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  1. SusanG1969

    Susie's Smoothie

    It seems the latest craze is the Kale diet. The only problem here is most of the variations include only green ingredients. Although having our greens are a must, being exclusive can be harmful to the body over time... so i decided to experiment (as I'm prone to do in the kitchen). So, here it is. The ultimate health/diet drink. there are two ways you can have this: Meal replacement - blend all ingredients and have as a smoothie. NB: do not exceed a week of having just this. although it is full of vitamins, it does lack certain other vitamins, proteins and minerals the body needs that is provided by other foods. Juice - Use a juicer and have at least once a day (preferably morning). It tastes like lemon with a hint of strawberry. It's very hard not to overindulge. lol SUSIE'S SMOOTHIE - good for weight loss/maintain weight, boosts energy, flush/detox. makes about 6 litres. 1 Bunch of Kale 1 Bag of Baby Spinach 1 tin of Coconut Milk 5 sml bottles of Yakult or 1 large tub of plain Yoghurt approx. 1 heaped teaspoon of Cinnamon 3 - 4 unpeeled lemons 1 bottle of pomegranate & Cranberry Juice (if you can get some pomegranate seeds, chuck those in too cause they're better than just the juice). 1 large Tin Pinapple and Juice about a tablespoon of Chia Seeds. Box of Mixed Berries (Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry). 1 Bottle of Brekky Juice or Orange/Mango. WHY THESE INGREDIENTS? Kale - High in carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, sulforaphane (anti-cancer properties), and calcium. Part of the cabbage family. Baby Spinach - Good for eyesight, cleans the liver, is an antioxident. Coconut Milk - In moderation helps with cardiovascular system and intestinal absorbtion. Also, has been found to be the best protection agains ulcers. It helps maintain weight. NB: overindulgence can lead to high cholesterol due to it being a saturated fat. Yakult/Yoghurt - probiotic. Cinnamon - Antiviral, fights against diabetes, anti-melanoma, helps prevent Alzheimer's. Lemon - helps prevent stroke, cardiovascular disease and cancers. Lowers blood pressure. cleans out the digestive system (including liver). Relieves internal inflammation Prevents UTIs. Relieves gastric problems. Kills bacteria in other foods. Lowers Cholesterol, and promotes weight loss. Prevents dehydration, and shock. Pomegranate - Reduces heart disease risk factors, lowers systolic blood pressure, inhibits viral infections and fights against dental plaque. Increases energy. Pineapple - Promotes energy. good for bones, healing, and skin. Chia Seeds - Appetite suppressent, contains omega 3 & 6. High in fibre. contains all 8 essential amino acides. gluten free. provides energy, strength, and endurance. regulates blood sugar levels. helps with weight loss. Berries - helps prevent cancer. good for vision, flushing and preventing infection in the urinary system. Cranberries are a natural treatment/prevention of bladder and urinary tract infections. As it goes through the system as a flush, bacteria is flushed out with it as the cranberry juice prevents bacteria from attaching to cells.
  2. SusanG1969

    Once was Witty

    hello EntityOfLight, we are very happy together, and we both knew from the first time we met that we'd both found what we'd always wanted. don't 'hope' to be this happy... be it. we were both quite happy on our own, we'd both worked through our 'issues' life gives us. and seriously, it's true - when you've come to a point in your life where you're happy within yourself, don't need someone else, and you're working toward your own goals, that's when you open your life to even more opportunities. you just have to take that first step. sure things don't always go to plan, but that's life. you focus on the great things in your life, the wonderful people, and when things don't go to plan you can see them as a minor 'hiccup' and get through them fairly easily.
  3. SusanG1969

    Once was Witty

    i remember you too moo. he has gone hunting.. not sure about crocs though lol. he loves his fishing, has stolen my dog and claimed him as his own (he's even renamed him to 'dog'), and they often go on fishing trips together. i will pop in from time to time, but life on the outside has me pretty busy. jamie had moved here so we could be closer, then got a very well paying job back up in gladstone (where he was) which is a 2 and half hour drive from here, so our weekends are spent with either me going up there, or him coming home. he stays at his brothers, and didn't take anything with him except his laptop and a few changes of clothes, so he loves coming home when he can. unfortunatly it's not very often as he works 6 days a week most weeks, so i go up there most of the time.
  4. SusanG1969

    Once was Witty

    most of you probably have no idea who i am. it's been about 4 or 5 years since i was here. but anyway, was feeling a bit sentimental, and thought i'd pop in and say hi. i was 'wittyspirit', all those moons ago. the time came to move on to other things, so i wandered off to see what experience life had to give me. i'm about to start my final year of a nursing degree. it's taken me 4 years instead of 3, cause that silly thing called life got in the way, and i dropped back to part time for a semester. i've already had a few interview offers for when i finish my degree, so i'm really looking forward to getting out there and getting stuck in. i absolutely love working in the hospitals! 2 of my 4 kids have left the nest, so things are starting to get pretty quiet on the home front. my eldest 2 boys have made me a grandma, and i have 3 beautiful grandkids now. my eldest lives with his fiance, son and daughter in victoria, and my 23yo lives in brisbane working as a personal carer in a home for mentally disabled adults. keyona, my 15yo is about to start yr11, despite her protests. lol. but the rule stands - if she doesn't get a full time job by the time school goes back in 2 weeks, she has to go back to school. my 13yo son starts 'big school' this year, and his time is split between his father and myself. i was having a look at some old posts of mine yesterday, and boy! did they make me laugh! lol. especially ones about romance. june of last year, after 43 years, i found out what it was really like to fall in love. and all i can say is WOW! i found the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. i found 'my' perfect. he's very much the 'aussie bloke'. he swears, he drinks, he has a 4wd, and tells me to toughen up. lol. he opens doors for me, grabs for my hand when we get out of the car, buys me flowers randomly, and 'brags' about me to his mates.