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  1. Lilly

    stomach troubles

    I see this was posted September 2nd ,how are you feeling now?
  2. Lilly

    Lilly's Journal

    I just thought I would share my experience yesterday. I think it was absolutely beautiful! We were on our way to a wedding and I knew we had to go on the interstate and it was around six o'clock with the ceremony starting at eight (late for a wedding,I know). Anyway,it starts pouring down raining,I mean we couldn't see anything in front of us! So,I figured we needed some protection,I started putting up a Reiki sphere of protection and I asked that my crystal send this circle of protection along our entire path. I let the energy flow until it was finished and when I opened my eyes the rain had just stopped! I couldn't believe it,it was just pouring down rain so hard! I didn't even ask that it stop raining. I just wanted to know we were protected! Then,when we were on the bridge it started to drizzle,I let that go because I figured it wouldn't hurt anything. Then,it started to rain harder,so I added another round of Reiki and I asked that my guides and angels be with us and that a divine white light of protection cover our path and protect us and everyone else on our path for the next 24 hours. It stopped again! You should have saw the clouds how some were so dark and the water below looked almost black and was choppy! However,where we were going it looked like something had just pushed all the dark clouds behind us! Almost like it was paving the way for us,it was just so beautiful,I could hardly believe what was happening!! Then,it occurred to me that we were going to a wedding and I certainly didn't want it to rain on the Bride's wonderful night! I asked my guides if there was anything I could do. They told me I could do an energy spell. I said okay (all of this telepathically,of course). They told me to visualize where we were going and to visualize it sunny and beautiful and see all the people there happy,to feel the heat just sense it and picture it the best I could. When I was done,send it with my energy into the universe. I did the energy spell and by that point I was pretty drained! However,I am happy to announce that it did not rain on her ceremony,I do not know if it rained while we were inside,but she had a beautiful ceremony with NO rain!! I am also happy to report that there were no accidents that I saw along the route and we got home all safe and sound! It was absolutely beautiful and I am so thankful for the experience!! PS, VW,I want to thank you! If it were not for you I would never have experienced the wonderful energy that is Reiki! Thank you so much!
  3. Lilly

    When will I have the baby?

  4. Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I've been here,but I just didn't really have anything new to contribute. I have also been going through a good bit in my own life. Anyway,something strange happened to me today that has never happened before. I saw a watch (just the face,no band) on a table. It called out to me. I tried to ignore it,but I just felt like it wanted me to have it. I knew it was up for grabs because anytime something is sitting on the table at my Grandma's apartment anyone is welcome to take it. I went ahead and picked it up and put it in my pocket. When I got to her apartment,I looked at it and it was broken. It didn't work at all and like I said,it had no band just the face. I have no idea why it called out to me. Has anyone else ever had a similar experience?
  5. Lilly

    In pain

    It's easing up. I just landed wrong. I just pulled a muscle in my bottom lol. I talked to my friend whose a Nurse. I'm okay.
  6. Lilly

    Did my love spell cause this?

    I have heard you should never do love spells,they always go wrong.
  7. Lilly

    In pain

    No,but I imagine it's telling me not to jump off the last stair again because I am not a child anymore lol. I have started working out again and my energy is returning,so I just decided to jump off the last stair and onto the ground. That's when I got the pain.
  8. Lilly

    In pain

    I am in pain. I pulled a muscle and I try to send myself Reiki,but all I can think about is the soreness from the pulled muscle. Please send healing energy. Thanks in advance.
  9. Lilly

    my dad

    Oh,okay. Well,do we have his permission?
  10. Lilly

    my dad

    Hmm,this,I believe,would be a grey area.. We need your Dad's permission,but the Dementia prevents him from giving that to us. Who is the person that makes medical decisions for him now? I think,we would go to them and get their permission.
  11. Lilly

    Dreaming of spider webs and bugs

    Among other weird things last night I had a dream that when I stepped into my room there were spider webs all over the ceiling in my room. Then,a spider or two were coming down from the webs. I was doing everything I could to keep from walking into them or getting a spider on me or have some other bug get on me. Since there were also dragon flies,and other insects on the floor. Then,the inevitable happened,I walked into a spider web,and I kept walking trying to get it off me and got some bug in my hair. Then,my dream did something odd...it went to a picture of me washing my hair in the shower,but the shower turned into me standing in my room with my head down and water pouring from the ceiling. Then,when I stood back up another bug was on my shirt and I was trying to get it off. That's when I woke up. Strange,strange,strange. My dreams must be having a competition with each other on who can be the weirdest.
  12. Lilly

    Dreaming of meeting a celebrity

    Last night I had a dream that I was at a party and I met Sara Bareilles. I ran over to her as fast as I could! I made it over to her and I said,"Sara Bareilles,I am huge fan!". She gave me a big hug and asked for my number. I gave it to her and she walked away. That was probably the best dream I have ever had lol. I don't know what it means,but it's one of the dreams I will not forget. I love Sara's music,she is awesome!
  13. Lilly

    Feeling the Physical

    When you are an Empath you can feel either or both physical and emotional. If it becomes to overwhelming for you,ground and shield yourself.
  14. I know I had tried meditating two days in a row at about 8pm. Maybe I should keep doing that. I just get frustrated when my mind won't be quiet and let me practice. I mean it really acts up. It plays songs and no matter what I do the song won't stop. It refuses to let me visualize what I want to. It gets unbelievably frustrating!
  15. I was watching "Ninja Warrior" and one of the competitors was just flying through the course. I mentally said " He's gonna make it". Well,the guy gets to the red rolling balls part of the course and this little voice in my head says," This is where he is going to fall". I mentally said," No way." I mean this guy was flying through this course,I couldn't believe something that simple would take him down. Sure,enough he slipped,got stuck in the rope for a minute,then,his feet landed in the water,the buzzer sounded and the rest of him followed his feet. I was amazed and had to come write about it. I know it's nothing big or some amazing revelation,but I haven't had any messages like that lately. And the voices are so easy to shrug off. It comes out of nowhere and say things that you wouldn't think would happen. Do any of you get pieces of information you don't ask for?