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    Am i sensitive?

    I don't mean am I too sensitive but can anyone tell me if I am beginning to develop abilities? I never thought of myself as psychic, I don't see spirits, though I have seen stuff. In the last couple of years I've been able to sort of sense energy about a person and try to read them when I look at them. Sometimes I can sense an energy around certain people or an awareness I have of them. Thank you Happydays
  2. happydays36

    Am i sensitive?

    Thanks for reply PG and the advice! I do feel better. I guess this is something I have to figure out on my own.
  3. happydays36

    Can you become psychic?

    I just posted a new topic asking if anyone could see if I was developing abilities, I guess I should have read this post first. So for anyone who hasn't read my post can you tell if I'm developing them. I can't see through my third eye or anything like that but I'm beginning to pick up on people's energies, like when I look at them or a photo of them I can sense so much more. Sometimes I feel like certain people are meant to be in my life, even for a short while. Other times I have an extra sensory awareness of them. Please tell me I'm not going mad! Happy days
  4. happydays36

    Ask a Question

    PG, Thanks so much for that reading. The first two cards were quite scary!!! Yes, it does make sense that the first two cards point to this person. It is a very intense situation. And the third is obvious. I am working on improving my computer skills and trying to get certifications. I'll work on my resume. I'll PM you re: my mother. HappyDays
  5. happydays36

    Ask a Question

    Here's my question PG. Will I have a career change next year? I have been working towards obtaining several certifications. Thanks
  6. happydays36

    Year Ahead

    philosophersgate, First of all, Merry Christmas. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Please may I have a reading on the year ahead. HappyDays
  7. happydays36

    One Question Readings

  8. Some quotes to think about... "Just as a human architect can make alterations to his original construction plans, so it is within the realm of possibility for God, by way of exception, to permit changes in anyone’s destiny. Only He can lengthen or shorten the time of a person’s life." “A person’s destiny appears pictured in his od like building plans and is transmitted by the od to his physical body, it can be read also in the lines and marks of his body. Hence, whoever is familiar with these marks will be able to see at least a part of what a clairvoyant can see more fully in the od. A well-trained clairvoyant is able under certain circumstances to read the destiny of another person imprinted upon that person’s od. He can read the whole past of a person whose od he sees, and not only the part that was predestined, but also those events that have already occurred as a result of the exercise of the individual’s free will. Of the future, however, he can read only what is foreordained, but not that which depends on the person’s free will." “Not all that you do or suffer in life is predestined. Most of it results from the self-determination of your own free will. Only the general path of your lives, together with certain turning points along that path, is predestined. What you do while traveling that path and how you act at those turning points is for you to decide. That is your responsibility. Your path through life is one of tests. Its nature and length are fixed in advance; these you cannot change. The turning points on that path are intermediate exams, and corporeal death is the end of the path. Whether you do your duty as you go along the predestined path or not depends on your free will. Passing or failing are not predestined, but depend on your own merit or shortcomings."
  9. I've often asked myself this question. Apart from the food we eat and the clothes we wear, how much control do we really have over our own lives? I have been told that I am on an entirely different road from what I used to be. I did not put myself on this road, someone else arranged events for me to get there. It might be true that we have a particular destiny. We still have free will. We can choose what paths to take. You have to listen to your intuition.
  10. happydays36

    Anyone want a reading?

    Hi, I would like a reading please. Happydays
  11. happydays36

    Dominoes Readings

    Hi PG! I would like a dominoes reading please! HappyDays
  12. happydays36

    Gong Hee Fot Choy Reading

    Hi Philosophersgate. Just checking in. It's been a while since I posted.
  13. When people talk about God's Active Force or Holy Spirit what comes to mind? To me, the Active Force is best described as being energy that has the ability to completely surround and protect, or destroy, depending on the situation. The Creator's Active Force is the presence he uses when He wishes to go beyond his throne. It’s the same as if He Himself were present where the Active Force ventures to. At any moment the Creator chooses, He can personally reach out from His Throne to administer righteousness. Not a single Holy Angel or Holy Ghost is necessary for the Creator to administer His Will. It is because the Creator gives His deputies a part in administration that they act on His behalf.
  14. happydays36

    multiple numbers

    I started seeing them last year 11:11 on clocks. It is something to do with you being on the right path OR for you to take note of what is happening in your life. It's like I'm more aware of it, prob. a bit self-reinforcing, but I swear when I look at the clock it always seems to be 11 minutes after the hour.
  15. happydays36

    Ever seen a "sparkly"?

    A few times I have seen what I can only describe as a brilliant star the size of a pin head. These are not floaters in my eyes or anything like that and I was awake when I saw it. The last one I saw I followed with my eyes as I was looking at my laptop. It shone like a brilliant star and flickered before disappearing. It was whiter than white so not a trick of the light or anything.
  16. happydays36

    Your KEYS

    I accept who I am I surrender to God I love unconditionally That's all there is to it, but getting to that point can be very hard.
  17. happydays36

    psychic...psycosis story

    I'm reminded of the saying, "Religion is a snare and a racket" Having been brought up in a cult and always feeling different from everyone, not fitting in with family, I finally starting to come into my own.
  18. happydays36

    I'm out of the closet ;0)

    Welcome to the forum Lily! :) HappyDays
  19. happydays36

    needing some relief

    Thank you Captain! Yes, I think you're right. I'm also looking for a job too which adds to the stress but am trying to be positive.
  20. happydays36

    I need peace of mind

    posted under other topic "needing some relief"
  21. happydays36

    needing some relief

    May I pop in here and ask for some healing to? It's very much needed right now. I have been ill for many weeks with respiratory infection, stress, tension, uncertainty, so many things.... trying to find peace but it eludes me...i think I am slowly getting there. i have let go of many things in my past, thank you Captain once again for that negative energy removal, it was needed.
  22. happydays36

    Chakra test

    Here's mine Root: under-active (-56%) Sacral: under-active (-6%) Navel: open (12%) Heart: open (38%) Throat: over-active (69%) Third Eye: open (38%) Crown: under-active (-19%)
  23. happydays36

    Dreaming of people you met much later

    OK, I have had two dreams, not connected, where I dreamed of a person and met them later in real life. There are two people, one for each dream, that I met last year but the dreams I had of them are about two years old. How is this possible?
  24. happydays36

    Ever seen a "sparkly"?

    Lily, wow, what an experience.
  25. happydays36

    The concept of hell

    I do not believe hell is a place of fiery torment. I believe it is a dark realm of imprisonment within the spirit world, a realm within a realm where those imprisoned are cut off from spiritual light and exist in darkness. Reason for this is that Jesus witnessed to the spirits in prison: 1 Peter 3:19-20 19 After being made alive, [Jesus] went and made proclamation to the imprisoned spirits to those who were disobedient long ago when God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being built."