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  1. MNS25

    Question about Tarot?

    Hmmmm....okay, thank you for answering! :)
  2. MNS25

    My mom

    Thank you all so much!
  3. MNS25

    Question about Tarot?

    What all is a tarot reading able to tell you? I'm curious.
  4. MNS25

    Hello :)

    Thank you both! :) I'm enjoying this very much! I love it here already! :)
  5. MNS25

    John 15:13

    "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." I absolutely love this....it's very true.
  6. MNS25

    This is the place for titles

    I'm so happy for you! God will take care of you both, no doubt about that! Many Blessings!
  7. MNS25

    Who reads their horoscope?

    I read mine! Sometimes it's very accurate and other times it's just completely wrong.
  8. MNS25

    Are you a typical...?

    I'm a typical Aquarius... I have VERY firm views which I'm sure turns into stubborness......or that is what people have told me! LOL
  9. MNS25

    Which animal totem is yours?

    This is what I got and thanks for sharing this! Very cool! :) "Your soul is bound to the First Totem, Ares: The Dove. Ares appears as a pearl dove. She embodies love, peace, balance, and devotion. She is associated with the color pearl, the season of transition, and the element of love. Her downfall is idolization. You are most compatible with Wolves and White Stags."
  10. MNS25

    allergies have me sick

    Awh, sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! Sending prayers your way! Hope you feel better hun!
  11. MNS25

    My mom

    Hey guys, lately my mother has been under a lot of stress and has been worrying non stop almost...I know this is not healthy for her. Not too long ago, my mom and I went to a psychic and the reading was for me...I asked about my health and she told me some stuff and she said it was hard for her to focus because of my mom and she told her she needs to learn release all that build of stress and just everything or it could end up hurting her...it worries me because I know she is very stressed..I wish I could help her...but all I can really do is pray for her. Please help me, help her and send prayers her way. Thank you all so much! Many blessings, Meg.
  12. MNS25

    Hello :)

    Hey everybody! I'm new to the forum and very excited to get know you all. Hoping to make some new friends, so don't be shy! Hope you all have a very nice day! -Meg :)