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    Getting my first deck!

    Thanks for the reply! I received my deck in the mail early this morning, and as you said, I looked at each of them carefully. I've established a pretty decent connection with them and I've developed my own interpretations for them. Now I just have to practice working with them!
  2. sworm09

    Getting my first deck!

    Hi, recently I ordered the Rider-Waite deck online and it should arrive at my house tomorrow. I'm extremely excited to have my own deck after practicing with Tarot software online. I felt that having the actual cards in my hands would be more potent. You see, the reason I stumbled upon Tarot is that I am an extremely intuitive person. I've always been mesmerized by symbols of all kinds as that is how I think my intuition attempts to communicate with me. That is how I was drawn to the Tarot. I can stare at a card for hours and find a new, insightful meaning each and every minute. I went off subject big time here...but when I get my first deck..what exactly should I do with them? How do I form the connection that so many readers discuss when talking about getting a new deck? Rather, do I have to "program" them or "put my energy" onto them? Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi! Recently, I've become more aware of my natural psychic abilities. I'm very sensitive to the energies of others and the energies of my environment. I can even see energy moving about in the air. I turned to the internet to learn how to apply and develop this ability. I've been trying to learn to see auras, and I've been practicing by learning to see my own. I'm making pretty decent progress, it's just a little difficult to keep it visible for long because of well....blinking. I think that I may start meditating for at least 10 minutes every day, would that help out in developing my abilities? Also, along with learning to see auras, what other generally simple skills should I learn?
  4. sworm09


    Hi, I'm new here and I'm happy to be here! I came to this forum after coming to accept the possibility that I may be clairsentient or an empath. Either way, I have absolutely no control over this ability and I usually end up feeling beat up after feeling all of the energies in the various environments that I move around each day. My family has a history of psychic ability: my mother is slightly clairvoyant with sporadic moments of prophetic ability, my grandmother was a prophetic clairvoyant(and had control of it), and my great-grandmother was clairsentient and could easily sense the deeper traits of other people. I'm hoping to gain a bit of insight into my uncontrolled trait through exploring this forum. Once again, I'm happy to be here!