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  1. TopKatz90

    Pentagram in palmistry

    It really looks like a 5 pointed star like a pentagram. I was told that I had a past life that suggested that I had some mystical Pagan abilities. I'm not into witchcraft but little prayers of mine do come true though... Yes I do worry little too much...and its almost nothing.
  2. TopKatz90

    Pentagram in palmistry

    I was just looking into palmistry (just a little) and then I realized I have a small Pentagram shaped in lines. http://palmistryguru.blogspot.com/2014/05/is-pentagram-mark-of-lucifer.html This is what I found with definition and all. The little Pentagram is located on my right hand under my pinky finger above the heart line. It is also touching the marriage lines and heart line. I don't know if there is significant meaning behind it. I'm not an expert in palmistry but I need some answers or opinions in this field of reading and so on. Anyone know?
  3. TopKatz90

    Mahjong Readings

    Amazing reading. It really does fit my current situation.
  4. TopKatz90

    Mahjong Readings

    Hi, can i try too? It's been awhile I haven't got a reading this unique and I love Mahjong!
  5. TopKatz90

    Love Triangle?

    One place I really don't want to be. My boyfriend to-be-ex just pleaded me to not go and apologies to everything, all the terrible things he said and what he shouldn't have done. He wants to be a better man for me but I waited 3 years for that. He says I'm his light and all. No one can replace me and I do know that. I told him that the reason why I want to break up was my freedom. He never likes or agree with everything I do until he realized that he was wrong. Soon while I was in a vulnerable place in life, I met someone new. I like the new person so much within a short time and I felt like I got something my boyfriend never gave me. He likes me too. I like being with the new person in my life but the only regret I might have was my childhood wish. My wish was to be with my first and everlasting last love. I still remember the good times with my boyfriend but is it all worth moving on? I really don't know what's worth it to be happy. I want to move on but I felt like something is holding me back. (If you want to know more, just ask)
  6. TopKatz90

    For my mother

    I need some help for my mother. She is 50 years of age and is under alot of stress both physically and mentally. She said she gets nosebleeds every time she gets a bath. Plus its pretty lukewarm, I checked. Her hair is falling out pretty quick. She was told by her friend it might be a kidney problem and she might be ill. I need some energy sent to her. I will have to pray for her health, so join me.
  7. TopKatz90

    Help me find a pearl necklace.

    Nope....not any of those places but thanks for trying...
  8. Can you guys help me find a pearl necklace my mom gave me? I really dont remember where it is or what I did with it and my mom might get mad me for losing it. It might be expensive so... All I know is that it should be in a long black case. Im Anybody got a clue?
  9. TopKatz90

    Raising Our Spirits

    Thats a great idea. I hope lots of people will join too.
  10. TopKatz90

    Something is bothering me about dad

    Well I did graduated and I'm receiving my BA. I consider to go to FIT for fashion. My sister is now in a nursing program and is now volunteering for a hospital. I feel that in two years she'll graduate and she'll have a career in a good hospital. I won't worry about that but my other two younger siblings. Mostly in present my dad. I know he's not born a business man or a coin handler. My dad is an honest man and 'extortion' could be the worst for him. I will ask my mother if there is a LIU. But somehow, I might have met that person while I was in China because we do have a few family relations to the government in that province.
  11. Well I'll give a little back story. At least 5 years ago, my dad wanted to run a business in China. My mom had sent money and my grandparents' money that was saved up over the decades before I was born. I will say its really a big fortune and my mom sold off an apartment too for it. I went to China to visit a two summers ago before this coming summer, I had somewhat of a bad feeling at the time of the business. He runs a hotel with a spa feature and some estate there too. There is a feeling of opportunity but somehow not a the right turn where it could happen. This is the news now. Just several minutes ago, my sister gave me some news. My sister told me that half of the bank account's money that was supposed to be funds for my sister's and I for college was missing. It was dated around the beginning of this year and it was sent to China to my dad. And what concerns me more is that my mom didn't say anything which was strange. Either she forgot or something happened. I need everyone's help about this cause, I have a premonition and it needs a change. I think something happened and my dad is in trouble.
  12. TopKatz90

    My Father Dying

    Hi, I read everything and your concerns but do not worry. First, death is a naturally thing and its a way of life. I think maybe you should at least be prepare about any outcome. Second, I feel that your father isn't going to die anytime soon and not within this year and so. He's in good-spirit and strong. I don't think there will be any big problems for now.
  13. TopKatz90

    Helping Hand

    Literally I need help with my hands. I think I'm getting some sort of arthritis pains in my hands. I sometimes can't functions my hands. When I want to open a bottle drink, it could be a hassle. Grabbing certain things and putting them together get tricky. My left is worse than my right. I really need helping hand(s) here.
  14. TopKatz90

    Types of Guides

    I don't know too much about guides especially Indian in particular. But some guides are there because they are your higher self or a past self. It's like a wise man or woman who helps you. Some people have multiple guides whether its a animal, human or angels. Every guide teach you something that you need help with or you need to fulfill. For every person it's different. From someone here in this forum, I have a wise woman who was my past life who is said is helping me in this life. Recently I found my animal guide which I feel has influence me in this life so far. I can't say for you but it's cool that you have an Indian guide. You should try to mediate and connect with him somehow. He'll guide you.
  15. TopKatz90

    Improvement in my abilities

    Hi, it's been a long while since I posted. I'm still trying to improving my abilities as a psychic. Slowly, I think I got some progress. Here are some things and I need some insight or advice of anything. A while back, I give free readings and now I do psychic consulting to a few of my friends. I still use tarot cards and occasionally use my pendulums. Recently, one of my friends have been asking me for her 'Mr. Right' quest. After her last reading, I actually didn't use any of my tools and actually intuitively know. I knew from my tarot card that the man she's pursuing now is already a young CEO and is pretty popular; then I knew without anything that he's in business for I.T. and engineering. She and another friend told me that I was right. Another thing is that I have been very aware of my surroundings. I actually feel that someone is called my name and I asked someone if they heard someone calling me, they said no one did. I observe and feel things about people which made me assume that I know what kind of people they are, almost like cold readings. I'm now trying to do some meditation. I recently found that I have an animal guide and it's a wolf that has been influencing me. I really don't know what else is in store but this is what I have been doing.