often in these instances I can sense the need for them to tell me something and I pay closer attention. The key for me (often) is to make a point of looking into their little eyes and giving them my full mental attention. The things I hear and pictures I see are sometimes hard to get, as their little minds work in really different ways. Keep in mind they are not human, and sometimes it's a strain on both of us to bridge the communication gap when it's important to do so. Also, evolution has made them very wary of the top of the food chain (us), and it may take you awhile to gain their trust. I have been listening to them for years, I believe they know this and it makes a difference. Kill nothing if you can help it, this seems to be of great importance to them opening up to you. I don't know if that makes any sense to you, but it's how I can best explain it. If you can learn to understand that animals are truly sentient and do really have thoughts and are "there", you might be able to communicate with them. I've been at it for so long in this manner that they "know" that I am of absolutely no harm to them (never kill anything on purpose, ever), and they take the liberty - much to my consternation much of the time lol, to make themselves right at home in my mind and my environment. Just open up truly and listen. Forget what you know about animals and just become a safe being that they know will take them seriously and respect, and see what happens. :) The other thing they do with me is come to me in my sleep, or near sleep. This is often the most powerful communication but I feel (for me) it's limited to spiders and insects MOST of the time (but not all of the time). I think this is the most profound way I communicate with them, but it can be a whole other level of communication that I think might be different than what you want to do. With spiders, this isn't always the most pleasant experience as their lives are inherently more visceral than ours, and this bleeds through I think. Birds often come to me this way and they are the best of the spectrum as far as being able to relate. If you ever begin to feel as though you have a grasp on any animals mind (like the way birds have "split" brains, they seem to think as two separate beings in one head - I realize this probably makes no sense to you but what I'm saying is that animals, while sentient, think differently), don't push it away but rather let it in and remember it. It really helps to understand this about non humans. If you have a certain insect or animal that you are trying to communicate with and want to share, please feel free to let me know what it is and if I have any experience with that species I'd be happy to share what I know about specific personality/mindset/thought "quirks" of that being. Hope that helps!
  3. finally free

    Hi everyone, new here

    Post deleted, sorry. I guess I can't discuss what's happening to me publicly right now. I think I am on my own on this one.
  4. finally free

    Hi everyone, new here

    Sorry! My bad :wub: I'll repost in the appropriate section sometime after 15 post (hopefully decent ones at that). I do appreciate the responses and insight so far, and I do look forward to any help and insight offered in the future. Thanks for dealing with my noobness so far! :)
  5. finally free

    Hi everyone, new here

    Good advice and insight, thanks! You're right about both feelings coming from my posts. I feel like I am in a very heightened state of reception right now (why? I have no idea). The other place has faded at this point, but I am experiencing a lot of unsettling dreams (not all are bad, but many are). *post edited, I felt uncomfortable with some of it being out there. I apologize for the edit.
  6. finally free

    Hi everyone, new here

    Thanks! :) I'm happy to be here. My wife and myself are both really feeling and seeing things clearly, psychically speaking, at this point in time. Leaving where we were has opened us up to a reality that we were living that we didn't really realize during the time, it's been like coming out of a fog. I do look forward to discussing these things further, every night since we left (not even a month ago yet) we have talked and turned over so many occurrences and oddities that we experienced, it's pretty overwhelming still. I feel like I will, at some point soon, like to talk about "the main event" that prompted me to register here to talk about it. I think I need to talk about it. I am still a bit hesitant, but the fear of that thing still having any power over us is clearly subsiding. It's trapped on that land, and it's also drained of its energy at this point (it "discharged" everything it could when what happened happened to us). I believe it will need to find new people to feed on for a while before it comes back to what it once was. Please offer any insight as to whether what I am speculating on has any ring of truth to it - we both are novices when it comes to the ins and outs of the psychic/supernatural. I am basing everything I say on my instincts and not accepted practices or beliefs. C
  7. finally free

    Hi everyone, new here

    This thing from our old house lives there, half out and half in the house, and it's trapped there I feel. I always felt this about it. It wasn't with me before we lived there, and it isn't with me anymore (I strongly feel this). I think it can't leave a certain boundary and it's really pissed about that (has been for a very long time I think). Without getting into details, this thing made it's last gasp attempt to keep me before I left forever. It failed. You're right on about the violent though, it already got violent on us. Yes though, staring at me on a knick knack shelf as I type this is a gold pocket watch that was my great grandfathers. I don't know it's or his history, but it is engraved on the back from my great grandmother to my GG. I don't know if this matters in what you see, but we surround ourselves with really powerful objects and you might be picking up static from them. I don't know this, but I should mention it as our love of art objects has led us to collect some pretty potent stuff over the years.
  8. finally free

