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  1. Lady


    Sounds good PG. My life is "steady as she goes" and that is ok with me ;) More active is welcome. I have optimism now and I'm glad that will continue. LOL, I've been dreaming of Europe mainly old churches and such, but haven't thought to discuss it yet with my husband. Thanks for the reading.
  2. Lady


    Hi PG, thank you for offering. I have nothing specific to ask. Can you give me a general over the next several months?
  3. Lady

    Healing for my mom

    Healing sent to your Mom.
  4. Lady

    Healing for my son

    Sending healing and prayers.
  5. Lady

    Year Ahead

    PG I hope things are going better for you now. Blessings to you and your family
  6. Lady

    Year Ahead

    Thank you for clarifying this for me. I've had the urge to travel lately. Is this a planned travel? I enjoy the planning instead of the spur of the moment excursions. It's wonderful to know the "heavier" elements subside next year...though I have learned a great deal, I look forward to higher energy learning. Blessings, Lady
  7. Lady

    Year Ahead

    What a coincidence about the area and sudden hellos. I love it when that happens. Thank you for the reminder of the core "soul" message...I reread it and had an uplifting and remembering. It was very helpful. The introspection and opening up are certainly true...I just wish it was "easier and clearer" to do. It seems to catch me by surprise. I think I need one large thing, but actually I can not get to that need until something seemingly insignificant is tended to. Much like tangled line. Yes, you are again right about this year me being more social, active and expressive. I've been forced out so to speak and have to "handle" life's major issues ;). I "worked" in healthcare, yes, you are right. I do not at present. You hit the reason toward the end of your reading, "struggled with a lack of energy or a health problem or other things to slow you down." Yes again, very good. The dark dog does have meaning for me if the C is the beginning of the owner's name and the K is the last letter of the name instead of the dogs name. Could that be? When you say my husband and I have a "coming together" or rejoining coming up because we've been apart physically or emotionally. I guess you could say that in a way. My husband has always been my rock and I truly love him dearly..."my" problem is with me energetically. One of the big reasons I isolate is there is so much energy and I had trouble knowing what was me. This time has let me sort things out so to speak and start being my own person, if that makes sense. My husband just retired. Another direct hit. It does get a bit stuffy now that he is here more ;) Another direct hit. Tending to a relative. I look forward to 2016...this is a very hopeful reading...I thank you for giving your time and gift to my for my growth. Lady
  8. Lady

    Year Ahead

    I would be interested if you are willing.:D
  9. Lady

    Healing prayers needed

    Prayers to your daughter, you and your family.
  10. Lady

    On Being Psychic

    One area that I forgot to mention I can feel emotion and feel spirits energy and feel touch as if they are of this plane.
  11. Lady

    On Being Psychic

    I've received things all different ways. I have no idea why. I've had printed words in my minds eye when it's been another language, symbols, videos (so to speak) pictures. Spirits appear. My guides and others' guides grace me with their presence. I've had my Higher Self speak to me when I was deep in though on something that was important to my path. I was speaking to my husband about something very important and I could her a male Guide speaking the same words that were coming out of my mouth as I was saying them (but not controlling them). Sometimes I just know things. Some thought just come into my mind that I wasn't thinking about. To add further. I do not control any of this. Maybe you could share about how you learned to control your gifts?
  12. Lady

    On Being Psychic

    Moopurple, yes, there is so much that goes in to it. It's fascinating and such a wonderful gift.
  13. Lady

    On Being Psychic

    My dear friend, Are psychic readings helpful or harmful? It would depend upon if the psychic has purified their being. Purity of thought, word and deed would have to always first. Purity of intent. You my dear are a clear channel. At this point, I would not attempt to do a reading per say unless I finished clearing myself completely. The reading you gave to me was so perfect in timing and need there is no need of arguing that point. I needed everything you gave me to complete a trip and task I had just recently. The biggest thing I got was faith.
  14. Lady

    Baby healing

    Healing and prayers for all the children and you Rainy Day.
  15. Lady

    my cat

    So sorry to hear that about your cat Nigel. You & kitty are in my prayers and thoughts.