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    Hi thanks for your advice - food for thought ! I think we will see each other again, not sure how or when, possibly by chance or maybe engineered by him in some way I dont feel this is the end. Ive done a lot of research about soul mates, twin flames etc, and I know what ive been feeling is not how ive felt in the past with someone ive broken up with or in love with,this is very different. There is no sadness, bitterness, tears or what might have been feelings. Its a very warm secure feeling funnily,that surrounds me, I would love to just hug him, and I would let him know that I have missed him. I did feel a little guilty when I walked away from him because I was so ready for a change of circumstances in my daily life, I needed a new challenge, I was really looking forward to my new job which is very busy. I am amazed he still infiltrates my thoughts during these busy periods. Although we parted on good terms, I think he felt very sad and sorry I wouldnt be around like I had been. I think the feelings Ive experienced are due to him intuatively letting me know he is still there, he's around, he's not gone forever. any further advice is appreciated
  2. scorpio

    Always around me

    Hi all would like some advice about a situation in my life which developed 4 months ago. I worked with a man for 3 years, we laughed a lot enjoyed each others company and he didnt hide the fact he really liked me, although it went no further than this due to him being in a long term relationship. I left the company 4 months ago, he told me he was really sad to see me go and would really miss me. I realised my departure from his daily life, had affected him more than I realised. Shortly after I left and started my new job, I started to experience an overwhelming feeling of him and he was constantly on my mind and in my thoughts like a presence. Some days the feelings of him are stronger than others and it happens at any time of the day or night.Ive tried blocking it out as it can be exhausting, and I sometimes need a break from it to think about and deal with other things. I do miss him terribly, but also feel I have no control over him coming into my thoughts. I will say that it isnt a sad feeling, its warm and affectionate, but quite intense. Is this some kind of bond that people can have, is he sending out vibes to me ? He is a very intuative person. He also appears in my dreams and sometimes I can see him in my minds eye. I have had no direct contact with him since I left which makes me question this relationship and its purpose in my life. Any thoughts or advice anyone ?