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    I didn't say I hate living. I don't like how people treat each other here. I don't like how we have to place all these 'rules' on ourselves when the more rules we judge each other by the worse we get (instead of better). Human nature is naturally kind (look up the study of children and compassion). It's when we become trapped in what society thinks it wants that we start getting all twisted about and we see all the crime and mental illnesses.
  2. There are historical Christians who were psycic, or outside the norm for a better way of saying it. You have healers, seers, oracles, miracle workers. Christians with a twist. Religion has NOTHING to do with your abilities. It's how you put them together that counts.
  3. dkschae


    No ... there are too many elements in it that I don't like. I'd rather live in a world where living things are allowed to live according to their true nature. There would be no 'evil'. I believe that evil comes from those who suffocate who they truly are so much to fit into this world, that it has no alternative but to force its way out. We dick-tate to each other too much on how we 'should' be ... it creates negativity rather than avoiding it.
  4. dkschae

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    I like to think of reincarnation as a re-mix, in a way. Imagine this, that our current life is a stack of pages from many, many different books. One page from one book, 2 pages from another, another page from a totally different book. This is our current book. When we pass on, the pages disperse and the book no longer exists. The pages that were in it, though, migrate to a collection of other pages that were floating around and they create a new book (a new life). So when 5 people say they are Cleopatra in another life, they are all saying the truth .. they simply took up pages from the Cleopatra life as parts of their current life. (hope that made sense) Any thoughts?
  5. dkschae

    Wiccudism? *shrugs* who knows.......

    I have studies and practiced (to some degree) many different religions. I became quite eclectic by this point, I guess. It is when we find the points of interest in each belief system that fits us best that we find our own true path that we can be happy with. BTW, I tend to like the Buddhism / Shamanism mix. Buddhism seems to fit in many of the other belief systems. It's just that good.
  6. dkschae

    many questions... i will keep it in a nutshell

    (My answers are next to the questions) 1) Spiritually, how do traumas transform the soul? From my experiences and from the experiences of others I know, it seems that trauma marks us with an extra level of perception we did not have before. I do not thing the soul can be 'transformed', but we can be. I see the soul as a source, like a wire plugged into the wall the turns the light on. It just is. But we are the wire, the lamp, and the plug - we can take damage, we can be changed, we can transform. 2) Ringing ears?????? Oh yeah, for many years. I use it as a sound meditation now, by focusing on it rather than trying to get rid of it. 3) Sacred geometry and where it could take me. Sacred geometry is a very interesting and long study. It is the pattern of patterns that we use to communicate to ourselves or find the pattern of a thing. Atoms, flowers, solar systems, etc ... everything has a pattern and a story. Everything has a sacred geometry. It would help you open your mind to new ways of thinking and seeing the world around you. 4) Would practicing herbal alchemy be a bad idea? considering you distill alcohol; moonshine isn't legal. If you feel a connection with experimentation and herbs, go for it. Just be sure to use caution with less healthy herbs and look into adverse reactions between herbs. 5) Astrology and numerology... I went to a reading but I could still get some insight. I was born on december 6, 1992 at 3:09 am. 12/06/92 3:09... patterns of 3's. speaking of which... sorry, I don't put much stock into things like that for some reason. Never did. But others do, which is good because they can use them to better their lives. 6) Sexual orientation. I only bring it up because I am gay. Coincidentally I have a birth mark of a triangle on my arm. It is 3 noticeable freckles and looks like it is equilateral. But depending on how my arm is placed it is either representing male or female... coincidence? I don't think so. I think you put relevant meaning to it. For me, a triangle on my arm would be more mystical in meaning. But if you find it matches your orientation, than the more power to ya. 7) If you can do accurate tarot card readings; does it make you psychic? Do you depend on what the book says, or do you get impressions from the cards (skrying - magic practice that involves seeing things psychically in a medium, usually for purposes of obtaining spiritual visions and less often for purposes of divination or fortune-telling.) 8) I don't purposely meditate; I don't think that I could be psychic... Instead observant. Would you need to meditate in order to acheive the state that state of mind? Observation is a basic skill with being psychic, actually. If you use it enough you could become psychic-like. The difference though is in having abilities with it that include empathy, trusting gut feelings, and being open to the path least traveled. 9) oh, last but not least I am balanced in all 4 elements... fire 5, earth 3, water 4, wind 4. He said it was balanced... im not sure that it is. But if it is the case, is it unusual? Not really unusual. It will change too. We are always going through phases, each one leaning more on one element or the other. Sometimes when we feel at ease with the world than they all harmonize.
  7. dkschae

    Dying in Dreams

    there could be a few possibilities ... 1] There is a large part of yourself that you are suffocating because you wish to avoid it. Are there qualities in yourself that you are becoming aware of that you wish wasn't part of who you are? 2] There are entities out there that are inorganic. They visit us when we have our guard down, such as when we are asleep. You can tell if you are having an invaded dream by how vivid and 'real' it feels. It's not like a normal dream that doesn't have much feel to it at all. (if this, ask more about it) 3] It's neither of these and you can clear the energy from the dream away from you and go on with the day.
  8. dkschae

    Unexplained feelings/emotions

    I agree with Victoria, it sounds like you are having empathy emotions - those of other people. You could ground it out and shield from it so you don't get it anymore. Or you could shield from it and allow yourself to slowly let the shield down around certain people to get what they're feeling and help them accordingly.
  9. dkschae

    Dark Energy Removal

    Could you describe what you do, the method, what areas of energy you affect (chakras, psi-energy, bio-energy, core, etc)?