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  1. Sandi

    The concept of hell

    The concept of a Hell is very helpful when it is understood what was meant, but very much a detriment when we begin to imagine ourselves immersed in flames and being tortured by demons. Many religious books actually constitute a combination of a history book mixed with what could be likened to the ancient equivalent of a self help book. Here's a very practical example, and one that EVERYONE knows and has used, Christian or not: Sin, confession, repentance. A sin is anything that bothers you. The idea that it is a transgression against God is more like a misreading of the text. Something that weighs heavily on your mind, and on your energy is a sin, it keeps you from peace and blocks off the path to assimilating into universal consciousness. When something bothers you and weighs on your mind, you CONFESS. You tell someone. You "get it off of your chest." After you feel better and the problem is fixed, you CHANGE YOUR WAYS so that it does not ever happen again, so that the same problem cannot be an issue again, and thus, you run into fewer and fewer problems, fewer and fewer bad habits. Hell is in fact, the state of mind that us in the modern day would use a word like "Depression" or "Anxiety" or any other word that describes the condition of a chronic negative state. But we can see that this is clearly what is meant by the concept of a "Hell" in later religions. In much older religions, when people spoke of a spirit world or an afterlife, all people good and bad generally ended up in the same place. It's also not so clear that "demons" in the accounts of many such as Christ or the Buddha appear in very much the same sense that we today use the phrase "Inner demons". The demons can't quite be killed by physical force, and people have the ability to command them just by speaking forcefully or in most cases, simply by not succumbing to their "Seduction", staying stead fast, they have no power. Spirits in most cases, are thoughts or attitudes. It's EASY to be tortured by your thoughts, and it is easy to be possessed by a bad attitude.
  2. Sandi

    Energy I don't know what to call

    Because the Earth's natural energy is far stronger than our own, it only takes walking outside and looking up into the clouds, some patience and a little relaxation to see it's Aura. It's also easy to see this energy rising from the ground. It's is much more difficult in-doors because of the difference in lighting. The floating "bugs" are the easiest to see because they are more like concentrated points of energy, and some are likely "thought noise" from people everywhere (Think about your telepathic experiences if you have any). Like the aura around a person, the Earth's aura looks very much the same, although in comparison, it's a GIGANTIC fire where as ours are tiny by comparison. When I've watched for long enough on a good day, I can see this radiation of waves on everything, and for myself, I usually perceive it as being an extremely vivid green. I've also noticed that by watching the Earth's aura, the ability to see the much dimmer auras of humans animals and static objects because easier. That's my two cents.
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    Thank you all! :)
  4. Sandi


    I'm Sananda. Call me Sandi if you want. I'm an eternal student of life's mysteries, a fairly accomplished mystic, and for what it's worth, a spiritual teacher. In general I lead a solitary life, but that doesn't mean that don't like to talk! I look forward to meeting you all!