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  1. waterlily

    testing decks

    I would love a reading on whatever you see. Things feel messy atm!
  2. waterlily

    Different attunements

    OH man... the 21 day self healing kicked my butt. Actually probably the last 2 days. I was holding back then all of a sudden I was mad then I cried for over 24 hours straight. I refuse to go through that again! My japanese master said I was holding back and within 5 minutes of it I had this ache in my heart and the flood gates opened. Of course I felt better after.
  3. waterlily

    psychic...psycosis story

    my imaginary friends were my guides. I see it with kids I am guided to work with now. It's pretty awesome!! Sensitive people see, hear and or feel them. I belie e in Jesus. His teachings are good just misinterpreted by Christianity. This one day I came out to a friend who is a Christian and all of a sudden I spout out of nowhere " Jesus was an intuitive" and start cracking up! Pretty sure he was tripped out at that point. Through this journey My guides have changed . ATM I have 2 Asians and I've learned about Buddhism and reiki. More to the point about peace, connection to all things univeral healing energy and enlightenment. I bow to people now as in namaste .. Soul to soul. I have 4 Indian guides from bloodline who have taught me how we are all connected to this earth and everything on it. I've learned things about all types of so called religions and I see the oneness in them. I'm seeing the beauty in all things. Oh how we are all connected. People ask me sometimes if I am this or that and I just smile.... Best answer "I feel now as though I am a part of all things good" connected. Release of judgement! Feels fabulous to be clear;0)
  4. waterlily

    Your KEYS

    I've been on this amazing journey and was guided to post this message. I've surrendered and am very clear now. I am psychic but soooooo much more. Everyone has doors on their path that they have to pick up keys along the way to open on their journey. I'm giving you the key to happiness, peace and love. Our words and thoughts are our magic. Say and think each thought that applies with.... 1. I accept... 2. I surrender... 3. I love... For me it is... 1. I accept who I am 2. I surrender all fear and negative emotion 3. I love my life and find the beauty in all things in'lakesh (I am you, you are I) I love you all, Waterlily
  5. waterlily

    psychic...psycosis story

    You need to take the demon face off of the problem. It's only making it harder to see and deal with. Over thinking the problem is only making life harder for you as well. Let it go, release it to the universe and accept that at some point you will gain more understanding. Live your life. You are dwelling on the problem, giving it too much energy. It's holding you down. You need to allow yourself to heal, to grow. We weed out problems by going about our lives, moving forward and answers eventually come when it is time. It's not about when we want them, it's when it is time for the answer. The demon is gone. It was only a mask. Accept you are free of the scary mask/symbol!
  6. waterlily

    psychic...psycosis story

    How about we release him NOW!! The church teaches us a fear that manifests into what they teach us to be demons. Was just guided to send a WAVE of healing energy to it!.. You are safe, protected and loved. Trust the universe has a far bigger plan for you. Sleep well my love :angel: Look at problems for what they really are. I saw a pastors face on that one. You are strong!! Stronger then you should have to be at your age due to the wars you have fought. It makes you who you are. Find the beauty in it and you will have a total release. That is your key :angel:
  7. waterlily

    psychic...psycosis story

    OHH sweetness, I keep being guided to your posts and now I know why. You are going to be just fine :angel: What a process this all is. Nothing bad gets to me anymore. I get minor negative energies sometimes but I recognize quickly and it's easy to clear and serves a purpose. I want you to do something..... before you go to sleep at night almost like a prayer say and I even wrote it down as I was guided to in the beginning of this whole awakening because I was being woken up by sprits in the middle of the night and it was pissing me off ... 1. "INTENTION.. I want to fully understand the gifts I was born with so that I may fullfill my life'ss purpose. I want to feel inspired and use my gifts to help others on their path. I want to be humble, loving, compassionate and always use my gifts for good. 2. 'PROTECTION I close off my aura to all but my highest self and those beings with the highest vibrations who are with me at the choice of my soul and divine purpose 3. 'ANGELS & GUIDES (aww.. this is for you too) Michael is my angel. he is watching and guiding me on my journey. I am protected. I am on the correct path. What I need to know is with me and I will be guided to answers when I need them. People will come for help as it is my life purpose to help :angel: This all came from guides and angels in the beginning. I have a special journal I wrote it down in and was just guided to share with you. Be gentle to yourslef on your path. Release judgement to others and mostly to yourself. Let go and surrender to your higher purpose. You are going be just fine.
  8. waterlily

    Percentage of being wrong?

