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    I don't mean it seriously! A friend once called me that as a joke, and I thought it was funny. I guess that doesn't come across very clear haha.
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    long distance love

    I am in the same exact situation! I am in a long-distance relationship with a guy in UK as well, and I live in Virginia. We've been together almost 6 months now, and have yet to meet in person. In October, he became distant and weird with me, then returned to normal without really explaining what happened. I feel he was having doubts, and was worried about whether it would work out or not. In time, we have told each other we are in love and that we hope I can come visit at the end of March/beginning of April. The past week though, he's been acting distant and weird again and I don't understand why! Every time I ask him if something has changed, he denies it, but I can tell something's different and off. I woud love some advice as well. Should I keep trying if it's something he's over or has decided isn't worth it? Does he really love me, and is just busy or distracted? I feel really torn, as I do care for him, but in the past I have put too much time and effort into relationships that weren't worth it. Would love some help and guidance! Thanks =D
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    Hi everybody! My name is Rebecca, a 22 year old Aquarius/Capricorn cusp. I am so happy I've found this forum! Ever since I could remember, I feel I've always been different than other people. My gift (if that's what it is!) has always shown itself unexpectedly. I've, unfortunately, never been able to control it. I have had dreams in which parts of them have manifested themselves in everyday life. I feel energies that I refer to as "vibes", where I can tell if people's intentions are good or not, if someone is lying, how certain situations will end, and more. I'm not entirely sure if this is just me being very good at reading other people, or if I do have a psychic gift. Also, this past April, I experienced a near-death experience after suffering a drug overdose (I've been clean and sober ever since, almost 9 months now!!) I am excited to explore this forum, and discover the true source of my potentially psychic abilities, and hopefully mold and hone it and help it grow. I also can't wait to meet and get to know all of you!! =D