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  1. jley111

    Hello to all!

    Hi and welcome, New here to :)
  2. jley111

    hi all

    Hi thankyou for the welcome, I didn't believe in anything befor seeing her, I was at a real low point in my life, I will write about it some time soon, not much time today, celebrating my birthday :-)
  3. jley111

    hi all

    Great name to have :-) thankyou for the welcome Hi, thankyou, I am pleased about that because it has taken me years to reach and trust people :-) im sure I will love it here
  4. jley111

    Angels watching over you

    Yes I do believe in Angels, I saw one quite a few years ago now and had a lot of spiritual experiences for quite a few years after seeing her. I stoped getting messages and other experiences for about 11 years afterwards as I understand it now was because I had a lot of healing to do, anyways I have only just started on my spiritual path again and connecting again. I asked if I was still loved as I felt that I had been left for those 11 years! I got a sign telling me that I was forever loved, I then asked if I could have a feather and got one the next day. I asked yesterday if I was on the right path learning about everything I have been reading about on this forum and other places and was I going to be a medium, psychic or something . I always ask for it to be made clear to me as I wouldn't want to miss the answer or not understand it and this morning I had a dream of a list in gold writing, the two answers I requested were ther ticked, I could not see what the rest of the things said on that list, I guess they are more things that I am meant to do that I won't understand yet, needless to say this is amazing and has put a smile in my heart. Blessings and love to all :-)
  5. jley111

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Hi, I used to have an experience like yours at night when I was sleeping, it happened quite a few times, I wouldn't be able to move, shout or even open my eyes. It was not a pleasent experience. Eventually one night I managed to open my eyes a bit for a second and saw a large figure at the bottom of my bed. In my head I told this figure to go away and that I wasn't frightened of it anymore as I felt that it couldn't really hurt me, at that moment I felt all my fear and the negative energy it was causing vanish. I have not had that experience since I'm pleased to say. Hope this helps :-)
  6. jley111

    hi all

    Thankyou Moorpurple Moopurple! Sorry :-) Thankyou Lilly
  7. jley111

    hi all

    Hi everyone, I have joined this forum to have a peek, nose around a bit lol. I had a lot of spiritual experiences quite a few years ago now that happened to me over a number of years that nearly sent me wacko because it was all so intence and mind blowing, It has took me a long time to actually investigate a bit further and understand what actually happened to me . I did see an Angel a few years befor it all started happening thank god because the belief I had because of this helped my through what I went through. I had no belief in anything prior to this event. It is interesting reading everything and I am understanding and learning as I go along :-)