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  1. Hi all, Just looking for a little guidance regarding my relationship. Im quite a paranoid person, and am wondering if the little things are all in my head? I dont want to be taken for a fool but also dont want to ruin a relationship unnessisarily. Anything at all would be helpful! Thanks in advance.
  2. moshbunny86

    Family Member Just Passed

    Sed/Said was the persons nickname for me? Im okay, taking one day at a time :0) Thankyou!
  3. moshbunny86

    Family Member Just Passed

    Hmm No nothing springs to mind!
  4. moshbunny86

    Family Member Just Passed

    A close family member of mine passed over the last few days, Can anyone see if theres anything they wanted passed on? Anything they want me to know? Thanks so much in advance!
  5. moshbunny86

    Ask Questions if you like

    Hi there, I dont really have a question as such, but was wondering about life, love and family in general. Thanks very much :0)
  6. moshbunny86

    Reading request please

    Thankyou so much for this! If anything its given me new hope and drive to push forward!
  7. moshbunny86

    Reading request please

    Father to the older two is still around, and the cause of my issues, Not a very nice man and treats my children badly. Yes my youngest is very young still, and born about a year after my loss, these two have the same father whos my current partner, im thrilled that you see things working out with him. I am working on getting custody of my older two, im wondering if this is the process you see?
  8. moshbunny86

    Reading request please

    Four children,one in spirit. Girl/Boy/Girl and yes under 10. 1 and 2 have a different father to 3,He is present and he is our issue. We live next to a river. canot think of a Salvador connection but will ponder on it! Thankyou!
  9. moshbunny86

    Reading request please

    Hi there, Im wondering what you see instore for the near future of my children? Will the outcome I seek become a reality? Thanks in advance :0)
  10. moshbunny86

    Ive lost my shoes! :0P

    I know, i know... they are only shoes...Butttt they were my favorite, most expensive, most valued pair! Ive searched high and low but no avail. Can anyone see where they might be?
  11. moshbunny86

    Boy or Girl?

    Hehe what a cool idea, im going to say boy.
  12. moshbunny86

    TV Psychics

    He was so convincing! So did the audience play along? Or were they duped also?
  13. moshbunny86

    Dark Energy Removal

    I've has abit of a think about this one. I think my fears are more towards not waiting another child to come from a broken home like my two current children are. I also have fears that I wont be able to give my partner a child. I will definitely work on the positive resurances you have mentioned above.
  14. moshbunny86

    Hello everyone :0)

    Thankyou very much everyone.
  15. moshbunny86

    I Met My Guides

    I've never really heard of spirit guides, but I'm going to look into it after reading this. Is it easy to do?