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    I did a reading for someone else..

    Ah yes, I can't say I have had that experience with cards. Though, I can say that I would imagine that it would be difficult. I have attempted a reading on a romantic interest by other means. The fact that you went into a trance like state is a positive sign, from my own experience. I think when our "energy" interferes is when we let our reason into the reading. Colouring the reading with judgement. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, I hope someone else can answer this.
  2. caramel2009

    Five basic soul levels

    lol was interesting reading this. I always wondered what "soul age" I am. In my younger years- which is now actually, being 18- well when I was freshly 17 I felt that the mature soul fitted me. But as time has gone past and I have grown into my authentic self, I feel old. Reading this was actually a beautiful experience, I had stumbled across it last year on another site. But stumbling across it now is something else, and I thank you. I have always felt connected to another life. I felt like I didn't exactly belong here when I entered my teen years- as odd as that is. I guess I used to fit into the mature soul description because I was actually viewed as possibly having psychosis or post traumatic stress with a vivid imagination for the things I used to speak of when I was a lot younger. They proved nothing in the end, thankfully lol! Anyway, back on track. I always felt connected to another life, I always felt like I forgot another place and that this life was like a dream- or an extension of the life I had before. I used to write a fiction book that was based on what I felt within in my "crazy days" as I like to call them- I would write of being from not exactly another time but another place and that there was a fall and what not and I came to Earth with a twin. Not birth twins, just twins in another place not on this realm lol. Anyway, we forgot each other and "home" and blah blah, the book went on and we were sent to bring balance back to the world. Sounds crazy I know. I still struggle with this as I met a soul on this plane who awakened me to myself and I did start researching this twin flame thing by chance and it did resonate with my experience with him, but sounds a bit far fetched don't ya think. I believe in Twin flames and all that coming to Earth to assist, yes. But I think, really? Me? It's not the label that's hard to accept. It's more what accompanies it. Yes, I know...there are still certain beliefs imprinted in me that I believe without believing ;) makes no sense. I went so off topic, but there was a point. I have found home again- even though I'm not there, I'm connected to it and I feel it. I wanted to thank you for this post and the reminder it had in the very last sentence! Made me very sentimental. I always had trouble trying to explain what it was I felt about longing for a place I couldn't remember in my mind but could only feel in my heart. Reading this, I realised it was sentiment. You feel the beauty of home, you feel all it's love and that very thing that makes your heart happy can make it very sad indeed! But I think I can hold off a little on returning, I have to much to do lol! No, I don't fear death. I used to be afraid of a painful death. Yet now as I grow older, I think to myself "A moment of pain in the midst of eternity". I somewhat welcome death. Not now of course, as I stated- I can hold off! I have too many things to do, a purpose, and I would leave with many regrets. But when the time comes, it comes so let it be. As for religion. I was drawn into paganism, I still am appreciative of it and I do believe in paganism. Anything from the older times, I gravitate towards. But do I consider it my religion? Well, to others my beliefs would fall under the pagan banner but I simply say spiritual. I follow my own heart now, labels only limit. I was a "seeker of truth" when I first dove into my spirituality. I was obsessive. But now, I realise that seeking the ultimate truth is also limiting- no, that doesn't mean foolish. To seek the truth is a wise choice, actually. It is a stepping stone in one's development. And so, I don't seek the ultimate truth. Well, actually maybe I do. I seek the self, become the self, in order to reach that truth..but it's "my" truth and not "the" truth