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  1. Hello, all! Lately i have been given an assignment that involves a great deal of meditation and visualization. I thought I'd be up for the task, but as soon as I start opening up my third eye, I have a very physical reaction. It feels a though some one is digging a knuckle into my forehead and the feeling pulses out like ripples in water. Needless to say, this discomfort makes it very difficult to concentrate on my meditation. Any insight as to why this happens and how I can tone the down the physical reation so I can through a meditation in comfort? Many thanks!
  2. Kassandra19

    I could use a little guidance

    Hi Kristen, Thanks for the taking the time to read and respond to my story - I am glad you enjoyed it! Curry is leaps and bounds better than before (although I believe that has to do with a little gem therapy I provided as well as his dream visit). And you are absolutely right about having reservations when telling people about experiences such as these, but I am so happy that I did. In fact, I look forward to more opportunities of this nature, because it felt so amazing to help people.
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    I could use a little guidance

    Thank you so much for your insight: I never really considered things form that point of view! But now that I have begun to embrace this new skill, I'm really starting to appreciate it. I'd like to add to my story by saying that Jan has since reached her son through a dream. Even before Curry called me up last night to tell me about it, I knew they had finally made contact because Jan's presence had finally left me. It pleased me so much to have helped these two, that I really look forward to the opportunity to help others!
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    Happy to find this site!

    I am pleased t find a site full of like-minded individuals to share experiences and learn from. I'm looking forward to discover all there is to offer here! Nice to meet you all, Kassandra
  5. Hello all, I'm glad to have joined a site where so many like-minded individuals can share and learn from each other. I will start (what may become rather a long post) by saying that I have always been aware of having a strong intuition and an incredibly empathic nature. From a very early age I was able to read people like open books, and I seemed to absorb peoples' moods, although the negative ones often affected me the most. My mother and sister and I have always had what I can only describe as a psychic connection. For instance, my mother knew when I had had a near fatal accident on the highway before I ever called to let her know. And just last week at work, I started crying for apparently no reason. All I knew what that my sister was in deep pain, and as it turned out her boyfriend had left to Australia for 6 months earlier that very morning. When I called to check up on her, I learned that we had started crying a precisely the same moment. These are all within the realm of my experience, and I just accept it as what is. But the other night, something new - and startling - happened that I'm finding a little hard to believe, though I have always been able to trust my instinct. Although what I'm about write felt so very real, I am beginning to wonder if I'm going crazy... Thursday last, my sister and I were on the phone chatting away about old times, and how we had become grown ups without realizing. It was great to reminisce! While recounting some of the more hilarious stories, our conversation started to veer toward the fun we had had with a dear friend Dustin who passed away last May. It wasn't sad to think about - it is hard to stay sad when you think of someone who brought so much joy and energy to every one he met. When I got off the phone, I very clearly felt a presence with me. And, while feeling a person's energy while they are physically present is common for me, I had never experience something like this. I swear that Dustin was with me, laughing with us at all the ridiculous things we'd done. It was, as I said, foreign to me, but I acknowledged him. Out loud, I told him that while he left behind a presence that can never be replaced, every one who loved him would remember him forever with joy in their hearts, their lives being made richer for having been touched by his incredible spirit. And though I couldn't see anything, I felt him beaming at me. He left me then (I found out later from my sis and some of our friends that he had been making rounds to visit others that night, either in dreams or in waking, as he had done with me). He left then, and when I should have expected to be by myself again, I felt another presence make its self known. She was unfamiliar and yet something about her made me feel like I should know her. I closed my eyes focused and was surprised to find it was my best friend's mother. This is why she was unfamiliar: Curry's mother, Jan, had passed away over 10 years ago, long before I ever had the chance to meet her. I was overwhelmed with so much emotion. Jan was (and still is) very concerned about her son who is going through a very tough time in his life. She made it known to me that Curry never never opens himself up to her any more, or turns to her for guidance and comfort. I share her concern about my beloved friend. I think she knows that I am doing everything I can to help and support him. Crying, I told her that I'd do anything for her son, and although she and I never had the chance to meet, I expressed my love and gratitude for her for bringing up such the great person who I love and who has enriched my life in so many ways. I also told her that I would tell Curry about our meeting, and try to get him to open up again, like he used to, to receive his mother's love and guidance. I got a very strong sense that this pleased her. The very next day, I arranged to meet with Curry and, scary as it was to do, told him about meeting his mother. While I felt crazy for recounting the tale, I knew he believed me implicitly (Curry is another person I share an unspoken connection with). He cried then, and told me that he had, in fact, completely shut him self off from his mother's presence, never talked to her any more, because he was ashamed of the man he had become. Remembering her concern and overwhelming love, I laid it out straight for him: Jan is nothing but proud and pleased with the way he turned out, and if only he he could let her in, he could feel it for himself. I happen to know he hasn't done it yet, because I can still feel Jan around me almost all the time. I know this post is long winded - more than any thing, I needed to get this off my chest and seek guidance from any one who may understand. Why, after my 26 years alive, is this happening to me? And how on earth did Jan find her way to me, or better yet, pick me to relay a message to he son? Will she leave my presence only after Curry finally talks to her again? And above all, I need to know if communicating with those who have departed this realm is really possible (although I believe with most of my heart that what I experienced was real), or if I am losing grip on reality? Any input, any advice, any shared stories would be greatly appreciated. I thank you for taking the time to read my story, all the same! Much love, Kassandra