    It was on my own family! I've been off very small reading for others and it was fine details where I've learned it was irrelevant. I see where the off was tho. I try not to think at all when reading.. I just zone out. Let whatever comes come. I learned a lesson in all of this. Lost almost a whole nights sleep too! I'm exhausted but I learned a LOT so I am grateful :angel: Soo sorry you were treated badly! Abuse of power is wrong and I believe in Karma. I am clear and my intentions are clear.
  9. waterlily

    Percentage of being wrong?

    AHHH... it was wrong! It came from that spirit not from source. I was guided to cleanse and lock my aura. It did feel different.. something not right. I understand how it feels now. I was guided to look this up and being that I'm super energy sensitive I felt the difference when I did this.. LOCKING AURA The best time to lock your aura is in the morning. As you get up, stand up and close your eyes, keeping the palms facing outward. First step is to cleanse your aura. Close your eyes and feel white pure healing light coming from above and feel it going through your aura. As it passes through your aura, your aura also gets bright and clean. Let the light enter in to earth. After a min or two of cleansing, slowly move your palms from toe to up, as your both palms reach the top, make a knot. repeat it by placing your hands in side and than back taking care to cover all your sides. Every time your hands reach at the top, tie a knot. Your aura is now locked and protected. Have faith that no negative energies will affect you.
  10. waterlily

    Percentage of being wrong?

    All I could do last night was trust that IF it was true that it was just time and IF it is, I have to accept and there must be a lesson in the WHY I was supposed to know it. I'll let you know in a couple hours. It was a weird night. I don't use weird very often anymore but it was weird. Something was messing with my auric field and I had to clear it. I've had to clear this spirit before. She is very pushy. I don't consider anything bad but I'm frankly getting sick of this one coming back. I try to talk to her but I don't understand what she really wants.
  11. waterlily

    Percentage of being wrong?

    I just got something that I really really really want to be wrong about but today I opened up more and everything has been spot on clear as a bell. Seriously, how often are we wrong?
  12. waterlily

    Different attunements

    Want to share my Reiki experience so far. I'm a psychic! OWN IT! I also woke up to the fact that I'm a natural healer. One day I got a new asian guide and a dragon name Ulysses. I was guided to go to a store near me and there was a Reiki master there who I thought I was supposed to take classes from but she was supposed to do a healing on me. While in her store my palms started dripping sweat. I by the way feel icky in doctors offices now. My palms drip with sweat, my pulse rises and I feel like I'm going to pass out. The energy wants to go to the sick. I have to put my hands on the floor to release it. When I laid down on her table I was told to "let her see who you are". It was a beautiful experience. She saw my dragon, my past life with my Reiki guide, removed a block that I knew needed to be removed and AWWW.. amazing. She could not touch me and had to do the healing from 3' away but I could feel her intensely. I could feel the energy and my hands were coming up off the table with energy flowing through them. My point... The asain guide was my Reiki master in a past life. Since I had the healing I turn on music and it does attune me. I'm guided to do it at night. NOT for everyone. I've been healing others now using it and all these symbols and asian writing I'd be seeing make sense now. When the woman did my healing she got a symbol for me. I know what it's for now. First for self healing then later on others.
  13. waterlily


    he does but I still don't know about the Asain man.. he's just here and I get it's not time yet but he has something to do with the dragon and healing. I've never studied any of this stuff. And I feel like a nieve lil kid sometimes when these things happen. This is the 2nd animal? that has come in in my life. The first was a vulture but that was a LOT different. They were just around me all the time and I coudln't not notice them. Some of the things I have said sound so rediculous to me on a human level and 5 mo ago I would have slapped a straight jacket on myself. NOW.. I'm like.. OK..going with the flow.. nothing strikes me as weird anymore.
  14. waterlily


    I have a dragon named Ulysees. I had seen him in dreams but wasn't until today when talking to another member that I got a KEY that unlocked the door to him. He popped out and how he's above me with clear communication. I'm accepting it! I felt him this evening during a reading. It was intents.... it felt as though he was channelling through me and the energy was bigger then me but not bad. just HUGE, warm, my arms were arossed and they felt like the size of tree trunks. His words were wise and words were not what I would use at all. I've had an experience I will never forget and will have again. It was not draining it was empowering. My energy field feels bigger, stronger, safer, hard to explain. Totally grounded. I kept getting an image of a flower blossoming a few weeks go and even up till today and that's exactly how the energy started above my chest. A lotus flower blossoming then the energy encompaced my entire body. I want to feel that again. It was a strength like no other I can explain. He's above my head now. I also got a new elder japanese man guide.. I find myself without intention bowing towards my left where he is in respect. This is all about healing now. Let the lessons begin. Ulysees says he can fly, walk on earth, swim and spit fire! Apparently there is some controversy on this matter.????? I feel honored to have him.