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  1. nex

    Have You Met Your Spirit Guides?

    Thanks to ultra-psychosis, I had a run-in with Hermes and had an awakening. Might explain why it took so long for me to see him. He took over my body and walked me through a bad time in my life. To be honest, I had an awesome time with him. He wrote some stuff down and left for a while. He said he didn't want either team to win in the Superbowl to my friend, and the power went out in the stadium. It was hilarious. Probably the best synchronicity (or prediction) of my life. Too bad he left a path of destruction in my life, but it was well worth it. I think it's my own damn fault for trying to blast open my third eye. No matter. I made mistakes, and I won't make them again. I saw angels though, and they taught me the importance of community and music, among other things. I felt like it was much needed. A type of spirit walk, if you will.
  2. nex

    A Brave Old World

    I guess so. There are tons. But yes, it is already happening. I think some people need a push though (even if it's just a red pill/blue pill sort of push). There is a lot of confusion and loneliness for some people. That's the reason why I think this is important.
  3. nex

    A Brave Old World

    On the Social and Psychological Front I'd like to start this by typing a formal thank you to all of you guys. You guys helped me out when I was near the end of my cleansing phase. I guess it was all just great timing that I found you all when I did. I was getting a bit hopeless. You have to love how things just sometimes work out. Anyways, I am more developed than ever, and that is why I wanted to say thanks. The type of shift we're seeing right now is a brilliant one. Especially for our 'type'. That 'alone' feeling is going to be an antiquated concept in due time. We have found something that works, and it will make us stronger. What will this mean? It means that psychics will not seem alien to other people...because there will be so many of them. Psychics will not be afraid to be themselves anymore, even if it's just to other psychics. Trust me people. I was given a number to go off of, and that number is that 1 out of every 4 or 5 people is either an empath already or they may be very receptive. These people will understand what they are if they don't already. As for all the other people, some if not most of them will be introduced to the idea, and they will accept it as something that can be developed for themselves. This will especially ring true when they can see all the psychic types uniting together. From there, it will snowball. We won't be alone. Not anymore. The reason why this will happen is because of a notion. People don't want to be crazy. But what can be defined as crazy? 'Crazy' is not being of sound mind. How could something be crazy if it works? It works for this many of us, then is it really crazy? We must communicate with each other. We need to tell people what 'this' is, especially if they are receptive to it. If you are a developed psychic, then you know the type of people I'm talking about. You probably haven't shared what you know with them, but you have felt like you should. Trust your intuition on this part. You will find that what I say is true. Those numbers weren't bullsh*t. The time is NOW, people. Spread the word. This is evolution. Now, let me explain the title, "A Brave Old World". It means that we've been distancing ourselves more and more. We've been moving down a path of seclusion. I know why though. It's because of technology. As you all know, I think technology is a crutch for progress...but it's also an obstacle in the social aspect. There are negatives to anything. We don't need to go back to sticks and stones, we just need to communicate. That communication is a tradition that is being lost and it needs to be kick started again. There has to be a motive for people to want to communicate, so let's give them that reason. Thank you and bless you all.
  4. nex

    A Brave Old World

    Thanks for your interest in these things and I'm glad we're on the same page. Hopefully Australia will get better for you guys in that aspect. Maybe a global shift will kick start the states into gear. That would be the best case scenario.
  5. nex

    On Meditation

    I will remember this if I hear the same question. It is definitely the best way to explain the benefits. Thank you, philosopher.
  6. nex

    A Brave Old World

    There are aspects which haven't changed. My point was that the change is IN the people. You've just said so yourself. The title of this topic seems contradictory, but I mean to explain the philosophy of it in the next 'chapter'. In a sense, some traditions can be held close to heart that actually help us move forward. I fear that they won't ever be resolved. But, we need to acknowledge that they can't be, so that we could focus on other things in the government. Stances on these issues should forever be vocalized...but, there shouldn't be (too many) laws on any of these subjects. To be honest, all 'standstill' issues like those above should be lumped into a category of 'limited government intervention'. I will not dive into my personal beliefs on any of these 'standstill' matters...because that is not congruent with the point I'm trying to make. Most everyone here understands that sometimes, we need to make big sacrifices. The sacrifice I would be willing to make is to sign away any hope that my stance would be the one enforced, should it mean that we can finally stop busying our government with whatever 'standstill' issue it is. A good issue that could be potentially valid all across the board is the current state of our (the United State's) schooling system. We can all agree that it needs fixed, but we haven't investigated the issue as rigorously as some of the 'standstill' issues. And because of that, we're behind a lot of countries on the matter of proper education. Hell... why don't we put ourselves (as a country) on top of the list for proper education? We've boasted about how free we are in the past, so why don't we FEEL FREE to change it? We have been the country for innovation...at least in the past, so we should set an example. I am hopeful we will. We just have to start doing things that make sense.
  7. nex

