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  1. Entity0fLight

    EOL's Ramblings...

    I decided to take a step back. I stu.bled, I fell on my butt and I tried getting back up, fell again but now I have a clearer and better head on my shoulders. I am better learning to deal with my anxiety and the way my life is going. I have found people to lean on at times, deal with stresses better. I am so used to blowing up and now I'm slowly learning to take a breath and a step back. I had some bad news today. I usually crumble and fall. I almost did but I just took a breath, did a small cleansing and now I am refocused. I get angry at myself for not being further but I am trying the hardest I ever have and I am in a better mindset than I was before. I am meeting new associates that will hopefully turn to friends. I made a new friend but sadly realized and told him that because of the path he chooses to live I cannot be in his life. I am taking co from and learning when to accept as well. I am making progress one breath at a time :)
  2. Entity0fLight

    Please help! My little Yorkie went missing!

    I am sooooo happy for you. I love happy endings. I woke up feeling positive today and so far all I am seeing are good things :) Yay for this...it made my day :)
  3. Entity0fLight

    Greetings and Salutations!

    This is all very interesting. You guys are all really talented on this board.
  4. Entity0fLight

    EOL's Ramblings...

    I will do so today... I feel in slightly better spirits so I'm hoping it will last throughout the day.
  5. Entity0fLight

    Once was Witty

    I wanted to thank you for the kind words.and for sharing your wisdom :)
  6. Entity0fLight

    Please help! My little Yorkie went missing!

    I am so sorry. I love animals, especially dogs. I hope you find him hugs
  7. Entity0fLight

    EOL's Ramblings...

    I am beginning to think that this project I've been dying to begin working on may not happen soon if at all. I feel like a fool. All areas in my life I'm having to have blind faith with. It is too scary for me. I am going crazy being home but with little to no skills finding a job isn't easy. I am kinda losing it :(
  8. Entity0fLight

    EOL's Ramblings...

    The weather is dreary... I had the flu...flu turned to sinus infection... I feel good in spirits to a certain degree however. I found out I lost a few lbs. I feel as if I am getting stronger daily. I think about those who do not believe in me and doubt me that the day I rise they will be surprised. I won't rub it in. I will just smile and say yup... Why are so many so quick to turn their back and stomp on someone? I do sometimes think it is to protect oneself and not get dragged in or down. Those that say...well maybe they are better equipped...idk...food for my thought...
  9. Entity0fLight


    Heya :) Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy it here just as I am
  10. Entity0fLight

    Once was Witty

    Hello :) I am new so obviously we have never met but I just wanted to say hi and say that you two look so happy together and the flowers are beautiful. They made my heart melt. Congrats on graduating soon and it sounds like your life is very fulfilling. I hope to be happy like you one day :)
  11. Entity0fLight

    EOL's Ramblings...

    Against my better judgement I just wrote about a crazy dream I had. I feel very off today as I have since Saturday. I am not in control is the first thought that pops into my head. I feel sick still and I am unable to breathe out of my nose and while it isn't the end of the world (lol) I am unable to think and focus and it is causing me to feel all over. Also...the silence is too silent...I need to see movement now lol. I am a Leo and patience just does not go with me but...that is what I need like. I don't want the vivid dreams anymore. I would like to go dreamless for a few days. The only reason I post what I did was because of the woman. She works with the metaphysical and there are many who do not think too highly of her. I am unsure of what to think but obviously in my dream I felt the need to defend her. She is more than capable of defending herself in real life but I am just tired of the disrespect being shown towards her.
  12. Entity0fLight

    A crazy dream...

    I cannot accurately describe the dream I just had...it was two but one made no sense and while the other made even less sense I can remember a bit more. It was not a pleasant dream. Including me, there were four people. I remember seeing a man but he didn't play a role. I am also thinking at first I wasn't one of the characters...I was just looking in. Anyway, a woman walks out into what I thought was the back yard and roles a basketball. It looks like it is going to fall into the pool or whatever it is but doesn't. In the water you can see many nests that I believe specifically belong to robin birds. I say this because there was a voice over of an old lady who called them robin nests. I did not see any birds or eggs, just many nests. The woman in the dream, while I never met her, the name she goes by is robin. She loves robins. So I don't know why this particular person was going after her. I know they meant to hurt her. I decide to step in and I am floating a few feet above the ground fro. Room to room to go rescue her. I happen to pick up a butter knife to kill this old lady--the one causing problems. I cut at her throat unsuccessfully a few times and while I see blood of course I wasn't going to kill her with a butter knife. She decides to back off, mentions she will go jump off a bridge and told me I have to deal with the joker...yes the original joker from Batman...and I told her that yes I know BC I had a similar dream before lol... I woke up...what the heck is wrong with my mind. I think I'm trying to tell myself so many things in dreams but the imagery I use is beyond I don't think this can be deciphered but I'm tired of these crazy dreams...
  13. Entity0fLight

    Pick up on thoughts and emotions too easily...

    I will check it out later today. Thank You
  14. Entity0fLight

    EOL's Ramblings...

    Heya :) No, I do not. I don't wish to ask what a wish book is because it sounds self-explanatory but please tell me about having one :)
  15. Entity0fLight

    EOL's Ramblings...

    Well... I am currently unemployed waiting for the job that will change my life... I deeply and passionately both love and miss my ex... I miss my daughter even more...(she is alive and well) I worry about the upcoming months and all these changes that I am expecting to take place...I sometimes even doubt anything will come to fruition simply because it is so calm and quiet...which is normally good but I am not sensing anything but silence... It is the silence that worries me because I then wonder: What if this big grand plan of mine is never able to take off... What if everything I am waiting for is all just a dream... I know there aren't any guarantees in life but if I had a shred of "proof" that I am not just waiting around for naught then I could breathe easily... However it won't happen. I am getting by purely on faith. I try to tell myself this is the test that I never passed--just truly being patient and working on myself and getting my life finally in order. So I am trying to embrace the silence and just keep going. I struggle with myself daily. I don't know anything at this moment and the challenge is to keep moving forward...