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    Awakening Abilities?

    I agree about the before bed statement. I can hear anytime but it can get really active when doing something peaceful, like before bed. It's strange. The woman that was there, I think I have seen/felt her before in a previous dream - not too long ago. In the previous dream I remember thinking "A woman? I never feel or hear women around me." That's not an insult because I am a woman too. I also remember in that (previous) dream, they wanted to discuss God and get my thoughts on it too. I rarely ever seek out guides.. but now that you mention it. I did throw a question out there recently about spirit guides. I wonder if you are on to something. As for the man, I picked up nothing unsettling about him (or her for that matter). So I would agree that the man and woman are most likely friendly spirits and I overreacted with what I heard. I also won't deny that this has been quite an eye opener for me. I have learned more since this dream/experience and I am able to put a bit more pieces together. Thank you so very much for your insightful and helpful post.
  2. sadie

    Hello All

    Thanks Everyone for your warm welcomes. :)
  3. sadie

    Dark Energy Removal

    Thanks so much for the removal. The colors you found in my aura don't shock me too much. I can't see them like you can but I knew they wouldn't be pastels :lol: I think you are spot on about my conflicts. And honestly, I would have to say, they have been the majority of my conflicts throughout my life. Thanks again for taking the time.
  4. Hello All, I know this is a long post, but thank you for reading it. Just to start, since a child I have always been able to hear. I've hardly ever labeled myself clairaudient, but I suppose that's what it would be. I can hear outside and inside (the head :) ) with voice and with words. When I hear on the outside, it comes in like normal, if not a little breathy. Hearing outside has always been the stronger one with me. When I hear inside, it comes in three different forms: words will appear in my mind and they are read, clear words are spoken but sound slightly mechanical, or the words are dumped in my head. What I mean by that is, all the words have been spoken prior and the whole sentence is then dumped at once instead of spoken word-by-word. I hope there is someone out there that understands this :lol: I am posting because I wanted to get some thoughts on a dream I had. I didn't post this in the Dreams section because of the auditory subject. Two days ago I was taking a late nap (about 7pm-9pm). It wasn't intentional, but I laid down to read and must have fallen asleep. It was a hard sleep too and those never last longer than two hours with me. Anyway, in the dream I was in an unknown house and I could feel a male next to me and a female in the next room; however, I could not see them. They were talking loudly to each other but their words were scrambled and sometimes they would talk over each other. They knew I was right there with them and I also knew what they were. Normally (when I am awake) and I hear "scrambled" voices, I try not to focus on it but in the dream I remember advice of focusing on one voice. I decided to focus on the male next to me and I was able to pick up "Be careful, her abilities awaken about this time." It was a very loud and clear warning to the female. When I heard this; I was shocked and slightly angered, so I looked at him (in the direction I could feel him) and repeated what he said back to him. Just as loud and clear. After that, the male and female didn't speak anymore and I woke up. This dream or experience has done nothing but perplex me now. What did he mean by awaken... Is there a time-frame throughout the day when one is more sensitive? Or was it a reference to being more open during sleep? I now understand the scrambling is for privacy and a part of me feels like I violated it by listening. Which only brings up another question for me.. Did I evade their space or were they evading mine? Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences to add. Any is appreciated.
  5. sadie

    Has anyone tried this?

    I wish I could meditate better but unfortunately, it gives me headaches. I have tried but I don't like the images and sounds that come in. I hear my name name being shouted and I see graphic pictures that frighten me. I don't have a calm mind and I don't know how to get passed all the initial junk to get to the actual "calm" part to actually get something done.
  6. sadie

    Dark Energy Removal

    If your still doing dark energy removal and you don't mind a newbie. I will give my permission to you. Thanks.
  7. sadie

    Ghost Radar

    I have often wondered the same thing. I have that app too and I cannot tell you how many times I have deleted it and reinstalled it when I got curious again. :) I have noticed with it, if you let it run on low for a few hours, it will pick up words that seem more relevant. The app may run a few hours without a word said but when it does speak it makes more sense. I only had one odd experience with it. I was using it and it started to spout words like; dangerous, turn, off and such. I kept it on then my phone (which had battery) shut completely off. I turned it back on and deleted the app. Be safe
  8. sadie

    Hello All

    Hi. I'm a newbie :unsure: I only want to pop in and introduce myself and thank everyone who contribute to forums like this. It's good to have someplace to go and talk about things that are hard to bring up and find answers in the offline world. I will be posting a question soon enough when I have found the appropriate room for it. Once again, Hello. :lol: