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  1. paradroid

    My furry family :

    So guys .. this is nerdy of me but I felt like being a proud 'mom' ;) and I wanted to share pics of my furry family! (I smooshed my hand in the garage door so I am bored at home and on the forums, lol) I'd love it for everyone to post pics here to this thread as well, I'd love to see everyone's cute furbabies! This is Twiggy, she's my Coonhound/Basset and my oldest. She thinks she's a kitty though and sleeps on the couch like this... This is Twigs and her new little brother! They are inseperable. He's a Basset/lab, so basically a low rider Lab:lol: Oh and temporary guests .... 4 boy pups that I am fostering from the shelter I work at. John, George, Paul & Ringo B)
  2. paradroid

    Meditation and little orbs/flashes of light

    From what I've been told, these are angels. I've heard that they can appear this way when being called on. I've always wanted to experience this. B) Sounds really beautiful. I've heard of this happening many times
  3. paradroid


    Welcome Adrian :D
  4. paradroid

    awakening clairvoyance

    I have been working on identifying what gifts I may or may not have - and honestly I believed that clairvoyance was at the bottom of my list. I didn't think I had it all or if I did not very much. Anyways while meditating and now listening to binaural beats MP3 I am watching it awaken very strongly and I am receiving vivid images - but the things I am receiving don't make sense to me. I am not understanding why I am seeing the random things I am being sent - how have your experiences been with clairvoyance? How did you begin to interpret your images?
  5. paradroid

    Dead Dog Walking!

    Wow - that's kind of adorable that her deceased dog plays with her current dog. Hehe - that would be so cute to me. Village Witch - my youngest pup was doing this as well the other night, actually it was when I was trying to go to sleep after listening to binaural beats for the first time. He was doing little yips here and there and being playful but my other dog was passed out cold. It kind of freaked me out because I knew he could sense something that I wasn't, and I am new to my journey in expanding my intuitive awareness. I did have to take a break for a couple of weeks before this because I was scared. I feel safer and more confident now and I didn't feel like there was any danger when this happened- except it was making me cranky because I wanted to sleep! Interesting, though - I wonder who he was playing with!
  6. I feel like animals - any kind - are especially perceptive and intuitive. They seem to be able to pick up on energies much more easily than people can. It's always fascinated me
  7. paradroid

    Connection with animals?

    Absolutely - so much that I made a career out of it! :woofpup:
  8. I'm interested to see any input on this as well - sorry I have nothing to add but I've felt that myself often. I've been single longer than I ever have before and the men that have come into my life are unavailable. Best advice I have is to focus on yourself - pamper yourself, do things for you. Be selfish while you still can! ;)
  9. paradroid

    communicating with animals

    Have you ever chatted with dogs or cats? I work in an animal shelter and it would be so awesome to hear all the different stories. But incredibly sad as well, on the other hand I don't know if I could handle all of that. Working there is hard enough as it is... I've always wanted to chat with my dog, though. We would have silly conversations. :lol:
  10. paradroid

    Getting over an unrequited love

    I really feel for you... almost the exact same thing has happened to me. He's not married but is committed and definitely not in a position to change his life path. It is comforting at least to know I'm not alone. The best advice I can give is to let go knowing that it will only cause pain, for both of you.. move on knowing you're both better off and take care of you so that you can open your heart to meeting the right person, who IS ready for you, and you'll be ready when they come along. :)
  11. I get these tingling feelings sometimes when I am thinking of something or learning something new about spiritual awakening. I read somewhere that spirit guides will often 'buzz' you and do things like that. I usually get it on my head, sometimes in my arm or leg. anyone else get these? from what I understand this can be a form of clairsentience. Do your spirit guides 'buzz' you in other ways? I am just now getting better re-acquainted with mine :dance: it's comforting to know they're able to make their presence known in different ways
  12. paradroid

    Earth Angels?

    OMG, I know I am slow to catch on to this thread but my heart absolutely stopped whenever I read this - I was reading this when recurring numbers was being mentioned so I tried googling mine - to no avail - but mine are 747 as well! EVERY time! :blink:
  13. paradroid

    Abducted by spirit in dream?

    I had a strange dream last night where I was at a strange house and then abducted into another world by a spirit - where my physical body goes 'missing' in the real world. there was another girl with me (and at one time she become momentarily possessed and bit me) and we were in a sense teleported to a house, and there were people that were designated to keep an eye on us. these people look like normal people - everything looked normal in fact, but always dark. we weren't confined to the house though, and at one point we were out with a group of friends of mine and I ran into a friend who I had a vision had the same thing happen to him before. so I asked him for help, and he whispered to me a way to break free - something cryptic about squeezing rib cages- it was weird. the last thing I remember was being on the phone with him, and he was asking me about my progress in escaping - I was lying in my bed on the phone with him, and closed my eyes and then awoke in my dream in my own bed, in my real room - with my dogs lying on me exactly the way they were when I actually awoke a minute later. i've only just recently begun working with my intuitive side so to speak. does this alarm anyone? I awoke not afraid but very uncomfortable
  14. paradroid

    communicating with animals

    I have heard of people who can talk with animals. I would personally love to have that ability - it would help me so greatly in my line of work! I did come across a pretty neat interview with Jeanne Miller on Anna Conlan's website
  15. paradroid

    Intro to Forum

    Hello everybody! My name is Liz - I'm new on the boards and I've recently been exploring my capabilities and I'm excited to be learning a lot of new things I never knew I could learn about. This whole experience of expanding my mind and opening up is giving me a renewed insight on life- I am working on connecting with my Higher Self, Spirit guides and Angels and these are the only sources I intend to connect with and receive insight from - in an effort to better myself and guide me, and of course to be more in touch with who I am. ^_^ Nice to meet you all!