which is where I was getting at. I like to call my religion/outlook "Possiblism" haha. The world is full of possibilities, beyond the veil are many possibilities. How would we ever possibly find the "ultimate truth" when we are influenced by physical experiences. "God" might not be a man in the sky, or many women and men in the sky, planets in the sky or even an energy in the sky. "God" could be a whole other type of existence or non-existence completely but we wouldn't be able to comprehend it with our human perception. I personally believe in the "Source" energy or home as I call it which literally feels like love. I believe that the Earth is a kingdom of it's own, as I say...a life long forgotten...mother nature or Goddess as they call it. I believe in the universe. And all the other spiritual stuff like spirit guides, animal totems, etc. But ultimately, I know nothing and I can preach nothing. These are my own feelings and experiences and others will surely differ or agree. Life is perspective. Which brings me to when it stated that "these are wise souls". I pondered the meaning wise once and how sometimes I feel wise or am called wise. But then here's a question for everyone to ponder. What is wisdom? How does one define wisdom? Does wisdom truly exist? Surely, wisdom exists. But I thought to myself- wisdom is also simply perspective. What is wise to one isn't wise to another. You take for example one man who has travelled half way down a road that another man has already conquered/mastered and that man would look to the master with just enough knowledge gained from that path and he would say "This man (master) is wise". But then you take that master...say a mature soul...you put the mature master on the path of a younger soul, would there then be conflict between the two perspectives? What would be considered wise, the words from the young soul or the mature soul? Why? If you were to hear the conversation between the two, who's words would you resonate with and why? From simply writing this, I have come to the conclusion just now of what wisdom is. I think that maybe (there is a possibility) that we are all wise in our own way, on our own path and wise to those who are walking the path that we have already walked. But true wisdom in my opinion, is the one who can be put in front of all men from all different path "types" and instead of the encounter being a battle of the perspectives, of right or wrong, it would be the understanding of the perspectives. There is no right or wrong, there is only perspective. Does that make sense? I'm sorry for my rambling- it's 4:57am, the feeling of sentiment has deprived me of sleep and I am in the mood for sharing which doesn't happen all too often. I wonder how many, if any, are gonna read this! I felt compelled to write all that. No, I'm not implying that I'm an old soul. Yes, I feel a lot older and sometimes out of place. I resonate with what was written about old souls, but does that mean I'm one? Not necessarily. For all I know, I could simply be walking an older path. Or I could be a mature soul who has somehow fallen into psychosis and my world is dellusional. No offense to those who suffer from mental illness- it is no joke i made, just a possibility that I stated. Who knows, it's allll a big possibility . I have learnt, amongst many things, that some questions don't need to be answered. Some things are satisfying if we simply allow ourselves to feel them. Sure, I'm still curious but I learnt that it is what it is. What is, will be. Though one point before I leave is the benefits of values- I just remembered now. This is part of the posibilism thing and what not. I have my own set values that I live by, that are like a religion to me. *unconditional love, love for all of existence* and...I think that's basically it. Of course, there's the values of honesty and what not. But that's basically what my religious view is. Love. I wanted to ask others, what are the personal values that you live by? Unrelated to the thread. But I felt that maybe if people thought about it, it would help them on their path perhaps. So, whether you share or not is completely up to you. Yes, I have ambitions to help existence and yes, I am a hippy soul. haha sorry for blowing up your post. It was related at first...and then...well, not too sure what happened. Got into one of my deep moods :angel:
  3. caramel2009

