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  1. Hi, i am a 22 year old woman who has been told a few times that i am a developing clairvoyant and i am just wondering what this is and what it means.? I can look at someones face and see what is in store for them amd thier families.? And when i close my eyes at night peoples faces pop up and try give mes messages. Thank you
  2. stephie-woo

    i can see peoples future's

    Hi :) not to sure what "clear seeing is" and precognitive is.? All these things i see and can do is confusing to me and its hard to find someone to talk to who truly understands what i see without laughing at me and thinking i am a nutcase. I just want to improve my skills and to be honest i quiet enjoy looking into peoples futures and seeing what they cannot. But when i see a death prediction that one isnt good.
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    hello :)

    Hello. My name is stephanie ward (22) and i am new on this site and new to the psycic world. People say i have a wonderful of gift which i have now learnt is called clairvoyance and i see ghosts and can predict peoples deaths. I wanted to join this site so i could talk to people that are more like me and hopefully get some advice and guidance on my skills/gifts. Thank you for reading and feel free to offer guidance and advice.
  4. Hi. I am new on here and i have been searching for an answer to what people call a great gift. It all started a good year ago when i predicted the death of my nan. And ever since when i look at people and concerntrate hard enough i can see images which will relate to thier future either good or bad. I am unsure what you would call what i experience and i need help in figuring out how to develop my skills and understand this skill. Some people i cant read to well and others i can read them like a book. Help please.!!