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  1. Brightside


    Hello everybody, I have not posted in many years. Since the last post, I was married, I have a son, I now live overseaa, and life has gone onwards and upwards God bless And always look on the brightside
  2. Brightside

    Hello all

    I joined this forum, frightened, unsure, uncertain but hopeful. It transform my understanding, vision, and help guide me on this wonderful journey of life. I'm certain you will fit in perfectly.
  3. Brightside

    I'm not good at this..

    The best thing I ever did was joining this forum. It certainly helped me through a time of spiritual discovery and understanding. Welcome.
  4. Thank for the good read. I enjoyed that. Whatever people do, I just hope they try to be a good person, and they look after themselves, to live a long healthy life.
  5. Brightside

    Dying in Dreams

    I don't believe you can die by dieing in your dream. It's hard to not feel a sense of fear, sometimes thats the intention of the dream if there is a message behind it. I still get a little shaken up by dieing in my dreams but it really depends on what missing person is visiting me. If they were feeling fear, I feel their fear....
  6. Brightside

    Seeing sparks...

    Thanks Angel... Brings back some memories. So....I think we all can see them, you don't have to be psychic, you just have to know how to 'see' them. If you ever board a plane in the future and have a window seat and its during the daylight hours, look out the window into the blue skies for perfect vision of this... Another good thing to try, when you go to bed, before sleeping, lights off, close you eyes but don't close them too tight, like a loose closing of the eyes... then practise looking at the back of your eye lids. Hopefully you can see what I see, it should look like this bright explosion of white light that then fades away... It may take a little while to get it to happen but keep trying... It's wonderful... Also, if you wake during the night, stare directly up onto the ceiling, those little white sparks will hopefully look like a kaleidoscope on the ceiling...
  7. Brightside


    That makes plenty of sense, I have some crowns and I have had some crack, lucky i had a dentist at the time that would fit me in straight away to fix them so it wasnt as unpleasant as it could be. I would dream about those things because like you I was worried but I don't dream any more about them because I always have it in my mind to be careful whenever I eat something. Spirit don't need to do the reminding, they done such a great job at it, Im super aware.
  8. Brightside


    I have said before, feel what your dream is about but, i have had a few dreams about my teeth and usually it is about my teeth... I would say to you to go to a dentist for a check up.... OR ... are you doing something that may affect your teeth? .... either way be very careful....
  9. I actually believe they don't 'see' at all... it's all about our mind... the energy is linked to our mind to 'see' what is going on in all of us.... I believe they can tell what is going on 'after'... its just some things are more important than other things... I don't think there are too many boundaries they can't reach... I will say this, to get people (family/friends) to believe what Im 'about' to tell them (something happening in their lives 'right now' or something that potentially may unfold in the 'future'), I ask for something I don't know to tell them, which always comes from a past event...
  10. Brightside

    So I started seeing a psychiatrist.

    You know when I first read what you had to say, i had an uneasy feeling, that hasn't gone away.... anyone, who wants to talk about lotteries & put it into a spiritual conversation isnt quite with the program....... let me just say, i am not sure what the program is but it isnt about lottery or money or anything as artificial/superficial as that... just look after yourself & be a good person..... thats all I will say to you... god bless...
  11. Brightside

    So I started seeing a psychiatrist.

    It's all about helping... 1 - You help yourself (without being truely happy, you can't help anyone) 2 - Help your family 3 - Help others People will think what they want to think, what is important is what you think........
  12. Brightside

    Traveling "Spirit"

    Not a problem..... So.... I helped her out & along the way told her what had happened the previous night, what I saw, what I heard, what I believed to be true.... she looked at me quite surprised & said "you know way too much about me but you're right I have had it very tough the last 12 months!"...
  13. Brightside

    Traveling "Spirit"

    If you get a good feeling from him then thats not a bad thing..... back onto 'travelling spirit', last night i was having this dream, I was in a house, the fridge was empty bar a mouldy something, not sure what it was, there was a real emptiness about the house.... when I awoke, a spirit said to me "I just wanted to show you what it has been like for me, it has been hard"... This spirit was a girl I know, I have not been happy with her, I just feel she is letting herself down big time, tomorrow I have to help her with something & I was going to tell her 'some home truths'.... but I think her visiting spirit knowing this & probably feeling this may overwhelm her, decided to visit & get me to show some extra compassion by showing me this part of her life....
  14. Brightside

    Traveling "Spirit"

    Thanks for clearing that up Chiili. btw I don't think this is twin flames. This is a guy who has psychic skills, doing a bit of spiritual stalking!
  15. Brightside

    Traveling "Spirit"

    Yes, thats what I am saying too, the person in spirit.... I strongly believe in that but I don't think he's telling the whole truth.... What is it that connects them? What is his interest in her? btw, My best work is done between the hours of midnight & 5am.... lol If he is spiritually adept, he will understand that you can "pull people closer to you".... "come closer, push closer, pull closer"....