    A Brave Old World

    Where are we at right now as a species? Of course, before I list my observations, I'd like to also say that it might just be the environment that I've developed for myself that is making me think this way...but it is no matter. I see us entering a new age. This age will use technology and progressivism as a crutch. In the next 10 or 15 years, we will have set up bases in space. All the big names in science will be using the internet to publish thoughts and opinions more so than they already are. The idea of the internet as a viable tool to progress is now just sinking into peoples' minds. Besides those things, we may be making a great political shift, especially in the states. Ron Paul seemed like an introduction to this way of thinking (in the recent election), and he definitely paved the way to encourage a more wholesome front on the political side of things. People are beginning to realize that we've been putting ourselves in a rut by making gun control, gay marriage, abortion, and other things all government issues. You may ask, 'how so?'. Well, if you haven't noticed, we are mostly seperated into two parts as a society on those issues. That's when we need to stop and reevaluate our priorities. I very do think they are all important issues myself, but they are not government worthy. These types of issues will never be resolved through the government. That is all I have to say on the political and technological front. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the social and the psychological front. Thanks for reading.
  8. nex

    New here

    Welcome. I look forward to learning more about you too...xD.
  9. nex

    Beginning to see and feel things...

    Everything that you're hearing and seeing is real, just not in the traditional sense. Something that you need to make a huge effort towards is removing all fear. Meditate, envision a barrier for the negatives, et cetera. Is it crazy to think you're going crazy? Yes...because being a sentinent life form is pretty crazy. Anyways, you want to know about yourself. What I understand from what you shared is that you're attuned on a higher frequency of consciousness. Your ancestry plays a main role in making you experience these things. They can be controlled if you attempt to develop them. It should be easier for you to do this because of your natural gift, so have some pride and don't feel helpless :). I'd like to also say that you stumbled into the right place. We won't be able to call you crazy... because then we would sound like hypocrites.
  10. nex

    I'm a newbie :)

    Welcome. If you have any questions, ask. Everybody here is really friendly. I'm newish to this (particular) forum too, by the way.
  11. nex

    What's it like for You?

    Thanks to you, I now know proper sounding terms (why can't I rep you?). As for myself, I am extremely limited in being clairvoyant...but I am clairaudient, clairsentinent, and a little bit claircognizant. Oh, and I definitely agree with that bit about the doubting yourself. I can totally relate to what you've described. Claircognizance is something I'd utilize only if it was the last option. I believe my strongest is being clairsentinent. I don't like to vocalize what I read off of people or things...I usually just find a way to help them if they need it.
  12. nex

    digging for a ring

    Do you feel like he's telling you to search for it?
  13. nex

    Thanks for Having me!

    You could search the internet. If you don't know how to control your empathy, then it can be overwhelming...as you know. You need to close your 'circuit' if you don't want to use it. Shielding through visualization helps this (the website gives a good method or two). You might want to get your son to do these practices as well. Also, I think you should pick up meditation. Meditation helps self-control - among other things - so it's good for the common psychic. There are more empaths out there than most people think. Thing is, these people don't know what it is, and even sometimes they can't even make the connection that what they're feeling is other people. Good thing this isn't the case for you, though. If things start getting better after you start doing some of those techniques, then you know you're on the right track. Anyways, welcome. I can't wait to see some more posts from you :).
  14. nex

    Greetings and Salutations!

    I would like to share something. It is a little dark, but it MAY give you some insight. Around 5 months ago, my friend and I friend and I had this project where we would offer advice to people who were legit freaked out about being able to do things and/or see things. It was via e-mail. Sometimes we approached people....other times we would ask for people to contact us. So anyway,one day, we were looking for our chance to help people on the board/forums we frequented. I stumbled across a topic made by a guy who called himself Null. Null had an interesting and quite horrific problem. He saw demonic creatures in his waking life and had nightmares every night. Thing was, he was spiritually healthy and he preached about being in the light. He seemed very knowledgeable in some occult. So I told my friend to e-mail him, and they began talking. When my friend received the first e-mail from Null, he showed me it. Null told us that the creatures protested him talking to us (my friend told him that he worked as a partner with someone me). Thing was, this wasn't the first time that he was challenged by them for seeking help. Null said he went to three therapists and they all couldn't say what was the matter with him. So here my friend and I are, trying to help this guy out...when a few therapists couldn't. We were a little out of our league. When Null sent his last e-mail that day, he was physically getting harmed by the creatures for talking to us. We told him to see an exorcist. But then I had a crazy notion...what if he needs to see what he's seeing? What if they were putting him through this pain because he wanted to stop seeing these things? From what Null said, it seemed like he could have prevented the attack considering how much knowledge he had on the occult. Maybe the reasons for him seeing horrific images was actually part of his purpose. So, I told my friend to e-mail him one more time and tell him about my notion. I said that perhaps he's meant to see these images. That my friend and I will probably never see. He would have to bear the weight on his own shoulders, and believe that the images he was seeing was that of humanity in its darkest hours. He didn't respond until a week or two later. He got better and really listened to what I said. He told us that they were getting weaker, and things seemed like they were generally getting better. He said that if they DO disappear, he won't ever forget the images he was shown. Now you might ask, 'how does this relate to me?'. Well, you're scared from that dark presence. By the way it sounds, it seems like this presence is 1 on 1 against you. If this is compared to Null's case, we know that in his instance, it was multiple. Now, for you...I wouldn't suggest a passive stance unless your gut feeling tells you to do what Null did. If not, then at least take the moral of the anecdote to heart (until you find something that works)- there will be good experiences, and there will be bad ones...but we learn just as much from both. Also, welcome.
  15. nex


    It's Qigong.