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    I enjoy so many things...
    Simplicity, to begin with.
    Creating & listening to music.
    Nature, and animals!
    Art of many sorts.
    Astronomy, and science.
    History, and vintage anything!
    I cant help but loving my video games!!
    Sewing, crocheting, making jewelry.
    Pretty much anything, and everything!!! Too much to tell!
  1. I was in a relationship for 4 years, to what sounds kind of similar to this. We had a lot of fun, I loved his personality, was attracted to him, similar interests... almost had it all. But when it came down to it, he could be very negative, and mean. We would argue about pretty much nothing. I was always worried he wasn't fully into it, and I was always feeling insecure, and just not really as happy as I thought I was. We broke up recently, and I've come to realize.. There are people out there who will make you feel loved, and can be positive. You say that you adore him, and enjoy his company... I just want to be honest.... Sometimes that isn't enough for a relationship. You want to feel on top of the world when you're in love. My ex is still trying to come around, and it's VERY difficult to tell him I still don't want to be with him.. Because, yeah, I DO enjoy his company! Very much so. But it's just so much better as friends. You say you are not sure how he stands in all of this, or if he is sincere.... I think you gotta figure out if he does!! For me, now, I want to KNOW if my guy is in it. I want him to show it, make me feel happy, on top of the world. Like there is nothing he is more sure of. But also, he may be shy, or maybe he was previously hurt by somebody and reluctant to fully give himself to you. I dont know the situation, but you should definitely see where he stands! I'm not the best at advice, but I thought I'd give my two cents since I felt related to the situation. And good luck, girl!! I hope you find happiness in whatever you do! <333 Oh no, I didn't see this before I replied earlier! I'm sorry ;'( Surround yourself with people who love you! It's the best way to heal :)
  2. brandilion

    New Here !

    Thank you very much! I love foxes, they are my favorite because it's like a mix between cats, and dogs 0.o Can't wait to get to know y'all!! @village witch @ moopurple Thanks guys! Love the welcome wagon!!! Dandy lions are amazing, I wanna find a field of them!! haha
  3. brandilion

    New Here !

    Hello! I am slightly new to learning about being psychic, and everything involved. I've always been interested, and I am learning that the skills just need to be developed, and practiced! So here I am, and I am hoping to learn more! I've always had good intuition, good sense of judgement, I listen to the vibes I get, and I feel like I might have psychic dreams? I am not sure... Anyway, I am really excited to get to read everyones posts, and just learn more things, and meet new people to chat with!! :)