    Hi everyone, new here

    Well, your water insight is spot on - I couldn't really begin to tell you the entire scope of what water means in our lives, but it is major factor in so many areas. I grew up as a surfer, water defines me. We have moved onto a peninsula (to answer that question). The vast majority of my artwork are ocean seascapes, I painted countless open seas in that house, and I love and need to be surrounded by my own paintings within our home. Regarding water further - the new place we live now had a fairly major issue that began yesterday, a problem with improperly installed drainage has led to today being filled with an entire day of the plumber and myself (as well as another person) digging up a major junction point to make repairs. Regarding whether or not we're psychic, I don't know how to properly define that term so I will just tell you about what things are like for my wife and myself in that arena. I have certain abilities that are clearly beyond the scope of most people I encounter. A very big "talent" I have is animal communication. Not all animals, just certain ones. Most powerfully ( and in order) - bugs and spiders. With these little guys I can almost hear their thoughts and sometimes I think I actually do, and I know they can certainly hear mine. Spiders scare the crap out of me, but they rarely bite me. Large ones never do, and small ones sometimes do but I think it's when I am unaware that they are on me and I scare them somehow. They send me some really scary visions and dreams (as well as some really neat ones). They get at my mind the most when I am almost asleep. Bugs (all types, but especially crickets, ants and butterflies) can't get enough of me, but not in the usual manner - they just like to be on or near me, and just "be". We both have always had a strict no kill policy for all life (just catch and release), and I know that they know this and appreciate it greatly. I love to talk to them all, and I do every single day at some point or other. Next in line are the birds. Birds and myself get along extremely well. I understand their interesting little minds very well. They like to watch me and I like to watch them. Large animals (cows, horses etc) don't even know I exist. It's funny, I do service calls that take me into peoples homes for my occupation, and I can't count how many times owners have freaked out because their supposed "watch" dog didn't bark at me and instead came right to me to meet me and make friends. Always one of my favorite things! I get visions and fairly intense dreams often, mostly stuff that I let disappear quickly after waking up - unless it's something that feels like I should hold on to, then I do. My wife used to be highly psychic, but she lost it in that house. The thing living on that land hated her and wanted me, and it drained her over the years to the point of exhaustion. It's been less than a month out, but her power seems to be re asserting itself. We both feel so much better now, it's really great. She used to be able to often predict outcomes in the near future, and she was very sensitive to others like I am. I believe she will get there again as time passes. I believe that my wifes soul hasn't existed anywhere near as long as mine. I believe I have been around for a very long time. It's just how I feel and I have no basis for this other than what I just said. Our "belief" in our abilities has fluctuated over the years from total belief in the uncanny stuff we sometimes encounter, to benign disregard and that feeling like "it's all just a coincidence". This last event that happened to us has wiped clean any doubt for both of us forever though, She and I will never again begin to let it "fade" as normal life drones on. We experienced something very hardcore this month, it was just too much to deny. I wish I felt it safe to talk about it (the details), aside from the sheer terror of it, it's simply amazing that we experienced what we just did.
  9. finally free

    Hi everyone, new here

    Well, I registered because of something that my wife and myself very recently experienced, and in my first post I did a really long and detailed explanation and description, and then edited it out because I am unsure about whether or not it's wise to speak it out loud. Do you or anyone else have any insight as to the wisdom or stupidity of telling something very "heavy" regarding supernatural experiences? We are finally free (as my handle says) of a very powerful place where "something" dwelled, and the last thing I want to do is create a situation where I again have to deal with this entity or energy. We moved 20+ miles from where it is, and I can say with certainty that where we are now is pretty much inert, preternaturally speaking. It's our first time in six years where we feel normal again. Can a really intense and scary story be told very soon after an event? Would I be in danger (again) from this thing even though I am away from it now, if I speak about what happened? I should note that I am almost 100% certain this thing is trapped on the land it inhabits and in parts of the house (when it came indoors anyway). As long as we lived there, it was fenced in. Never did I experience this thing away from the house, and it certainly didn't follow the last occupants (but they may have not spoken of it either, so...) ? (thanks in advance for any help or insight! :) )
  10. finally free

    Hi everyone, new here

    Hi everyone, new here! :)