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  1. I hope this isn't full of things people are tired of reading/answering! I find myself searching and reading things for hours, becoming overwhelmed, giving up and wishing I could just speak to real people about this. Soooo please forgive this brain regurgitation: In the past few years I have had dreams of deceased loved ones that have left no doubt that they were communicating with me or wanting me to deliver a message. (and I did!) I have only been able to initiate contact once, when I was in deep pain after the loss of a friend. My friend fulfilled a very specific request via my dream that I had asked for while talking to him alone in my car earlier that day. All the other dreams were random. I love these dreams and would love to strengthen/expand this, if it can be done. (or is it just meant to be random?) I have begun meditation (trying) and I often wonder if I'm doing it wrong. I have only felt kind of successful one time when trying, and something startled me and I "snapped" back. Then there are other times that it seems to just happen on its own. I don't even know if that's possible. My only chance to meditate is late at night when the kids are asleep. I have made my bed my comfort zone and am absolutely relaxed there. I seem to just drift into a meditative state without trying sometimes... but again, my lack of experience in this area leaves me wondering if it is truly meditation. (I can go into depth more if I need to) Lastly, I have finally decided I want to learn about my spirit guides, but since a lot of the lingo is lost on me, I find myself in over my head when reading things. There isn't anyone I can speak to in person without judgement. Writing exercises would be hard for me since I am always in bed in the dark when meditating. (if there's a light on, there's a kid awake lol) I don't know how to prepare my mind to receive information about them. Or how to know it's "real" and not just my imagination. I struggle with the fear of losing control or the unknown. It frustrates me that fear is getting in the way. I don't know how to push that aside and just dive in! I also worry that I'm trying too many things at once. Like, I'm sure I should work on meditation before ANY of these other things, but my excitement sometimes makes me impatient. I know I'm hindering my own growth. I feel like I'm stuck!
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    thank you all!
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    Beginning to see and feel things...

    Thank you both so much for the feedback! I too am always trying to find logical explanations for things. Sometimes something new/scary/exciting will happen, and off to google I go. Then I will end up somewhere like this & read someone else's experiences with something I previously brushed off, and think "hey me too!" - then it's all of a sudden fresh on my mind again. As for ghosts... I've never actually SEEN one. I have thought so, out of the corner of my eye... but I have terrible vision and wear contacts or glasses all the time. So I know that odds are very high it was just distorted vision. I do however have a childhood memory... My cat was asleep on my bed, but I heard noises in the kitchen. I crawled out of bed and heard the cat food hitting the sides of the bowl, then crunching. I walked up to the bowl (it was pitch black in the house) and waved my hand around the top and all sides, but nothing was there. I could still hear the sounds right in front of me. I suppose that was my first experience with anything unexplained! I was maybe 5 or 6 at the time :)
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    I'm a newbie :)

    I signed up last night, and am just now getting the time to explore this wholllle forum! I did post my lengthy questions and backstory last night, but I worry that it is in the wrong place! I can move it if need be. Quite frankly, I do not yet know what is going on with me. I would love some guidance and opinions on this at some point, but for now I have enjoyed reading some of the topics I've stumbled across. I am highly intrigued by everything psychic & paranormal :) I'm 25, live in the US and married with two toddlers. New to forums in general, but I will get the hang of it. Thanks for having me here!
  5. I am new here - and if I should have posted this somewhere else, please let me know! While waiting for my registration to complete, I searched a few things within the forums, but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. It may be because I do not know the correct terms to search for? So I hope it's okay to ask! I have always had an interest in the paranormal. When I was a kid, I would pray for psychic abilities! My mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother all possessed the ability to see/hear people who are not in our physical world. I am now 25 years old. Lately, strange things have been happening to me. I landed on this site while searching for an explanation. I am hoping to find a group of people who will not call me crazy! :) Please forgive me for the length, I am trying to be as descriptive as possible! 1. A few months ago I was finally going to bed after being up way too late working. As soon as I laid down, I felt relieved that my body could rest and was instantly comfortable. A few moments later I felt as though I was floating 2-3 feet in the air above my body. It was an incredible weightless feeling, but it startled me and I "snapped" back. I laid there a while wide awake and freaked out, and then slowly let myself drift off again. Once again I felt the weightless sensation, and opened my eyes quickly to confirm I was not actually in the air. Again, allowed myself to drift off. But this time it felt like my left leg was floating up over my head and at any moment I would flip upside down. I had to physically put my hand on my thigh to make then sensation go away. I am NOT that flexible in real life, but I felt no pain or tension in my muscles. All of this happened the same night. I never felt like I actually fell asleep, but almost there. If that makes sense. The next day I was curious and googled the feelings. Found a number of explanations. Tried for several nights to experience it again without much success. I haven't felt it to that extreme again, but I do have a vague memory from my teenage years that suggests this may have happened at least once several years ago. 2. I am a night owl - almost always awake until 3 am or so. Usually when I start preparing my blankets and pillows to go to bed, I begin to feel like I'm being watched. I can never see anyone with my eyes. This feeling started maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago? It doesn't happen every night, but it is becoming more frequent. One night I was so freaked out that I hid under my covers like a kid. I had this overwhelming feeling that if I were to open my eyes, I would see someone inches away watching me. Another night, I felt as if the room was FULL of people. I finally did get brave enough to open my eyes, and of course saw nothing. I could "see" them in my mind, standing around the edges of the room. I could see the colors of their clothing, mostly reds and blues, but not much detail. All different heights. They were just standing there like they were waiting for something. This has only happened a few times, usually just with one person though. 3. Shortly after I began feeling the presence of these "watchers" I started seeing faces when I close my eyes. This has happened pretty regularly. Shortly after I lay down at night I feel like my body starts to tingle, I feel weightless, and I can breathe SO much easier. Then the pictures start. Every time except one they have been faces. Various people, mostly males. Not all of them are memorable. They fade in, almost appear illuminated & in full color against a black backdrop.... never moving. Sometimes they flash or fade, one right after another. Other times I only see a couple. One night I caught a glimpse of a scary evil-looking face and immediately opened my eyes to get rid of him. Sometimes I feel like these people are in the room with me. The night before last, I lay down & closed my eyes... and the sensation began. I expected to see faces, but this time I saw a silvery-blue image of someone's desk. It was like a still image filling in from the edges. The more I focused, the more it would fill in. I could see a blotter, coffee mug, an old dried coffee ring/stain on a different spot on the blotter, a stapler, paper clip cup, leaves of a small potted plant. As soon as I lost focus, it disappeared. 4. All my life I have been able to hear faint distant music whenever I'm alone in a quiet room. It doesn't happen EVERY time I'm alone.... maybe only once every other month? Sometimes less, sometimes more. It most often sounds... Heavenly. The last time I heard it, (a couple weeks ago) it was heavy & rhythmic like hard rock. Sometimes it almost sounds like talk radio or commercials. I used to think I had an antenna in my head, lol. 5. And last but not least, vibrations. For the past 10 years or so, I get random vibrating sensations in different parts of my body. I have often checked to see if my cell phone was in my pocket after feeling it. I know this could be just not health/body issues... and I only mention it because it is similar to the vibrations I feel when I am about to see something unexpected at night :) For all I know, none of this could be related to anything psychic. I could be going crazy, or just have a sleep disorder? But so many of my searches have pointed me into the direction of the psychic world, so I am very curious to know what REAL people think of this. Any opinions, guidance, explanations are more than welcome. Thank you so much for your time! And if this is too much at once, I completely understand if no one wants to address it! :)