    I did a reading for someone else..

    I have two sets of cards- not tarot, but oracle cards. I have the Hidden Realms set which is so in depth that I do have to look up the meaning and try to figure out how that fits into my question. The second set I have is the dolphin and mermaid oracle cards which are fantastic. They're pretty straight forward, so I can pretty much pick up the message by simply reading the title of the card such as "Mother healing" or "accept heaven's help" lol but I do always read the interpretation just to see all the little details. I find it easier to read for others than for myself. I never really considered the idea of my energy interupting with their reading. I'm an Empath so I'm used to tuning into others and "becoming" them. I do, however, cleanse the cards, the space, and both me and the other person with sage before doing a reading. I then do some visualization to clear myself and the other person and create a bubble to create a "sacred" space. After the sacred space is created I put a bubble over either just me so that their energy is free to pour out into the space or I shield both of us to stop our energies from mingling (something that unintentionally happens with Empathy), it depends on the day. But I do form a link through the heart so that their intuition and guidance and the energy of their questions and all can flow into the cards. I always felt this worked, it was something I never really doubted. I just listen to my inner voice, I let my imagination and intuition guide me. And also- I set my intent out to the universe, like affirmations and I just...believe it I guess, I know it, trust it and have faith in it. People have said that the readings I did for them made sense but now thinking back on it I can't stop wondering if maybe I did interfere without realising it. Hmmm, I don't know... The way I stay focused is pretty similar to how I do empathic readings, I guess. I detach from myself and tune into their energy except instead of becoming it, experiencing it and knowing it, I try to...I don't know hmmm...nurture it. That's the only word that popped into my mind sorry haha. No, I connect to it. I guess the empath instinct comes out a lot in my readings. I both connect to them so that I can help channel their energy to the cards while keeping my own self back and I nurture them at the same time, empathically trying to clear their space and their minds and all so that they can connect to themselves. Does that make sense? Sorry, it's 3am here so I'm rambling. But reading back on your question- I see that you're talking about drawing the cards from a distance which I've never done. I've never had that barrier, the person is always present with me. Usually I just guide them through it. They will hold a question in mind- whether they tell me or not is optional- and I will start placing the cards down in a pile and they will tell me to stop when they feel they have reached the right card/s. But like I said, I find it easier to read for others than for myself because there's less doubt there I suppose and I trust myself and the universe more. It takes me forever to choose cards for myself. But when doing readings for others I have had many moments where I would instantly see a card and feel it's meant for them or I will feel an emotion from the card (Weird, I know), but I do detach myself from those feelings and they will end up choosing them. That's why I'm starting to wonder- did I interfere? By connecting with them, did my feelings transfer to them? But they were happy with their reading and it was simply practice so hakuna matata haha hope I didn't bore you. I did just have a thought though that with my being an empath and all that I didn't interfere, I just picked up on their own wisdom but I don't know, was just a thought that occured.
  4. caramel2009

    Vedic vs Western astrology

    Hey everyone, I'm currently a follower of Western Astrology. I've been wondering a lot about Vedic astrology and been wanting to hear everyone elses opinions and comparisons between Western and Vedic astrology. :)
  5. Thank you for your replies, much appreciated. Phew...guess I got that out of the way. And thank you philosphersgate for running my chart- the themes you pointed out are quite accurate. I should have been more observant when running my charts as I probably calculated my Vedic chart without realising it haha.
  6. Hey guys, I just need help with my chart. You see...site's are forever displaying my chart with different placements...and I think that's due to my time of birth. One minute I'm told I have a gemini moon, another says I have a taurus moon. I discover new things like a planet from the 6th house decides to sneak into the 7th. Etc etc, so it has me wondering....have I been living a lie?! So I've had enough and would like to know what my true chart is and hoping someone here may be able to help me :P I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. October 12th, 1995. Well actually...this is the confusing bit. I was born between the 11th and 12th of October. Exactly at 12:00am (00:00) so I'm never sure whether to enter the 11th or 12th. Also note that it was daylight savings when I was born so the time was an hour fast.
  7. caramel2009

    Are you a typical...?

    Ahh well I wouldn't say I am completely a typical "Libran". I can feel all the other signs that are in my chart, as well as the planets etc. but I do mainly feel Libran and take on the traits of a scorpion... quite a bit. Not due to being born on a cusp- but probably 'cause scorpio is my chart's first dominant with Libra being the follow up. I heard though that the sun sign represents the soul. I'm not sure of how accurate that is. But I found it rather interesting because my life goal is to find peace, harmony and balance within myself. What inspired this longing and goal? A great fall in my life- death and rebirth, transformation ;) heh maybe that's the scorpio. I don't know. Different traits come out under different influences (situations, people) I suppose. Just felt like putting my two cents in :)
  8. caramel2009

