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    awakening clairvoyance

    Hi I would suggest to do it with some funny and easy cards, that's why I suggested using cards we use to teach babies. Using Tarrot cards is not really a good idea as they are complex. Playing cards are also not good to give a good start reason being you would be asking very straight answers from your subconscious mind as majority of cards would demand numbers. I would suggest to use cards which shows a single color, like an orange, a fruit. First of all it will be easy for you to remember it and subconscious would find it easy to answer this. Remember it, that answers usually come metaphorically, so you would need to associate them the chosen card. So, its really important to use easy cards.. i emphasize use easy cards.. Thanks Deepak R
  2. Hi, Read my reply here, it might help.. http://forum.psychicguild.com/index.php?showtopic=8674 Thanks Deepak R
  3. deepakrohilla

    awakening clairvoyance

    Hi, Congrats! You are on the path. Now the next step is, before you go to the meditation or listen to your binaural beats, put a question for your subconscious brain and then look for the random images as an answer to that question. These images will make sense for you. If you don't want to ask any question for yourself, better ask for someone else. The question may be anything like, what color will my sister be wearing today? There is another trick which might turn you into a psychic in a day. Pick up a deck of cards which are used to teach babies, like "A for Apple, with a picture of an apple on the card". Pick up 4-5 cards together and take out one out of them without looking at the card. Then go into the meditation and ask yourself to produce an image to answer the card you have chosen. The random image with gut feeling will answer your question. You just need to associate your answer with those 4-5 cards. This is how I practiced and gave lot of damn accurate predictions. Thanks Deepak R
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    Hi everybody

    Thanks everyone! :)
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    Hi everybody

    Hi Guys, I am new this forum and I am really hopeful that I would share a tremendous knowledge of you all flowing in this forum. Thanks to everyone who are supporting such a great Forum. I have been practicing Meditation for last 7-8 years and have used my third eye to predict past and future. I am also trying to put all my spiritual knowledge in a book, in short trying to be an author. The purpose of joining this forum to get better at the psychic abilities and share my knowledge. As a professional, I work as an IT guy. Thanks Deepak R