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  1. danielle94

    A Tarot Experiment

    i would love to join this!
  2. danielle94


    i am luna love. thats the name i go by, though its not my birth name. im 18 year old turning 19 in march i live in canada ive been automatic writting since about the age of 13 and started meditating then as well im starting to experience clairvoyance i do cartomancy and tarot i love learning as much as i can about the psychic world and spirituality i believe in a vast variety of things i dont know what else to say but im excited to have found these sites and grow spiritualy here so hello to all!
  3. danielle94

    can someone identify what this is

    i drew the picture on windows paint. i think it is negative. its been around since i started to find out about the death of a friend of mine how a demon killed him. i believe from my investigations with card readings and such that he is trapped in the underworld. theres alot to this story that im scared to talk about. i used to speak with him alot after he died. he would come to me in meditation, tell me that he was trapped and couldnt move on i late found out that someone sent a demon after him, he tried to tell a friend of mine he said "something is eating me alive" the demon already took hold of him. and it wants i believe second death. i need to know what kind of demon it could be, in order to stop it. i also fear, that it maybe too late to same him from this demon. this started following me ever sincei got out of jail. one that everyone knows in haunted. i believe the devil owns that building every dayi had encounters with demons or those who had passed on. they would come with the fog. make my ears ring. and give me headaches. i know things they dont want me knowing. but i need help. i dont know what to do anymore. or how to get him back from the underworld. my friend had a dream she was talking to him, but he was guarded by a three headed dog. and there were doctors, and his body wads in pieces on a table, and they were keeping his brain alive, and she found out, they faked his death, that is, in teh dream. its like he was trying to tell her something, but we cant figure out what it all means or what we are supposed to do.
  4. what is it? i know its a demon and a shadow creature but i can figure out what kind? i saw this in my basement. its been following me for quite some time now.