    Empaths and tarot/angel cards

    haha your reply made me smile. I can relate... I had a case where I was warned by my guides through cards against something...so I listened for a short while thinking the backlash would be automatic. Ohhhh, how wrong was I! :D but yes, like you say...everything comes to those that wait. I guess it takes a loss to finally learn that ;)
  9. caramel2009

    Empaths and tarot/angel cards

    Interesting. Yeah, I like it when the card falls out. I had instances when I first started using cards where one would fall out so i'd put it back in, shuffle, and then end up drawing that same card. :) I guess there is no "set" way of doing it, but more something that works for that moment in time. Either way, the results are the same. I stick to shuffling until a card falls out if my mind is a little too cluttered.
  10. caramel2009

    Family connections?

    Don't know if this was in reply to me (I don't think so) but anyways- Well, try to get a hold of your birth time if you're interested in doing a chart reading! There's some free online sites that will draw your chart for free...I did that and I went and individually researched the different aspects. :D it's really interesting.
  11. caramel2009

    Wrong birthdate, wrong sign?

    hahaha I thought it might be a little late, I really need to learn how to use this forum thing -_- haha thanks for reading anyways!
  12. caramel2009

    Family connections?

    I don't know much about it, but from what I feel myself...I would say yes, it's very possible. Astrologers have been mentioning this themselves. Taking my spiritual beliefs into account as well as my brief studying of sociology- I would say it's very possible..ahhh, hold on how would I explain this. .... I think that we were intentionally born with astrological similarities with our close family ties for the purpose of having a part of ourselves reflected back to us for "strengthening" or "benefiting" from on our journey...if that makes sense? hahaha I tried. My spiritual perspective shines through this answer in the sense that I believe in the whole evolution of the soul, life plans and what not. But the sociology comes in through the theory that "We are all born with the ability to develop the self- but the self must be developed through the social." Also, there are similarities within my own family. My mum is a Libra, my brother is a Libra, and I am a Libra. My brother and I were born on the same date except four years apart. My eldest brother missed out on the Libra season by a couple of weeks ;) that's just speaking of sun signs. The only other similarity that I share with my mum (that I know of) is our moon signs. I haven't really done of full chart reading for them. Anyways that's just my thoughts.
  13. caramel2009

    Wrong birthdate, wrong sign?

    I believe that it's not about being born under the "Wrong" sign. I believe that being born prematurely is merely our soul making last minute decisions...altering the course previously chosen for whatever reason. Yes, the rest of his chart is important too. I mean...different aspects of ourselves come out under different influences. Not only that, but also our chart's dominant planets and signs. I'm a Libra sun...I always felt though that Libra wasn't "me" to a large degree. I always felt a little more scorpion though my Libran was still there beneath all the noise. Suprise surprise, Scorpio is my first dominant sign and Libra is my second. And I mean...him being your ex, he may have showed his venus/mars sign more than his sun (I'm pretty sure it's mars for a male - How he expresses himself in love and relationships. Maybe try looking that up on cafeastrology.com. You don't need an exact birth time unless he was born in a sign transition. Time always makes things accurate though, adds that extra oomph lol. But in saying all that...you can't take bits and pieces from astrology to define a person. It's about merging the little tiny bits together to form the whole :) It's late...I've rambled enough.
  14. caramel2009

    Empaths and dreams

    I've been wondering this for a while. This is my last hope, google offers no guidance ;) Anyway...Empaths and dreams. I was wondering, in the case of Empathy, do you think that perhaps inner guidance ignored or unseen in waking life is shown in dreams? Like the motives and true feelings of others, sometimes? When it is denied and crushed when awake yet the answer from the heart is spoken in the dream? Just curious. Empath- one with the ability to feel others emotions and illnesses and read for past/present/future emotional/physical states as well as attitudes- to put it simply. Basically the ability to interpret and become one's energy. Thanks :)