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    Thank you

    Goodbye, Psychic Guild! Hello, Soulbook!
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    Fear No Evil

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me. Psalm 23:4
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    Getting back spasms

    The most common causes of lower back pain are chronically contracted hip flexors, like the psoas, and the quadriceps feed into that hip flexor complex, and the quadratus lumborum (QL). Essentially, the muscles that tie into the hips/pelvis. When you are cleared by your doctor to resume exercise, spend some time reviewing the videos on this site that is by an athlete and chiropractor. Also, check videos by Dr. Kelly Starrett who uses similar methods. Mostly, develop and understanding of how our brain/nervous system can hijack our muscles after an injury or emotional event. Without that understanding, you won't fully understand why certain methods are needed that are not in common understanding of how to resolve pain nor will you endure the necessary pain to unwind the condition. I wish someone would have shared with me what I just shared with you 30 years ago. My quality of life would have been much better. Hope you feel better soon.
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    The Opinion of Others

    "What other people think of me is none of my business. One of the highest places you can get to is being independent of the good opinions of other people." - Dr. Wayne Dyer
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    Mooandering in the East

    Hey! Didn't your Grandmother say that you were going East (at least, she told me that!). :lol: :lol:
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    Getting back spasms

    Check with you physio but these two exercises help me: I sense extra tension on your right side which would coincide with the Quadratus Lumborum muscle. Did you injure a knee or ankle in the past? Often as you limp, the Quadratus Lumborum will high jack the movement to compensate. If so, that muscles has to be "reprogrammed" to relax. I have had to unlock that muscle in the past. I used a lacrosse ball and lie on it at a 45 degree angle...not quite on the back but not quite on the side...its a very deep muscle. I lie on the lacrosse ball and tense the muscle and release and sink into the ball. Its painful but its not easy to rewire the nervous system. My son had injured his ankle and a year later I noticed he was carrying one hip higher than the other. I pressed my elbow into the Quadratus and it let go and he was cured. Of course, he is much younger than me and responds more quickly than my older body! Research the use of a lacrosse ball to release the Quadratus and run it by you doctor.
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    “Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.” — Naval Ravikant
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    New Spread new deck!

    I think that the way you read is perfect! Was just sharing how I approach it and my own challenges with it! :)
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    Young man 'P'

    Praying! :angel:
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    Healing for my sister

    Light and Prayers! :angel: